General description
The 74AUP1G74 is a high-performance, low-power, low-voltage, Si-gate CMOS device, superior to most advanced CMOS compatible TTL families.
Schmitt-trigger action at all inputs makes the circuit tolerant to slower input rise and fall times across the entire VCC range from 0.8 V to 3.6 V.
This device ensures a very low static and dynamic power consumption across the entire VCC range from 0.8 V to 3.6 V.
This device is fully specified for partial Power-down applications using IOFF.
The IOFF circuitry disables the output, preventing the damaging backflow current through the device when it is powered down.
The 74AUP1G74 provides the single positive-edge triggered D-type flip-flop with individual data (D) input, clock (CP) input, set (SD) and reset (RD) inputs and complementary Q and Q outputs. The set and reset are asynchronous active LOW inputs and operate independently of the clock input. Information on the data input is transferred to the Q output on the LOW-to-HIGH transition of the clock pulse. The D input must be stable one set-up time prior to the LOW-to-HIGH clock transition for predictable operation.

*Wide supply voltage range from 0.8 V to 3.6 V
*High noise immunity
*Complies with JEDEC standards:
-JESD8-12 (0.8 V to 1.3 V)
-JESD8-11 (0.9 V to 1.65 V)
-JESD8-7 (1.2 V to 1.95 V)
-JESD8-5 (1.8 V to 2.7 V)
-JESD8-B (2.7 V to 3.6 V)
*ESD protection:
-HBM JESD22-A114-D Class 3A exceeds 5000 V
-MM JESD22-A115-A exceeds 200 V
-CDM JESD22-C101-C exceeds 1000 V
*Low static power consumption; ICC = 0.9 mA (maximum)
*Latch-up performance exceeds 100 mA per JESD 78 Class II
*Inputs accept voltages up to 3.6 V
*Low noise overshoot and undershoot < 10 % of VCC
*IOFF circuitry provides partial Power-down mode operation
*Multiple package options
*Specified from -40 °C to +85 °C and -40 °C to +125 °C

74AUP1G74DC, 74AUP1G74GT, 74AUP1G74GM

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