The 3D3701 Delay Line Oscillator product family consists of fixed-frequency CMOS integrated circuit oscillators. Each package contains a single oscillator, which is gated and can therefore be synchronized to an external signal. The device frequency can range from 0.3MHz through 100MHz. The 3D3701 has two outputs that are in phase when the oscillator is running. The 3D3701 is offered in a standard 14-pin auto-insertable DIP and a space saving surface mount 8-pin SOIC package.

*All-silicon, low-power CMOS technology
*Vapor phase, IR and wave solderable
*Auto-insertable (DIP pkg.)
*Frequency range: 0.3MHz through 100MHz
*Frequency tolerance: 0.5% typical
*Temperature stability: ±1.5% typical (-40C to 85C)
*Vdd stability: ±0.5% typical (3.0V to 3.6V)
*14-pin DIP available as drop-in replacements for hybrid delay line oscillators

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