· Maximum Sample Rate: 125 MSPS
· 11-Bit Resolution With No Missing Codes
· 84 dBc SFDR at Fin = 50 MHz
· 67.1 dBFS SNR at Fin = 50 MHz
· 92 dB Crosstalk
· Parallel CMOS and DDR LVDS Output Options
· 3.5 dB Coarse Gain and Programmable Fine Gain up to 6 dB for SNR/SFDR Trade-Off
· Digital Processing Block With:
– Offset Correction
– Fine Gain Correction, in Steps of 0.05 dB
– Decimation by 2/4/8
– Built-in and Custom Programmable 24-Tap Low/High /Band Pass Filters
· Supports Sine, LVPECL, LVDS & LVCMOS
· CClloocckksD&utAymCpyclilteudSetaDboilwiznerto 400 mVPP
· Internal Reference; Supports External Reference also
· 64-QFN Package (9mm ´ 9mm)
· Pin Compatible 14-bit and 12-bit Family (ADS62P4X/ADS62P2X)


· Wireless Communications Infrastructure
· Software Defined Radio
· Power Amplifier Linearization
· 802.16d/e
· Medical Imaging
· Radar Systems
· Test and Measurement Instrumentation

ADS62P15 is a dual channel 11-bit A/D converter with maximum sample rates up to 125 MSPS. It combines high performance and low power consumption in a compact 64 QFN package. Using an internal sample and hold and low jitter clock buffer, the ADC supports high SNR and high SFDR at high input frequencies. It has coarse and fine gain options that can be used to improve SFDR performance at lower full-scale input ranges.
ADS62P15 includes a digital processing block that consists of several useful and commonly used digital functions such as ADC offset correction, fine gain correction (in steps of 0.05 dB), decimation by 2,4,8 and in-built and custom programmable filters. By default, the digital processing block is bypassed, and its functions are disabled.
Two output interface options exist – parallel CMOS and DDR LVDS (Double Data Rate). ADS62P15 includes internal references while traditional reference pins and associated decoupling capacitors have been eliminated.
Nevertheless, the device can also be driven with an external reference. The device is specified over the industrial temperature range (–40°C to 85°C).


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