The 6-PAK™ is a modular system of control and boost SIPs. Each 6A control SIP can also drive up to 8 additional 6A boost SIPs in parallel, for a total of 54A. Each SIP accepts a regulated 5V input (+10%) and provides 2.5V to 3.6Vdc output. The circuit is optimized for high efficiency and fast load transient response needed by telecom, DSP and microprocessor applications.
Advanced thermal design, monolithic power circuitry and synchronous rectification result in outstanding performance and value. With integrated input filter and output capacitors, the 6-PAK system makes a complete power supply which requires no external components over the specified operating range. Pins are staked for wave solderability.

*Small SIP Design
*Parallelable Boost SIP
-One stocking part meets a variety of loads
*Programmable Control SIP
-Control/Boost Pair extremely configurable
*Fast Transient Response
-No need for large external capacitors
-Extremely small footprint
*Low Component Count
-Low cost, high reliability
*Staked Pins
-Wave solderable
*Integrated Input Filter
-Low input ripple

6P25-CA, 6P25-P

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