The TK715xx is a low dropout linear regulator housed in a small SOT23-3 package, rated at 400 mW. An internal PNP transistor is used to achieve a low dropout voltage of 105 mV (typ.) at 50 mA load current. This device offers high precision output voltage of ± 2.0 % or ± 60 mV. The TK715xx has a very low quiescent current of 25 μA (typ.) at no load. The low quiescent current and dropout voltage make this part ideal for battery powered applications. The internal reverse bias protection eliminates the requirement for a reverse voltage protection diode, saving cost and board space. The high 60 dB ripple rejection and low noise provide enhanced performance for critical applications.

*High Voltage Precision at ± 2.0% or ± 60 mV
*Very Low Quiescent Current
*Very Low Dropout Voltage
*Reverse Voltage Protection
*Miniature Package (SOT23-3)
*Short Circuit Protection
*High Ripple Rejection
*Can use Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors

*Battery Powered Systems
*Cellular Telephones
*Personal Communications Equipment
*Portable Instrumentation
*Portable Consumer Equipment
*Radio Control Systems
*Low Voltage Systems

TK71515AS, TK71516AS, TK71517AS, TK71518AS, TK71519AS, TK71520AS

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TK14588 - FM IF IC

Toko Inc 2009/05/29 09:24
The TK14588V is a standard function general purpose IF IC capable of operating up to 22 MHz. The TK14588V contains a high-speed data comparator for base band processing. The TK14588V has a unique function that allows establishing the demodulation characteristics by changing the external RC time constant, and not changing the phase shifter constant. The RSSI output is individually trimmed, resulting in excellent accuracy, good linearity, and stable temperature characteristics. The TK14588V was developed for high-speed data communication, DECT, wireless LAN, keyless entry systems, etc.
The TK14588V is available in the very small TSSOP-16 surface mount package.

*Input Frequency (~22 MHz)
*Low Voltage Operation (2.3 to 5.5 V)
*Battery Save Function
*Wide Band Demodulator (~1 MHz)
*High Speed Data Comparator (~2 Mbps)
*Very Small Package (TSSOP-16)

*Communications Equipment
*Wireless LAN
*Keyless Entry Systems

TK14588V, TK14588VTL
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The TK119xx series are low power, linear regulators with built-in electronic switches. Built-in voltage comparators provide a reset logic ”low” level whenever the input or output voltage falls outside internally preset limits. The internal electronic switch can be controlled by CMOS or TLL levels. The device is in the “off” state when the control pin is biased “high”.
An internal PNP pass-transistor is used in order to achieve low dropout voltage (typically 200 mV at 50 mA load current). The device has very low quiescent current (130 mA) in the “on” mode with no load and 2 mA with 30 mA load. The quiescent current is typically 4 mA at 60 mA load. The current consumption in the “off” mode is 65 mA.
An internal thermal shutdown circuit limits the junction temperature to below 150 oC. The load current is internally monitored and the device will shut down (no load current) in the presence of a short circuit at the output. The output noise is very low at 100 dB down from VOUT when an external noise bypass capacitor is used. The TK119xx is available in a miniature SOT-23L surface mount package.

*Very Low Dropout Voltage
*Reset Output for Microprocessor
*Very Low Quiescent Current (No Load)
*Internal Thermal/Overload Shutdown
*Low Noise Voltage
*Input and Output Voltage Sense
*± 2.5 % Output Voltage Accuracy
*CMOS or TTL On/Off Control
*High Speed On/Off Transient (50 ms typ.)

*Battery Powered Systems
*Cellular Telephones
*Personal Communications Equipment
*Portable Instrumentation
*Portable Consumer Equipment
*Radio Control Systems
*Low Voltage Systems

TK11922, TK11927, TK11930, TK11932, TK11935, TK11940, TK11948, TK11950

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TK10651 is a noise reduction IC developed mainly for cordless phones. It is also used for voice and data communications. It has a built-in compressor circuit to increase the average modulation level and an expander circuit to reduce the noise level. The expander restores the
original dynamics of the input signal. The result is a high quality signal transmission with low noise. Among the many functions included, analog switching of the input and output signal is particularly useful in cordless telephones. Separate data input and output are provided. The audio signal path can be muted during data transmission. The signal path used for data transmission bypasses the compressor and expander circuits.

*Data and Voice Inputs
*Data and Voice Outputs
*Low Supply Current
*Regulated Output
*Wide Operating Voltage Range
*Low Standby Current
*Microphone Amplifier
*IDC Circuit (Instantaneous Deviation Control)

*Portable Instrumentation
*Cordless Telephones
*Handy Talkies
*Amateur Radio Transceivers

TK10651MTL, TK10651M

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The TK11052 is an accurate temperature controller IC for use over the -30 to +105 °C temperature range. The TK11052 monolithic bipolar integrated circuit contains a temperature sensor, stable voltage reference and two comparators, making the device very useful as an on/off thermostat. Two external resistors easily set the sensing temperature threshold and hysteresis of each thermostat. Its wide operating voltage range of 2.7 to 6.0 V makes this IC suitable for a number of applications requiring an accurate thermostat.

*Internal Temperature Sensor, Voltage Reference and Two Comparators with
*Temperature Threshold and Hysteresis Set by Only Two External Resistors
*Output Logic:
- Low to High with Increasing Temp. by OUTPUT1
- High to Low with Increasing Temp. by OUTPUT2
*Very Wide Operating Supply Range (VCC = 2.7 to 6.0 V)
*Miniature Package (SOT23L-8)
*Minimum External Parts Count
*Low Power Consumption
*Very Wide Temperature Range

*Home and Industrial Thermostats
*Home Appliance Temperature Control
*Notebook Computer Temperature Monitor
*Pentium Processor Temperature Monitor
*Power Supply Overtemperature Protection
*Copy Machine Overtemperature Protection
*System Overtemperature Protection

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The TK112xxC is a low dropout linear regulator with a builtin electronic switch. The internal switch can be controlled by TTL or CMOS logic levels. The device is in the “on” state when the control pin is pulled to a logic high level. An external capacitor can be connected to the noise bypass pin to lower the output noise level to 30 μVrms.
An internal PNP pass transistor is used to achieve a low dropout voltage of 170 mV (typ.) at 200 mA load current. The TK112xxC has a very low quiescent current of 65 μA at no load and 1.8 mA with a 100 mA load.The internal thermal shut down circuitry limits the junction temperature to150 °C.
The load current is internally monitored and the device will shut down in the presence of a short circuit or overcurrent condition at the output.
The TK112xxCM circuit features very high stability in both DC and AC. An output capacitor of 0.1 F provides stable operation for VOUT is higher or equal to 2.5 V. Any type of capacitor can be
used; however, the larger this capacitor is, the better the overall characteristics are. The ripple rejection ratio is 84 dB at 400 Hz, and 80 dB at 1 kHz.
The TK112xxC is available in the SOT23L-6 surface mount package.

*High Precision Voltage at ± 1.5% or ± 50 mV
*Active High On/Off Control
*Very Low Dropout Voltage: (Vdrop = 105 mV at 100 mA)
*Very Good Stability: CL = 0.1uF is Stable for any Type Capacitor with Vout higher or equal to 1.8 V (Iout > 0.5 mA)
*Excellent Ripple Rejection Ratio (80 dB @ 1 kHz)
*Very Low Quiescent Current (Iq = 65 uA at Iout = 0 mA)
*Peak Output Current is 480 mA
*SOT23L-6 Surface Mount Package
*Very Low Noise
*Built-in Reverse Bias Protection
*Internal Thermal Shutdown
*Short Circuit Protection

*Battery Powered Systems
*Cellular Telephones
*Personal Communications Equipment
*Portable Instrumentation
*Portable Consumer Equipment
*Radio Control Systems
*Low Voltage Systems

TK11215C, TK11216C, TK11217C, TK11218C, TK11219C, TK11220C, TK11221C, TK11222C, TK11223C, TK11224C, TK11225C, TK11226C, TK11227C, TK11228C, TK11229C,TK11230C, K11231C, TK11232C, TK11233C, TK11234C, TK11235C, TK11236C, TK11237C, TK11238C, TK11239C, TK11240C ,TK11241C,TK11242C, TK11243C, TK11244C, TK11245C, TK11246C, TK11247C, TK11248C, TK11249C, TK11250C

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Operating from a single +5 V supply, the TK15407 is a dual video driver IC that takes standard video signals as analog inputs and provides buffered analog outputs for driving 150 Ω loads (series 75 Ω resistor and 75 Ω cable load).
Both amplifiers have a fixed gain of 6 dB and can be used in series for 12 dB gain.
The luminance (Y) input is clamped at 1.29 V and amplified 6 dB to produce 2 VP-P (typical) into a series 75 Ω resistor and 75 Ω cable load.
The internal 1.5 k SAG function resistor provides gain compensation for low frequency signals.
The chromanance (C) input is biased at 2.6 V and amplified 6 dB to produce 1.1 VP-P (typical) into a series 75 Ω resistor and 75 Ω cable load.
During standby (Pin 3 grounded), the TK15407 consumes only 119 μW of power.
Nominal power dissipation (no input) is typically 76 mW.
The TK15407 is ideally suited for S-VHS systems.
The TK15407M is available in the very small SOT23L-8 surface mount package.

*Fixed Gain (6 dB)
*Internal 75 Ω Drivers
*Very Small Output Capacitor Using SAG Function Pin
*Active High ON/OFF Control
*Very Low Standby Current (typ. ISTBY ≤ 25 μA)
*Very Small SOT23L-8 Package

*Video Equipment
*Digital Cameras
*CCD Cameras
*TV Monitors
*Video Tape Recorders
*LCD Projectors


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The TOKO DAC2450CT1T is a compact, vertically polarized, dielectric antenna specifically designed for 2.450 GHz applications including IEEE 802.11b/g wireless networking.
The antenna unit consists of a dielectric element with a 50Ω center terminal permitting
direct connection to a 50Ω printed circuit board pattern without a matching circuit.

* Miniature footprint: 16mm diameter
* Low profile: 6.5mm max.
* Center Frequency: 2450 MHz
* Bandwidth: ±50 MHz
* Peak Gain: Less than +2.14 dBi (0 dBi typ.)
* Impedance: 50 Ω
* Weight: 4.3 grams
* Operating temperature: -10°C to +60°C
* Storage temperature: -20°C to +85°C
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 The TK10931V is an IF system IC designed for communications equipment.
The TK10931V contains the following functions:
FM IF Limiter
Quadrature Detector
AM AGC Amplifier
Squelch Noise Amplifier
AM Detector
Squelch Rectifier
RSSI Output
RF AGC Output
Squelch Comparator
The TK10931V is suited for Amateur radios, CB radios, and Wide-Band receivers.
The TK10931V is available in the very small TSSOP-24 surface mount package.

* Simultaneous Operation (AM Section, FM Section)
* AM Section with ON/OFF Control Input
* AGC Amplifier Control Input
* AGC Amplifier Output
* High-speed FM Limiter Amplifier (Up to 11 MHz)
* RF AGC Output (for External RF Amplifier)
* Built-in Noise Squelch Circuit (Noise Amplifier, Rectifier, Comparator)
* Wide Range Voltage Operation (2.5 V to 8.5 V)
* Very Small Package (TSSOP-24)

* Amateur Radios
* CB Radios
* Utility Radios
* Scanner Receivers

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* Minimum External Components
* Efficiency as High as 80%
* LED Current Regulated
* Internal Synchronous Rectifer
* PWM Signal Intensity Control
* Can Drive Mulitple Strings of 3 WLED in Series
* 700 kHz PWM Operation
* Low Supply Current
* Enable Pin
* Short Circuit Protection
* Over Voltage Protection
8 Pin Flip Chip Package

Toko’s TK65600 White LED Driver IC has been optimized for\ battery controlled systems where power consumption and size are primary concerns. High efficiency has been optimized for this application.
The miniature Flip Chip package device, together with the miniature Toko Coil D31FB or Low Profile D412F Coil, further helps system designers reduce the space required to drive
the white LEDs.
The IC uses Current-mode PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) method of regulating the current through the string of LEDs.
This time-proven method of regulation works at a fixed switching frequency which is preferred in RF systems, because the switching noise RF spectrum is more predictable. With a switching frequency of 700 kHz the operation of the IC should not disturb 455 kHz IF subsystem.

* LCD Modules
* Cellular Telephone
* Battery Powered Systems
* Consumer Electronics

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