General Description
The AAT2848 is a tri-mode charge pump optimized for systems operating with lithium-ion/polymer batteries. The charge pump provides power for both white LED backlight and flash, with an integrated four channel backlight LED current sink plus two channel flash LED current sinks.
Each backlight channel can drive up to 30mA, while each flash current sink/channel can drive up to 300mA (600mA total). Two independent S2Cwire™ (AnalogicTech’s Simple Serial Control™) serial digital interface inputs enable, disable, and set LED current to one of 32 levels for the backlight and to one of 16 levels for the flash, with fullscale current independently set for backlight and flash using external resistors.
The AAT2848 offers a built-in fade-in/out function for linear control of the backlight current during ON/OFF transitions. The fade time is programmable by an external capacitor.
The AAT2848 also offers a built-in flash timeout function as a safety feature associated with the high power flash driver. The safety timer is also programmable via an external capacitor.
The AAT2848 is equipped with built-in short-circuit and over-temperature protection. The soft-start circuitry prevents excessive inrush current at start-up and mode transitions. The AAT2848 is available in a Pb-free, space saving TQFN33-20 package and operates over the -40°C to +85°C ambient temperature range.

*Tri-Mode (1x/1.5x/2x) Charge Pump
*Four 30mA Backlight LED Channels
*Independent S2Cwire Control for Backlight
*32-Level Programmable Backlight Current Control—Linear, Inverting
*Two 300mA Flash LED Channels
*Independent S2Cwire Control for Flash
*16-Level Programmable Flash Current Control—Linear, Inverting
*User-Programmable Full Scale Current for Backlight and Flash
*User-Programmable Fade-In/Fade-Out Function for Backlight
*User-Programmable Safety Timer for Flash LED Protection
*Built-In Thermal Protection
*Automatic Soft-Start
*-40°C to +85°C Temperature Range
*Available in TQFN33-20 Package

*Camera Enabled Mobile Devices
*Digital Still Cameras
*Multimedia Mobile Phones


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