General Description
Aeroflex’s ACT8502 is a radiation hardened, multi-chip 48 channel multiplexer MCM (multi-chip
module) with ESD protection for use in space applications.
All channel inputs have electrostatic discharge protection.
The ACT8502 has been specifically designed to meet exposure to radiation environments.
The multiplexer is available in a 96 lead High Temperature Co-Fired Ceramic (HTCC) Quad Flatpack QFP) and is guaranteed operational from -55°C to +125°C.
Available screened in accordance with MIL-PRF-38534, the ACT8502 is ideal for demanding military and space applications.

*Radiation Environment
*Radiation 300K(Si) Total Dose
*No Latch-Up or SEE to 120MeV/cm2/mg
*Full Military Temperature Range
*Low Power Consumption < 90mW
*48 Channels Provided by Six (6) HS-1840RH Multiplexers
*One Address Bus (A0-3) and Three Enable Lines
*All Channel Inputs protected by ±20V Transorbs
*Fast Access Time 1500ns
*±35V Input Over Voltage Protection (Power On or Off)
*Break-Before-Make Switching
*High Analog Input Impedance (Power On or Off)
*Dielectrically Isolated Device Islands
*No Latch-Up
*Packaging – Hermetic Ceramic Quad Flat Pack
*96 Leads, 1.32"Sq x .20"Ht Quad Flat Pack
*Typical Weight 15 grams
*DESC SMD Pending

Organization and Application
The ACT8502 consists of six 16 channel muxes arranged as shown in the Block Diagram.
The ACT8502 design is inherently Radiation Hard due to the HS1840RH Multiplexers as well as
Microsemi Corp.
Transient Suppressors (Reference Microsemi MicroNotes Series 050 - page 14).
48 channels addressable by Bus A0~A3, in Three 16 channel blocks, each block enabled
Each block connects the addressed channel to two outputs, "Output" and "Current".
This technique enables selecting and reading a remote resistive sensor without the MUX
resistance being part of the measurement.
For grounded sensors, this is done by passing current to the sensor by means of the "Current" pin and reading the resultant voltage (proportional to the sensor resistance) at the "Output" pin.
NOTE: It is recommended that all "NC or "no connect pin", be grounded.
This eliminates or minimizes any ESD or static buildup.


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