The DG300A_MIL/DG301A_MIL/DG302A_MIL monolithic CMOS switches feature three switch configuration options (SPST, SPDT, and DPST) for precision applications in communications, instrumentation and process control, where low leakage switching combined with low power consumption are required.
Designed on the Vishay Siliconix PLUS-40 CMOS process, these switches are latch-up proof, and are designed to block up to 30 V peak-to-peak when off. An epitaxial layer prevents latchup.
In the on condition the switches conduct equally well in both directions (with no offset voltage) and minimize error conditions with their low on-resistance.
Featuring low power consumption (3.5 mW typ) these switches are ideal for battery powered applications, without sacrificing switching speed. Designed for break-before-make switching action, these devices are CMOS and quasi TTL compatible. Single supply operation is allowed by connecting the V- rail to 0 V.

*Analog Signal Range: ±15 V
*Fast Switching—tON: 150 ns
*Low On-Resistance—rDS(on): 30Ω
*Single Supply Operation
*Latch-up Proof
*CMOS Compatible

*Low Level Switching Circuits
*Programmable Gain Amplifiers
*Portable and Battery Powered Systems


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A homogenous film of metal alloy is deposited on a high grade ceramic body. After a helical groove has been cut in the resistive layer, tinned connecting wires of electrolytic copper are welded to the end-caps. The resistors are coated with a grey, flame retardant lacquer which provides electrical, mechanical, and climatic protection. The encapsulation is resistant to all cleaning solvents in accordance with “MIL-STD-202E, method 215”, and IEC 60068-2-45”.

*Overload protection without risk of fire
*Wide range of overload currents (refer Fusing Characteristics graphs)
*Lead (Pb)-free solder contacts
*Pure tin plating provides compatibility with lead (Pb)-free and lead containing soldering processes
*Compatible with “Restriction of the use of Hazardous Substances” (RoHS) directive 2002/95/EC (issue 2004)


NFR25H, MFR2500007JN4, MFR25H0007JN4, MFR2500Z07JN4

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PTS SMD Flat Chip Temperature sensors are the perfect choice for temperature control of electronics operating under varying environmental conditions. The highly controlled platinum thin film manufacturing process guarantees an outstanding stability of temperature characteristics which ensures reliable operation even under harsh conditions. Typical applications include automotive, aviation and industrial electronics.

*Specification according to IEC 60751
*Advanced thin film technology
*Short reaction times down to t0.9 ≤ 2 s (in air)
*Outstanding stability of temperature characteristic
*Standard SMD sizes
*Green product, supports lead (Pb)-free soldering

Temperature measurement in
*Automotive electronics
*Aviation electronics
*Industrial electronics

PTS060301B100R1K00PU00, PTS080501B100R1K00PU00, PTS120601B100R1K00PU00

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The dual channel 5 Mb/s SFH6731 and SFH6732 high speed optocoupler consists of a GaAlAs infrared emitting diode, optically coupled with an integrated photo detector. The detector incorporates a Schmitt-Trigger stage for improved noise immunity. A Faraday shield provides a common mode transient immunity of 1000 V/μs at VCM = 50 V for SFH6731 and 500 V/μs at VCM = 300 V for SFH6732.
The SFH6731 and SFH6732 uses an industry standard DIP-8 package. With standard lead bending, creepage distance and clearance of ≥ 7.0 mm with lead bending options 6, 7 and 9 ≥ 8.0 mm are achieved.

*Data Rate 5 MBits/s (2.5 MBit/s over Temperature)
*Isolation Test Voltage, 5300 VRMS
*TTL, LSTTL and CMOS Compatible
*Internal Shield for Very High Common Mode Transient Immunity
*Wide Supply Voltage Range (4.5 to 15 V)
*Low Input Current (1.6 mA to 5.0 mA)
*Specified from 0 °C to 85 °C
*Lead-free component
*Component in accordance to RoHS 2002/95/EC and WEEE 2002/96/EC

*Industrial Control
*Replace Pulse Transformers
*Routine Logic Interfacing
*Motion/Power Control
*High Speed Line Receiver
*Microprocessor System Interfaces
*Computer Peripheral Interfaces

SFH6731, SFH6732, SFH6732-X007

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The 110 °C rated SFH617A (DIP) feature a high current transfer ratio, low coupling capacitance and high isolation voltage. These couplers have a GaAs infrared diode emitter, which is optically coupled to a silicon planar phototransistor detector, and is incorporated in a plastic DIP-4 package.
The coupling devices are designed for signal transmission between two electrically separated circuits.
The couplers are end-stackable with 2.54 mm spacing.
Creepage and clearance distances of > 8.0 mm are achieved with option 6. This version complies with IEC 60950 (DIN VDE 0805) for reinforced insulation up to an operation voltage of 400 VRMS or DC. Specifications subject to change.

*Operating temperature from - 55 °C to + 110 °C
*Good CTR linearity depending on forward current
*Isolation test voltage, 5300 VRMS
*High collector emitter voltage, VCEO = 70 V
*Low saturation voltage
*Fast switching times
*Low CTR degradation
*Temperature stable
*Low coupling capacitance
*End stackable, 0.100" (2.54 mm) spacing
*High common mode interference immunity
*Lead (Pb)-free component
*Component in accordance to RoHS 2002/95/EC and WEEE 2002/96/EC

*AC adapter
*Factory automation
*Game consoles

SFH617A-1, SFH617A-2, SFH617A-3, SFH617A-4

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The 2R, 3R, 4R Resistor Networks are the designers first choice for ultra high precision, stable and reliable Voltage Divider or Network.
The Z-Foil Technology provides a significant reduction of the resistive components sensitivity to ambient temperature variations (TCR) and applied power changes, self-heating (PCR). 0.05 ppm/°C Absolute TCR removes errors due to temperature gradients.
The 2R, 3R, 4R provide a unique, inherent combination of performance characteristics resulting in excellent performance and high reliability, satisfying the needs of today’s expanding requirements.
The availability of low absolute TCR and low PCR, provides a good cost solution for the variability of other components when compiling the total error budget.
Our Application Engineering Department is available to advise and to make recommendations for non-standard technical requirements and special applications, please do not hesitate to contact us.

*Resistance Range each resistor: 1Ω to 150KΩ (Any ohmic value ratio is available within
resistance range)
*Non Inductive/Capacitive design
*Low Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (TCR) Absolute:
-± 0.05 ppm/°C (Industrial range)
-± 0.2 ppm/°C (MIL range), Tracking 0.1 ppm/°C
*Power Coefficient “ΔR due to self heating”: 5 ppm at rated power
*Tolerance: Absolute and Resistance Match to 0.005%
*Resistance Ratio Stability: at 0.05W @ + 25°C to 0.001%
*Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) above 25 000 Volts
*Short time overload ≤ 0.002%
*Power Rating at + 125°C: 0.3W
*Thermal EMF: 0.05μV/°C
*Non hot spot design
*Current Noise: < - 40dB
*Rise time: 1ns without ringing
*Non Inductive: < 0.08μH
*Voltage Coefficient < 0.1 ppm/V
*For better performances please contact us
*Terminal Finishes available: Lead (Pb)-free, Tin/Lead Alloy

*Instrumentation Amplifiers
*Bridge Networks
*Differential Amplifiers
*Military, Airborne and Space
*EB Applications
*Down-Hole (high temperature)
*Automatic Test Equipment (ATE)

300191Z, 300192Z, 300193Z

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The CNY74-2H and CNY74-4H consist of a phototransistor optically coupled to a gallium arsenide infrared-emitting diode in an 8-pin, resp. 16-pin plastic dual inline package.
The elements are mounted on one leadframe providing a fixed distance between input and output for highest safety requirements.

*CNY74-2H includes 2 isolator channels
*CNY74-4H includes 4 isolator channels
*Isolation test voltage VISO = 5000 VRMS
*Test class 25/100/21 DIN 40 045
*Low coupling capacitance of typical 0.3 pF
*Current transfer ratio (CTR) of typical 100 %
*Low temperature coefficient of CTR
*Wide ambient temperature range
*Coupling system U
*Lead (Pb)-free component
*Component in accordance to RoHS 2002/95/EC and WEEE 2002/96/EC

*Galvanically separated circuits, non-interacting switches


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The SFH6345 is an optocoupler with a GaAlAs infrared emitting diode, optically coupled to an integrated photo detector consisting of a photo diode and a high speed transistor in a DIP-8 plastic package.
The device is similar to the 6N135 but has an additional faraday shield on the detector which enhances the input-output dV/dt immunity.
Signals can be transmitted between two electrically separated circuits up to frequencies of 2 MHz.
The potential difference between the circuits to be coupled should not exceed the maximum permissible reference voltages.

* Direct replacement for HCPL 4503
* High speed optocoupler without base connection
* Isolation test voltage: 5300 VRMS
* GaAlAs emitter
* Integrated detector with photo diode and transistor
* High data transmission rate: 1.0 MBit/s
* TTL compatible
* Open collector output
* Good CTR linearity relative to forward current
* Field effect stable
* Low coupling capacitance
* Very high common mode transient immunity dV/dt: ≥ 15 kV/μs at VCM = 1500 V
* Lead (Pb)-free component
* Component in accordance to RoHS 2002/95/EC and WEEE 2002/96/EC

* Data communications
* IGBT drivers
* Programmable controllers

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 The DG469/470 are high voltage SPDT switches, with a typical on resistance of 3.6 Ω and typical flatness of 0.4 Ω.
The DG469 and DG470 are identical, except the DG470 provides an enable input.
When the enable input is activated, both sides of the switch are in a high impedance mode (Off), maintaining a "Safe State" at power up.
This function can also be used as a quick "disconnect" in the event of a fault condition.
For audio switching, the enable pin provides a mute function.
These are high voltage switches that are fully specified with dual supplies at ± 4.5 V and ± 15 V and a single supply of 12 V over an operating temperature range from - 40 °C to + 125 °C.
Fast switching speeds coupled with high signal bandwidth makes these parts suitable for video switching applications.
All digital inputs have 0.8 V and 2.4 V logic thresholds ensuring low voltage TTL/CMOS compatibility.
Each switch conducts equally well in both directions when on and can handle an input signal range that extends to the supply voltage rails.
They exhibit breakbefore- make switching action to prevent momentary shorting when switching between channels.
The DG469 and DG470 are offered in a MSOP 8 and SOIC 8 package.

* Low on resistance (3.6 Ω typical)
* On resistance flatness (0.4 Ω typical)
* 44 V supply maximum rating
* ± 15 V analog signal range
* Fully specified at supply voltages of ± 4.5 V, 12 V and ± 15 V
* TTL/CMOS compatible
* Break before make switching guaranteed
* Total harmonic distortion 0.0145 %

* Audio and video signal switching
* Precision automatic test equipment
* Precision data acquisition
* Relay replacement
* Communications systems
* Automotive applications
* Sample and hold systems
* Power routing applications
* Telecom signal switching
* Medical equipment
* Portable and battery power systems


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• Isolation materials according to UL 94-VO
• Pollution degree 2 (DIN/VDE 0110 resp. IEC 60664)
• Climatic classification 55/100/21 (IEC 60068 part 1)
• Special construction: Therefore, extra low coupling capacity of typical 0.2 pF, high Common
Mode Rejection
• IFT offered into 4 groups
• Rated impulse voltage (transient overvoltage) VIOTM = 6 kV peak
• Isolation test voltage (partial discharge test voltage) Vpd = 1.6 kV
• Rated isolation voltage (RMS includes DC) VIOWM = 600 VRMS (848 V peak)
• Rated recurring peak voltage (repetitive) VIORM = 600 VRMS
• Thickness through insulation ≥ 0.75 mm
• Creepage current resistance according to VDE 0303/IEC 60112 Comparative Tracking
Index: CTI = 275
• Lead-free component
• Component in accordance to RoHS 2002/95/EC and WEEE 2002/96/EC

Agency Approvals
• UL1577, File No. E76222 System Code C, Double Protection
• BSI: BS EN 41003, BS EN 60095 (BS 415), BS EN 60950 (BS 7002), Certificate number 7081 and
• DIN EN 60747-5-2 (VDE0884) DIN EN 60747-5-5 pending
• FIMKO (SETI): EN 60950, Certificate No. 12398

Air conditioners
Line Switches
Solid state relay


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