General Description
Utilizing Analogic Tech’s state-of-the-art TrenchDMOS process, the AHK6030LX sets a new standard in current handling capability and efficiency for surface mount power MOSFETs.
Gate charge and RDS(ON) have been optimized and package inductance minimized to provide high efficiency for DC-DC.

*VDS(MAX) = 30V
*ID(MAX) (a)= 52 A @ 25°C
*IAPP(MAX) = 20A in typical computer application
*Low Gate Charge
*Low RDS(ON):
10.5 mΩ=(max), 9.5 mΩ=(typ)@VGS = 10V
18 mΩ= (max), 14 mΩ=(typ)@ VGS = 4.5V

*DC-DC converters for CPU's
*High Current Load Switch



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