The TC74VHC9541 is an ultra-high-speed octal Schmitt buffer fabricated using silicon-gate CMOS technology. The TC74VHC9541 combines low power consumption of CMOS with Schottky TTL speeds.
The outputs can be put in the high-impedance state by placing a logic HIGH on the Enable (G) input. The CONT input determines the logical inversion of data. A logic LOW on the CONT input configures the TC74VHC9541 as an inverter; a logic HIGH on the CONT input configures the TC74VHC9541 as a buffer.
All the inputs have hysteresis between the positive-going and negative-going thresholds. Thus the TC74VHC9541 is capable of squaring up transitions of slowly changing input signals and provides an improved noise immunity.
Additionally, all the inputs have a newly developed protection circuit without a diode returned to VCC. This enables the inputs to be tolerant of up to 5 volts even when power supply is down. The input power-down protection capability makes the TC74VHC9541 ideal for a wide range of applications, such as interfacing between different voltages, voltage translation from 5 V to 3 V and battery back-up circuits.

*High speed: tpd = 5.0 ns (typ.) (VCC = 5 V)
*Low supply current: ICC = 4 μA (max) (Ta = 25°C)
*High noise immunity: VNIH = VNIL = 28% VCC (min)
*All inputs are provided with power-down protection.
*Symmetrical rise and fall delays: tpLH ≈ tpHL
*Wide operating voltage range: VCC (opr) = 2 to 5.5 V
*Pin-compatible with TC74VHC540 and TC74VHC541

TC74VHC9541FT, TC74VHC9541FK
TAG Buffer, Octal

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The TB7100F is a single-chip step-down DC-DC converter IC.
Equipped with a built-in high-speed and low on-resistance power MOSFET, and utilizing a chopper circuit, this IC can achieve a high efficiency in a wide load current range.

• Capable of high current drive (IOUT = maximum of 700 mA), using only a few external components
• High efficiency (η = 90% or higher) (@VIN = 5V, VOUT = 3.3V, and IOUT = 300 mA).
• Operating voltage (VIN) range: 3 to 5.5 V
• Low on-resistance (RDS(ON)): 0.27 Ω (typ.) if VIN = 5 V
• Low on-resistance (RDS(ON)): 0.27 Ω (typ.) if VIN = 5 V
• High oscillation frequency of 550 kHz (typ.), making it possible to use small external components.
• Uses external phase compensation, assuring a high degree of design freedom in selecting external components and determining a loop response.
• Employs a current mode architecture with excellent fast load response.
• A small surface mount-type ceramic capacitor can be used as an output smoothing capacitor.
• Housed in a small surface-mount package (PS-8) with a low thermal resistance.
TAG Converter, DC, ic

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The TPS853 is an ultra-compact surface-mount photo-IC for illuminance sensors which incorporates a photodiode and current amp circuit in a single chip.
The sensitivity is superior to that of a phototransistor, and exhibits little variation. It has spectral sensitivity closer to luminous efficiency and excellent output linearity.
With its ultra-compact surface-mount package, this photo-IC can be used as the power-saving control for domestic appliances or for backlighting for displays in cellular phones, this device enables low power consumption to be achieved.

· Ultra-compact and light surface-mount package suitable for lead-free soldering and reflow soldering: 2.0 × 2.1 × 0.7 mm
· Excellent output linearity of illuminance
· Little fluctuation in light current and high level of sensitivity
: IL = 37 μA to 74 μA @EV = 100 lx using fluorescent light
: Light current variation width: ×1.67 (when light current classification is specified.)
: Little temperature fluctuation
· Built-in luminous-efficiency correction function, reduced sensitivity variations due to various light sources
: IL (using incandescent light)/IL (using fluorescent light) = 1.2 (typ.)
· Low supply voltage, making device suitable for battery-powered equipment: VCC = 2.2 V to 5.5 V
TAG ic, Photo, Silicon

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TA8316AS is a dedicated IC integrating IGBT gate drive circuits on a single chip.
A high current directly drives IGBT.

* Can directly control from a microcontroller
* Can directly drive the IGBT gate using a high current.
   Source current : -200mA(max), sink current 1A(max)
* Incorporates a diode to protect the IGBT gate at power on.
TAG Driver, Gate, IGBT

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TA8132AN, TA8132AF and TA2012N, TA2012F are the AM / FM IF+ST DET system ICs, which are designed for DTS radios. These are included many functions and these can be used for digital tuning system with IF counter.

-  Built−in AM / FM IF and FM stereo PLL multiplex decoder.
-  Suitable for combination with digital tuning system which is included IF counter.
○ One terminal type AM / FM IF count output (auto stop signal) for IF counter of digital tuning system.
FM: 10.7MHz or 1.3375MHz (1 / 8 dividing) changeable by external switch
AM: 450kHz
○ Built−in mute circuit for IF count output.
It is controlled by the IF request signal from digital tuning system, Pin(8) level:
High → come out
Low → non output
○ Adjustable for IF count output sensitivity by external resistance of pin(2).
-  For adopting ceramic discriminator and ceramic resonator, it is not necessary to adjust the FM quad detector circuit and FM ST DET VCO circuit.
-  S curve characteristics of FM detection output in TA8132AN, TA8132AF and TA2012N, TA2012F are reverse to each other.
TA8132AN, TA8132AF: Reverse characteristic. TA2012N, TA2012F: Normal characteristic.
-  Built−in one terminal type AM low cut circuit.
-  TA2053F is reverse pin type of TA2012F.
-  Operating supply voltage range (Ta = 25°C) VCC (opr.) = 1.8~8.0V

TA8132AF TA2012N TA2012F
TAG Tuning

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The TD74BC574P/TD74BC574F is a high-speed 8-bit flip-flop fabricated with silicon gate Bi-CMOS technology. It achieves the high-speed operation equivalent to the FAST family while
maintaining the Bi-CMOS low-power dissipation. The TD74BC574P/F is a non-inverting flip-flop. Each bit is individually controlled by a clock input (CK) and an output enable input (OE). When the OE input is high, all eight outputs are in the high-impedance state, which facilitates the interface with bus lines. All inputs are equipped with resistors and diodes to protect
against Electrostatic Discharge (ESD).

• High-speed operation ........................ tpd = 8.8 ns (typ.)
• Symmetrical output impedance ....... IOH = −3 mA (max) IOL = 24 A (max)
• Low power dissipation ...................... ICCD = 7 mA (typ.) ICCZ = 10 ?A (typ.)
• Operating temperature range .......... Ta = −40°C to 85°C
• High ESD protection ......................... 2000 V (MIL standard)
• Pin and function compatible with FAST (74F574)

TAG Outputs

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The TC9149P/TC9150P is LST designed for use on the infrared ray remote control receiver, and when this LSI is used in conbination with LSI TC9148P fir transmitter, the remote control system can be constructed.
The TC9149P is DIP 16 PIN type and is capable of controlling 10 functions, while the TC9150P is DIP 24 PIN type and is capable of controlling 18 functions.

  - Able to output parallely multiple keying signals sent from the transmitter.
   (The TC9149P is able to output parallely up to 5 functions, while the TC9150P is able to output parallely up to 6 functions.)
  - Output for single pulse, hold pulse and cyclic pulse and provided.
   (Cyclic pulse is available only for TC9150P.)
  - A single terminal type oscillator by means of CR is provided.
  - Code detection circuit provided for code check with the transmitter prevents interferences from various types for machines and apparatus.

TAG Receiver

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The TOSHIBA TLP521-1, -2 and -4 consist of a photo-transistor optically coupled to a gallium arsenide ifrared emitting diode. The TLP521-2 offers two isolated channels in an eight lead plastic DIP package, while the TLP521-4 provides four isolated channels in a sixteen plastic DIP package.

- Collector-Emitter Volatage                : 55 V (min)
- Current Transfer Ratio Rank GB         : 50 % (min)
   Rank GB                                        : 100% (min)
- Isolation Voltage                              : 2500 Vrms (min)
- UL Recognized
                    made in Japan               : UL1577, File No. E67349
                    made in Thailand            : UL1577, File No. E152349

TLP521-1, TLP521-2, TLP521-4

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TOSHIBA Transistor Silicon NPN Epitaxial Type (PCT process)

■ High breakdown voltage, high current capability
  : VCEO = 50 V (min), IC = 150 mA (max)
■ Excellent linearity of hFE
  : hFE (2) = 100 (typ.) at VCE = 6 V, IC = 150 mA
  : hFE (IC = 0.1 mA)/hFE (IC = 2 mA) = 0.95 (typ.)
■ Low noise: NF = 0.2dB (typ.) (f = 1 kHz).
■ Complementary to 2SA1015 (L). (O, Y, GR class).

2SC1815, 2SC1815L
TAG Amplifier

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