The patent-pending ACT6330 integrates two stepup DC/DCs into a single, thin, space-saving package to provide a cost-effective, highly-efficient ActivePMUTM power management solution. This device is ideal for a wide range of portable handheld equipment that can benefit from the advantages of ActivePMU technology but does not require a high level of integration.
REG1 and REG2 are fixed-frequency, current-mode PWM step-up DC/DC converters. REG1 is optimized for high-efficiency WLED bias applications. REG2 is optimized for voltage regulation applications, while together these outputs can provide a complete TFT bias and backlighting solution for portable handheld equipment.
The ACT6330 is available in a tiny 3mm x 3mm 16-pin Thin-QFN package that is just 0.75mm thin.

*Multiple Patents Pending
*Two Integrated Regulators
-REG1: PWM Step-Up DC/DC with OVP for WLED Bias
-REG2: PWM Step-Up DC/DC Converter with OVP
*Independent Enable/Disable Control
*Minimal External Components
*3x3mm, Thin-QFN (TQFN33-16) Package
-Only 0.75mm Height
-RoHS Compliant

*Portable Devices and PDAs
*MP3/MP4 Players
*Wireless Handhelds
*GPS Receivers


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