The 74HC/HCT574 are high-speed Si-gate CMOS devices and are pin compatible with low power Schottky TTL (LSTTL). They are specified in compliance with JEDEC standard no. 7A.
The 74HC/HCT574 are octal D-type flip-flops featuring separate D-type inputs for each flip-flop and non-inverting 3-state outputs for bus oriented applications. A clock (CP) and an output enable (OE) input are common to all flip-flops.
The 8 flip-flops will store the state of their individual D-inputs that meet the set-up and hold time requirements on the LOW-to-HIGH CP transition. When OE is LOW, the contents of the 8 flip-flops are available at the outputs. When OE is HIGH, the outputs go to the high impedance OFF-state.Operation of the OE input does not affect the state of the flip-flops.
The “574” is functionally identical to the “564”, but has non-inverting outputs.
The “574” is functionally identical to the “374”, but has a different pinning.

· 3-state non-inverting outputs for bus oriented applications
· 8-bit positive edge-triggered register
· Common 3-state output enable input
· Independent register and 3-state buffer operation
· Output capability: bus driver
· ICC category: MSI

74HC574D, 74HC574N, 74HC574DB, 74HCT574D, 74HCT574N, 74HCT574DB

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