The AIC1630A is a DC-DC converter designed to drive an external power switch for more flexibility, especially in higher voltage and larger power applications.
Typically six components are required to set up a step up configuration easily achieving efficiency beyond 80%.
A few more components are required to set up a step down configuration delivering 4A load current with 83% typical efficiency, 86% at 2A load, and 300μA quiescent current.
The output voltage can be internally set to 5V or externally set to an arbitrary value below
breakdown voltage of the power switch.
Logiccontrolled shutdown mode is provided for power saving.
The low battery detector can be also configured as a linear regulator.
120KHz switching rate reduces the inductor size.
Inductors of 25μH to 50μH inductance are recommended for most applications.

* Default +5V Output Voltage.
* Adjustable Output Voltage with Two Resistors.
* Power-Saving Shutdown Mode (7μA typical).
* 120KHz Switching Rate.
* On-Chip Low Battery Detector.

* Palmtop & Notebook Computers.
* Battery Charger Supply.
* Cellular Telephone.
* LCD Contrast Supply.
* Flash Memory Programmer.
* Battery Backup Supplies.
* Portable Instruments.


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