The 3D7521 is a monolithic CMOS Manchester Encoder.
The clock and data, present at the unit input, are combined into a single bi-phase-level signal. In this encoding mode, a logic one is represented by a high-to-low transition within the bit cell, while a logic zero is represented by a low-to-high transition.
The unit operating baud rate (in Mbaud) is equal to the input clock frequency (in MHZ).
All pins marked N/C must be left unconnected.
The all-CMOS 3D7521 integrated circuit has been designed as a reliable, economic alternative to hybrid TTL Manchester Encoder.
It is TTL- and CMOS-compatible, capable of driving ten 74LS-type loads.
It is offered in space saving surface mount 8-pin and 14-pin SOICs.
The 3D7521 Manchester Encoder samples the data input at the rising edge of the input clock.
The sampled data is used in conjunction with the clock rising and falling edges to generate the by-phase level Manchester code.

* All-silicon, low-power CMOS technology
* TTL/CMOS compatible inputs and outputs
* Vapor phase, IR and wave solderable
* Low ground bounce noise
* Maximum data rate: 50 MBaud

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