The AIC1737 is a 3-pin low dropout linear regulator. The superior characteristics of the AIC1737 include zero base current loss, very low dropout voltage, and 2% accuracy output voltage. Typical ground current remains approximately 55 μA, from no load to maximum loading conditions. Dropout voltage is exceptionally low. Output current limiting and thermal limiting are built in to provide maximal protection to the AIC1737 against fault conditions.
The AIC1737 comes in the popular 3-pin SOT-89 packages.

*Low Dropout Voltage of 180mV at 100mA Output Current (3.0V Output Version).
*Guaranteed 300mA Output Current.
*Internal 1.3Ω P-MOSFET Draws no Base Current.
*Low Ground Current at 55μA.
*2% Accuracy Output Voltage of 1.8V/ 2.0V/ 2.5V/ 2.7V/ 3.0V.
*Input Voltage Range up to 12V.
*Needs only 1μF for Stability.
*Current and Thermal Limiting.

*Voltage Regulator for CD-ROM Drivers.
*Voltage Regulator for LAN Cards.
*Voltage Regulator for Microprocessor.
*Wireless Communication Systems.
*Battery Powered Systems.

AIC1737-18CX, AIC1737-20CX, AIC1737-25CX, AIC1737-27CX, AIC1737-30CX

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