The AIC1595 series are step-down monolithic PWM regulators delivering 2A at fixed voltages of
2.5V , 3.3V, 5.0V , 12V and using a external divider to adjust output voltage from 1.25V to 30V
with excellent line and load regulation.
Switching frequency up to 150KHz/300KHz are achievable thus allowing smaller sized filter components. Internal current limit and thermal shutdown circuits provide protection from overloads. It also provides output overvoltage and short protection under fault conditions.
The internal precious reference combined with voltage feedback loop provides optimum output
voltage accuracy and fast load transient response.
Packages available are in standard TO220-5 for standard assembly and TO263-5 for SMD.

*Operating Input Voltage From 4.5V to 36V
*2.5V, 3.3V, 5V , 12V and Adjustable Output Version
*Adjustable Version Output Voltage Range , 1.25Vto 30V ± 4% max Over Line and Load Regulation
*Available in TO220-5 and TO263-5 Package
*Requires Only 4 External Components.
*150KHz/300KHz Fixed Constant Frequency
*Low Power Standby Mode, IQ Typically 80μA
*TTL Shutdown Capability.
*Output Overvoltage Protection
*Current Limit and Thermal Shutdown Protection.
*2A Guaranteed Output Current

*Simple High Efficiency Step-down regulator
*On-Card Switching regulators
*Fixed Voltage power supply for LCD Monitor

AIC1595ACM, AIC1595A-25CM, AIC1595A-33CM, AIC1595A-50CM, AIC1595A-12CM
AIC1595ACT, AIC1595A-25CT, AIC1595A-33CT, AIC1595A-50CT, AIC1595A-12CT

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