General Description
The PEEL™22CV10A is a Programmable Electrically Erasable Logic (PEEL™) device providing an attractive alternative to ordinary PLDs.
The PEEL™22CV10A offers the performance, flexibility, ease of design and production practicality needed by logic designers today.
The PEEL™22CV10A is available in 24-pin DIP, SOIC, TSSOP and 28-pin PLCC packages (see Figure 1), with speeds ranging from 7ns to 25ns and with power consumption as low as 30mA. EE-reprogrammability provides the conve- nience of instant reprogramming for development and a reusable production inventory, minimizing the impact of programming changes or errors.
EE-reprogrammability also improves factory testability, thus ensuring the highest quality possible.
The PEEL™22CV10A is JEDEC file compatible with standard 22V10 PLDs.
Eight additional configurations per macrocell (a total of 12) are also available by using the “+” software/programming option (i.e., 22CV10A+& 22CV10A++).
The additional macrocell configurations allow more logic to be put into every design. Programming and development support for the PEEL™22CV10A are provided by popular third-party programmers and development software.
Anachip also offers free PLACE development software.

* High Speed/Low Power
- Speeds ranging from 7ns to 25ns
- Power as low as 30mA at 25MHz
* Electrically Erasable Technology
- Superior factory testing
- Reprogrammable in plastic package
- Reduces retrofit and development costs
* Development/Programmer Support
- Third party software and programmers
- Anachip PLACE Development Software
* Architectural Flexibility
- 132 product term X 44 input AND array
- Up to 22 inputs and 10 outputs
- Up to 12 configurations per macrocell
- Synchronous preset, asynchronous clear
- Independent output enables
- 24-pin DIP/SOIC/TSSOP and 28-pin PLCC
* Application Versatility
- Replaces random logic
- Pin and JEDEC compatible with 22V10
- Enhanced Architecture fits more logic than ordinary PLDs

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