The ACT6308 is a high efficiency synchronous step-up DC/DC converter that consumes just 17μA of quiescent supply current using only three external components. This device achieves a typical startup voltage of just 1V, making it ideal for applications operating from 1 or 2 alkaline cells.
This device incorporates an internal synchronous rectifier, and achieves excellent peak efficiency of up to 89% and features a proprietary control scheme that ensures high efficiency over a wide load current range.
The ACT6308 features pin-selectable output voltages of 3.3V or 5V, or it can also be set externally to any voltage between 2V and 5V. The ACT6308 is available in a tiny SOT23-5 package.

*1V Typical Startup Voltage
*Up to 89% Efficiency
*Fully Integrated Power Stage
*Fixed 3.3V/5V or Adjustable Output Voltage
*NanoStandbyTM Shutdown Mode
*Tiny SOT23-5 Package
− RoHS Compliant Package

*Hand-Held Devices
*One to Three Cell Battery Operated Devices
*Cellular Phones
*Digital Cameras


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