Maxwell Technologies’ 69F1608 high-performance flash memory is a 16M x 8-bit NAND Flash Memory with a spare 128K (131,072) x 8-bit. A program operation programs the 528-byte page in 250 μ s and an erase operation can be performed in 2 ms on an 8K-byte block. Data within a page can be read out at 50 ns cycle time per byte. The on-chip write controller automates all program and erase functions, including pulse repetition, where required, and internal verify and margining of data. Even write-intensive systems can take advantage of the 69F1608’s extended reliability of 1,000,000 program/erase cycles by providing either ECC (Error Correction Code) or real time mapping-out algorithm. These algorithms have been implemented in many mass storage applications. The spare 16 bytes of a page combined with the other 512 bytes can be utilized by system-level ECC. The 69F1608 is an optimum solution for large non-volatile storage applications such as solid state data storage, digital voice recorders, digital still cameras and other applications requiring nonvolatility.
Maxwell Technologies' patented RAD-PAK® packaging technology incorporates radiation shielding in the microcircuit package. Capable of surviving in space environments, the 69F1608 is ideal for satellite, spacecraft, and space probe missions. It is available with packaging and screening up to Maxwell Technologies self-defined Class K.

*Single 5.0 V supply
-Memory cell array: (4M + 128k) bit x 8bit
-Data register: (512 + 16) bit x 8bit
-Contains 4 (32 Megabit) Die
*Automatic program and erase
-Page program: (512 + 16) Byte
-Block erase: (8K + 256) Byte
-Status register
*528-Byte page read operation
-Random access: 10 μ s (max)
-Serial page access: 50 ns (min)
*Fast write cycle time
-Program time: 250 μ s (typ)
-Block erase time: 2 ms (typ)
*Command/address/data multiplexed I/O port
*Hardware data protection
-Program/erase lockout during power transitions
*Reliable CMOS floating-gate technology
-Endurance: 1,000,000 program/erase cycles
-Data retention: 10 years
*Command register operation

69F1608RPFK, 69F1608RPFH, 69F1608RPFI, 69F1608RPFE

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