AIC1532 is a dual input regulator with VAUX drive control capable of delivering 3.3V/500mA continuously. The output power is provided from three independent input voltage sources on a
prioritized basis. Power is always taken in priority using the following order VCC, VSBY, and VAUX.
AIC1532 meets Intel’s “ Instantly Available ” power requirements which follows the “Advanced Configuration and Power Interface“ (ACPI) standards. When either VCC or VSBY is present, the device automatically enables the regulator and produces a stable 3.3V output VOUT. When only VAUX (3.3V) is present, the drive control output will turn-on an external PMOS switch from an auxiliary 3.3V supply VAUX to VOUT.
The IC also prevents excessive current from flowing VOUT to either input voltage or ground when the output voltage is bigger than the input voltage.
All the necessary control circuitry needed to provide a smooth and automatic transition between all the three supplies has been incorporated. This allows both VCC and VSBY to be dynamically switched without loss of output voltage.

*Continuous 3.3V Output from Three Inputs.
*Complete Power Management Solution.
*VCC, VSBY Regulator Supplies 500mA Output.
*Built-in Hysteresis When Selecting Input Supplies.
*Drive Control Signal for External VAUX Switch.
*Output can be Forced Higher than Input (Off-State).

*Desktop Computers.
*PCI Adapter Cards with Wake-On-LAN.
*Network Interface Cards (NICs).
*Multi Power System.
*System with Standby Capabilities.

AIC1532CN, AIC1532CN, AIC1532CS, AIC1532CS

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