The 3D3424 device is a small, versatile, quad 4-bit programmable monolithic delay line. Delay values, programmed via the serial interface, can be independently varied over 15 equal steps. The step size (in ns) is determined by the device dash number. Each input is reproduced at the corresponding output without inversion, shifted in time as per user selection. For each line, the delay time is given by:
TDn = T0 + An * TI
where T0 is the inherent delay, An is the delay address of the n-th line and TI is the delay increment (dash number). The desired addresses are shifted into the device via the SC and SI inputs, and the addresses are latched using the AL input. The serial interface can also be used to enable/disable each delay line. The 3D3424 operates at 3.3 volts and has a typical T0 of 9ns. The 3D3424 is CMOS-compatible, capable of sourcing or sinking 4mA loads, and features both rising- and falling-edge accuracy. The device is offered in a standard 14-pin auto-insertable DIP and a space saving surface mount 14-pin SOIC.

*Four indep’t programmable lines on a single chip
*All-silicon CMOS technology
*Low quiescent current (5mA typical)
*Leading- and trailing-edge accuracy
*Vapor phase, IR and wave solderable
*Increment range: 1ns through 300ns
*Delay tolerance: 3% or 2ns (see Table 1)
*Line-to-line matching: 1% or 1ns typical
*Temperature stability: ±1.5% typical (-40C to 85C)
*Vdd stability: ±0.5% typical (3.0V to 3.6V)
*Minimum input pulse width: 10% of total delay

3D3424-1, 3D3424-1.5, 3D3424-2, 3D3424-4, 3D3424-5, 3D3424-10, 3D3424-15
3D3424-20, 3D3424-40, 3D3424-50, 3D3424-100, 3D3424-200, 3D3424-300

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