The ANADIGICS ACA2604 amplifier for Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) applications is intended to be used in conjunction with the triplexer in fiber-coax line terminals. The device is driven by, and amplifies the output of, the video downstream path photodiode.
The high-impedance input of the ACA2604 eliminates the need for a costly transformer usually needed to interface to the photodiode, and a low equivalent input noise level offers excellent sensitivity. The device provides sufficient linearity to maintain low CTB and CSO levels in full-bandwidth (132 channel) systems, even across a wide gain adjustment range.
The ACA2604 is manufactured using ANADIGICS’s proven MESFET technology that offers state-of-theart reliability, temperature stability and ruggedness. The device operates from a single +5 V supply and is offered in a 5 mm x 5 mm x 1 mm surface mount package.

*50 - 870 MHz Operating Frequency
*High Linearity: 65 dBc CTB/CSO (79 Chan.)
*Low Equivalent Input Noise: 4.5 pA/rtHz
*22 dB Gain Adjust
*400  Differential Input Impedance: No Transformer Required for Interface to Photodiode
*Single +5 V Supply
*5 mm x 5 mm x 1 mm Surface Mount Package
*RoHS Compliant Package
*Pin Compatible with the ACA2601

*FTTH RF Amplifier Used in Conjunction With Triplexer in Fiber-Coax Line Terminals


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