The AIC1527 is a quad high-side power switch for self-powered and bus-powered Universal Serial Bus (USB) applications. One high-side switch is a MOSFET with 110mW RDS(ON), which meets USB voltage drop requirements for maximum transmission wire length.
Multi-purpose open-drain fault flag output indicates over-current limiting, thermal shutdown, or undervoltage lockout for each channel. Output current is typically limited to 1A, well below the 5A safety requirement, and the thermal shutdown function independently controls each channel
under overcurrent condition.
Guaranteed minimum output rise time limits inrush current during hot plug-in, minimizing EMI
and preventing the voltage at upstream port from dropping excessively.

*110mW (5V Input) High-Side MOSFET Switch.
*500mA Continuous Load Current per Channel.
*220mA Typical On-State Supply Current.
*1mA Typical Off-State Supply Current.
*Current-Limit / Short Circuit Protection.
*Thermal Shutdown Protection under Overcurrent Condition.
*Undervoltage Lockout Ensures that Switch is off at Start Up.
*Output can be Forced Higher than Input (Off-State).
*Open-Drain Fault Flag.
*Slow Turn ON and Fast Turn OFF.
*Enable Active-High or Active-Low.

*USB Power Management.
*Hot Plug-In Power Supplies.
*Battery-Charger Circuit.

AIC1527-0CN, AIC1527-1CN, AIC1527-0CS, AIC1527-1CS

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