The DG540/541/542 are high performance monolithic wideband/video switches designed for switching RF, video and digital signals. By utilizing a “T” switch configuration on each channel, these devices achieve exceptionally low crosstalk and high off-isolation. The crosstalk and off-isolation of the DG540 are further improved by the introduction of extra GND pins between signal pins.
To achieve TTL compatibility, low channel capacitances and fast switching times, the DG540 family is built on the Siliconix proprietary D/CMOS process. Each switch conducts equally well in both directions when on.

*Wide Bandwidth: 500 MHz
*Low Crosstalk: –85 dB
*High Off-Isolation: –80 dB @ 5 MHz
*“T” Switch Configuration
*TTL Logic Compatible
*Fast Switching—tON: 45 ns
*Low rDS(on): 30

*RF and Video Switching
*RGB Switching
*Local and Wide Area Networks
*Video Routing
*Fast Data Acquisition
*Radar/FLR Systems
*Video Multiplexing

DG541, DG542, DG540DJ, DG541DJ, DG542DJ

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The DG300A-DG303A family of monolithic CMOS switches feature three switch configuration options (SPST, SPDT, and DPST) for precision applications in communications, instrumentation and process control, where low leakage switching combined with low power consumption are required.
Designed on the Siliconix PLUS-40 CMOS process, these switches are latch-up proof, and are designed to block up to 30 V peak-to-peak when off. An epitaxial layer prevents latchup.
In the on condition the switches conduct equally well in both directions (with no offset voltage) and minimize error conditions with their low on-resistance.
Featuring low power consumption (3.5 mW typ) these switches are ideal for battery powered applications, without sacrificing switching speed. Designed for break-before-make switching action, these devices are CMOS and quasi TTL compatible. Single supply operation is allowed by connecting the V– rail to 0 V.

*Analog Signal Range: 15 V
*Fast Switching—tON: 150 ns
*Low On-Resistance—rDS(on): 30
*Single Supply Operation
*Latch-up Proof
*CMOS Compatible

*Low Level Switching Circuits
*Programmable Gain Amplifiers
*Portable and Battery Powered Systems

DG301A, DG302A, DG303A

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TSIL6400 is a high efficiency infrared emitting diode in GaAlAs on GaAs technology, molded in clear, bluegrey tinted plastic packages.
In comparison with the standard GaAs on GaAs technology these emitters achieve about 70 % radiant power improvement at a similar wavelength.
The forward voltages at low current and at high pulse current roughly correspond to the low values of the standard technology. Therefore these emitters are ideally suitable as high performance replacements of standard emitters.

*Extra high radiant power and radiant intensity
*Low forward voltage
*Suitable for high pulse current operation
*Standard T–1 (ø 5 mm) package
*Angle of half intensity j = ± 17
*Peak wavelength p = 925 nm
*High reliability
*Good spectral matching to Si photodetectors

*Infrared remote control units with high power requirements
*Free air transmission systems
*Infrared source for optical counters and card readers
*IR source for smoke detectors

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The IC U2532B is a complete IR-Transmitter-Receiver IC according to the new IrDA 1.0 standard. ASK-modulation is also possible. Only an external PIN-photodiode and an infrared emitting diode with current limiting resistor must be connected to the corresponding pins. The amplifier with Schmitt-Trigger formed output signal and the IR-driver need no further external components. The IC allows data rates from 2.4 kbit/s to 115.2 kbit/s and up to 500 kHz for
ASK-modulation. Two different sensitivity modes, which can be programmed by applying a “High” or “Low” voltage at pin SC, ensure either an increase in transmission distance or a bit error rate of 1E-9. An internal AGC allows proper operation under EMI conditions.

*Data rates up to 115.2 kbit/s
*Wide supply voltage range (3 to 5.5 V)
*AGC for EMI immunity
*AGC reset
*High and low sensitivity mode
*BER < 1E-9 in the low sensitivity mode
*Power-On reset

*IR data transmission
*Compatible to IrDA
*Bidirectional IR data transmission
*Ability to receive ASK modulation

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The TSC87251G1A products are derivatives of the TEMIC Microcontroller family based on the extended 8–bit C251 Architecture. This family of products is tailored to 8–bit microcontroller applications requiring an increased instruction throughput, a reduced operating frequency or a larger addressable memory space. The architecture can provide a significant code size reduction when compiling C programs while fully preserving the legacy of C51 assembly routines.
The TSC87251G1A derivatives are pin–out and software compatible with standard 80C51/Fx/Rx with extended on–chip data memory (1 Kbyte RAM), on–chip memory (16 Kbytes EPROM/OTPROM) and up to 256 Kbytes of external code and data.
They provide transparent enhancements to Intel’s 87C251Sx family with an additional Synchronous Serial Link Controller (SSLC supporting I2C, mWire and SPI protocols), a Keyboard interrupt interface and Power Monitoring and Management features.

*Pin–Out and software compatibility with standard 80C51 products and 80C51FA/FB/RA/RB
*Plug–in replacement of Intel’s 80C251Sx
*C251 core: Intel’s MCS251 step A compliance
-125 ns Instruction cycle time at 16 MHz
-40–byte Register File
-Registers Accessible as Bytes, Words or Dwords
-Six–stage instruction Pipeline
-16–bit Internal Code Fetch
*Enriched C51 Instruction Set
-16–bit and 32–bit ALU
-Compare and Conditional Jump Instructions
-Expanded Set of Move Instructions
*Linear Addressing
*1 Kbyte of on–chip RAM
*External memory space (Code/Data) programmable from 64 Kbytes to 256 Kbytes
*TSC87251G1A: 16 Kbytes of on–chip EPROM/OTPROM (production with TSC83251G1D: on–chip masked ROM version)
*SINGLE–PULSE Programming Algorithm
*Four 8–bit parallel I/O Ports (Ports 0, 1, 2 and 3 of the standard 80C51)
*Serial I/O Port: full duplex UART (80C51 compatible) with independent Baud Rate Generator
*SSLC: Synchronous Serial Link Controller
-I2C master only protocol
-mWire and SPI master only protocol
*Three 16–bit Timers/Counters (Timers 0, 1 and 2 of the standard 80C51)
*EWC: Event and Waveform Controller
-Compatible with Intel’s Programmable Counter Array (PCA)
-Common 16–bit Timer/Counter reference with four possible clock sources (Fosc/4, Fosc/12, Timer 1 and external input)
-Five modules with four programmable modes:
 – 16–bit software Timer/Counter
 – 16–bit Timer/Counter Capture Input and software pulse measurement
 – High–speed output and 16–bit software Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)
 – 8–bit hardware PWM without overhead
-16–bit Watchdog Timer/Counter capability
*Secured 14–bit Hardware Watchdog Timer
*Power Monitoring and Management
-Power–Fail reset
-Power–On reset (integrated on the chip)
-Power–Off flag (cold and warm resets)
-Software programmable system clock
-Idle and Power–Down modes
*Keyboard interrupt interface on Port 1
*ONCE mode and full speed Real–Time In–Circuit Emulation support (Third Party Vendors)
*Speed ranges:
-0 to 16 MHz
*Supply ranges:
-5 V ±10 %
*Temperature ranges:
-Commercial (0°C to +70°C)
-Industrial (–40°C to +85°C)
-Option: extended range (–55°C to +125°C)
-PDIL 40, PLCC 44
-UV–Window CQPJ 44
-Options: known good dice and ceramic packages

Typical Applications
*ISDN terminals
*High–Speed modems
*Line cards
*Computer peripherals
*Banking machines
*Barcode readers
*Smart cards readers
*High–end digital monitors
*High–end joysticks

TSC87251G1A–16CA, TSC87251G1A–16CB, TSC87251G1A–16IA, TSC87251G1A–16IB

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The DG401/403/405 monolithic analog switches were designed to provide precision, high performance switching of analog signals. Combining low power (0.35 W, typ) with high speed (tON: 100 ns, typ), the DG401 series is ideally suited for portable and battery powered industrial and military applications.
Built on the Siliconix proprietary high-voltage silicon-gate process to achieve high voltage rating and superior switch on/off performance, break-before-make is guaranteed for the SPDT configurations. An epitaxial layer prevents latchup.
Each switch conducts equally well in both directions when on, and blocks up to 30 V peak-to-peak when off. On-resistance is very flat over the full 15-V analog range, rivaling JFET performance without the inherent dynamic range limitations.
The three devices in this series are differentiated by the type of switch action as shown in the functional block diagrams.

*44-V Supply Max Rating
*±15-V Analog Signal Range
*On-Resistance—rDS(on): 20 Ω
*Low Leakage—ID(on): 40 pA
*Fast Switching—tON: 100 ns
*Ultra Low Power Requirements—PD: 0.35 μ W
*TTL, CMOS Compatible
*Single Supply Capability

*Wide Dynamic Range
*Low Signal Errors and Distortion
*Break-Before-Make Switching Action
*Simple Interfacing

*Audio and Video Switching
*Sample-and-Hold Circuits
*Battery Operation
*Test Equipment
*Hi-Rel Systems

DG403, DG405, DG401DJ, DG403DJ, DG405DJ
TAG CMOS, Switches

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U8600B - Laser Controller

Temic 2008/12/11 11:27
The U8600B is a monolithic integrated circuit using TEMIC’s advanced UHF technology. The IC is a very high-speed, mixed–signal laser driver circuit for re-writable optical systems.
It comprises a servo amplifier to drive the laser diode, a high-frequency modulator for noise reduction, power and pulse-width generators as well as several operation control and safety functions.
It comprises a servo amplifier to drive the laser diode, a high-frequency modulator for noise reduction, power and pulse-width generators as well as several operation control and safety functions.

*Single + 5 V power supply
*Data transfer rates up to 16 Mb/s
*Servo system
– High bandwidth: 100 MHz
– High dc gain: 110 dB
– High LD drive current: typ. 100 mA, max. 180 mA
– High slew rate: 5 ns rise/ fall time
– Servo gain adjustable
*Noise reduction by servo loop and weak highfrequency modulation
*On-chip generation of power levels for read, erase, and write operations
*On-chip generation of write and off-pulse widths: 15 to 90 ns, 5 ns steps
*Digital control of power and pulse parameters via a serial 3-wire interface
*Basic power level adjustable
*Supervision of power supply, laser current and laser power
*Laser shutdown to prevent laser damage and data loss

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TEMIC’s TSC87C51 is high performance CMOS EPROM version of the 80C51 CMOS single chip 8 bit microcontroller.
The fully static design of the TSC87C51 allows to reduce system power consumption by bringing the clock frequency down to any value, even DC, without loss of data.
The TSC87C51 retains all the features of the 80C51 with some enhancement: 4 K bytes of internal code memory (EPROM); 128 bytes of internal data memory (RAM); 32 I/O lines; two 16 bit timers; a 5-source, 2-level interrupt structure; a full duplex serial port with framing error detection; a power off flag; and an on-chip oscillator.
The TSC87C51 has 2 software-selectable modes of reduced activity for further reduction in power consumption. In the idle mode the CPU is frozen while the RAM, the timers, the serial port and the interrupt system continue to function. In the power down mode the RAM is saved and all other functions are inoperative.
The TSC87C51 is manufactured using non volatile SCMOS process which allows it to run up to:
- 33 MHz with VCC = 5 V ± 10%.
- 16 MHz with 2.7 V < VCC < 5.5 V.

*4 Kbytes of EPROM
- Improved Quick Pulse programming algorithm
- Secret ROM by encryption
*128 bytes of RAM
*64 Kbytes program memory space
*64 Kbytes data memory space
*32 programmable I/O lines
*Two 16 bit timer/counters
*Programmable serial port with framing error detection
*Power control modes
*Two–level interrupt priority
*Fully static design
*0.8m SCMOS non volatile process
*ONCE Mode
*Enhanced Hooks system for emulation purpose
*Available temperature ranges:
- ommercial
- ndustrial
*Available packages:
- PDIP40 (OTP)
- PLCC44 (OTP)
- PQFP44 (OTP)
- CQPJ44 (UV erasable)
- CERDIP40 (UV erasable)

TSC87C51-12CAR, TSC87C51-16CAR, TSC87C51-20CAR, TSC87C51-25CAR, TSC87C51-33CAR, TSC87C51-L16CAR, TSC87C51-12IAR, TSC87C51-16IAR, TSC87C51-20IAR, TSC87C51-25IAR, TSC87C51-33IAR, TSC87C51-L16IAR, TSC87C51-12CBR, TSC87C51-16CBR, TSC87C51-20CBR, TSC87C51-25CBR, TSC87C51-33CBR, TSC87C51-L16CBR, TSC87C51-12IBR, TSC87C51-16IBR, TSC87C51-20IBR, TSC87C51-25IBR, TSC87C51-33IBR, TSC87C51-L16IBR, TSC87C51-12CCR, TSC87C51-16CCR, TSC87C51-20CCR, TSC87C51-25CCR, TSC87C51-33CCR, TSC87C51-L16CCR, TSC87C51-12ICR, TSC87C51-16ICR, TSC87C51-20ICR, TSC87C51-25ICR, TSC87C51-33ICR, TSC87C51-L16ICR, TSC87C51-12CDR, TSC87C51-16CDR, TSC87C51-20CDR, TSC87C51-25CDR, TSC87C51-33CDR, TSC87C51-L16CDR, TSC87C51-12IDR, TSC87C51-16IDR, TSC87C51-20IDR, TSC87C51-25IDR, TSC87C51-33IDR, TSC87C51-L16IDR, TSC87C51-12CER, TSC87C51-16CER, TSC87C51-20CER, TSC87C51-25CER, TSC87C51-33CER, TSC87C51-L16CER, TSC87C51-12IER, TSC87C51-16IER, TSC87C51-20IER, TSC87C51-25IER, TSC87C51-33IER, TSC87C51-L16IER, TSC87C51-12CFR, TSC87C51-16CFR, TSC87C51-20CFR, TSC87C51-25CFR, TSC87C51-33CFR, TSC87C51-L16CFR, TSC87C51-12IFR, TSC87C51-16IFR, TSC87C51-20IFR, TSC87C51-25IFR, TSC87C51-33IFR, TSC87C51-L16IFR, TSC87C51-12CGR, TSC87C51-16CGR, TSC87C51-20CGR, TSC87C51-25CGR. TSC87C51-33CGR, TSC87C51-L16CGR, TSC87C51-12IGR, TSC87C51-16IGR, TSC87C51-20IGR, TSC87C51-25IGR, TSC87C51-33IGR, TSC87C51-L16IGR, TSC87C51-12CHR, TSC87C51-16CHR, TSC87C51-20CHR, TSC87C51-25CHR, TSC87C51-33CHR, TSC87C51-L16CHR, TSC87C51-12IHR, TSC87C51-16IHR, TSC87C51-20IHR, TSC87C51-25IHR, TSC87C51-33IHR, TSC87C51-L16IHR, TSC87C51-12CIR, TSC87C51-16CIR, TSC87C51-20CIR, TSC87C51-25CIR, TSC87C51-33CIR, TSC87C51-L16CIR, TSC87C51-12IIR, TSC87C51-16IIR, TSC87C51-20IIR, TSC87C51-25IIR, TSC87C51-33IIR, TSC87C51-L16IIR, TSC87C51-12CJR, TSC87C51-16CJR, TSC87C51-20CJR, TSC87C51-25CJR, TSC87C51-33CJR, TSC87C51-L16CJR, TSC87C51-12IJR, TSC87C51-16IJR, TSC87C51-20IJR, TSC87C51-25IJR, TSC87C51-33IJR, TSC87C51-L16IJR, TSC87C51-12CKR, TSC87C51-16CKR, TSC87C51-20CKR, TSC87C51-25CKR, TSC87C51-33CKR, TSC87C51-L16CKR, TSC87C51-12IKR, TSC87C51-16IKR, TSC87C51-20IKR, TSC87C51-25IKR, TSC87C51-33IKR, TSC87C51-L16IKR, TSC87C51-12CAD, TSC87C51-16CAD, TSC87C51-20CAD, TSC87C51-25CAD, TSC87C51-33CAD, TSC87C51-L16CAD, TSC87C51-12IAD, TSC87C51-16IAD, TSC87C51-20IAD, TSC87C51-25IAD, TSC87C51-33IAD, TSC87C51-L16IAD, TSC87C51-12CBD, TSC87C51-16CBD, TSC87C51-20CBD, TSC87C51-25CBD, TSC87C51-33CBD, TSC87C51-L16CBD, TSC87C51-12IBD, TSC87C51-16IBD, TSC87C51-20IBD, TSC87C51-25IBD, TSC87C51-33IBD, TSC87C51-L16IBD, TSC87C51-12CCD, TSC87C51-16CCD, TSC87C51-20CCD, TSC87C51-25CCD, TSC87C51-33CCD, TSC87C51-L16CCD, TSC87C51-12ICD, TSC87C51-16ICD, TSC87C51-20ICD, TSC87C51-25ICD, TSC87C51-33ICD, TSC87C51-L16ICD, TSC87C51-12CDD, TSC87C51-16CDD, TSC87C51-20CDD, TSC87C51-25CDD, TSC87C51-33CDD, TSC87C51-L16CDD, TSC87C51-12IDD, TSC87C51-16IDD, TSC87C51-20IDD, TSC87C51-25IDD, TSC87C51-33IDD, TSC87C51-L16IDD, TSC87C51-12CED, TSC87C51-16CED, TSC87C51-20CED, TSC87C51-25CED, TSC87C51-33CED, TSC87C51-L16CED, TSC87C51-12IED, TSC87C51-16IED, TSC87C51-20IED, TSC87C51-25IED, TSC87C51-33IED, TSC87C51-L16IED, TSC87C51-12CFD, TSC87C51-16CFD, TSC87C51-20CFD, TSC87C51-25CFD, TSC87C51-33CFD, TSC87C51-L16CFD, TSC87C51-12IFD, TSC87C51-16IFD, TSC87C51-20IFD, TSC87C51-25IFD, TSC87C51-33IFD, TSC87C51-L16IFD, TSC87C51-12CGD, TSC87C51-16CGD, TSC87C51-20CGD, TSC87C51-25CGD, TSC87C51-33CGD, TSC87C51-L16CGD, TSC87C51-12IGD, TSC87C51-16IGD, TSC87C51-20IGD, TSC87C51-25IGD, TSC87C51-33IGD, TSC87C51-L16IGD, TSC87C51-12CHD, TSC87C51-16CHD, TSC87C51-20CHD, TSC87C51-25CHD, TSC87C51-33CHD, TSC87C51-L16CHD, TSC87C51-12IHD, TSC87C51-16IHD, TSC87C51-20IHD, TSC87C51-25IHD, TSC87C51-33IHD, TSC87C51-L16IHD, TSC87C51-12CID, TSC87C51-16CID, TSC87C51-20CID, TSC87C51-25CID, TSC87C51-33CID, TSC87C51-L16CID, TSC87C51-12IID, TSC87C51-16IID, TSC87C51-20IID, TSC87C51-25IID, TSC87C51-33IID, TSC87C51-L16IID, TSC87C51-12CJD, TSC87C51-16CJD, TSC87C51-20CJD, TSC87C51-25CJD, TSC87C51-33CJD, TSC87C51-L16CJD, TSC87C51-12IJD, TSC87C51-16IJD, TSC87C51-20IJD, TSC87C51-25IJD, TSC87C51-33IJD, TSC87C51-L16IJD, TSC87C51-12CKD, TSC87C51-16CKD, TSC87C51-20CKD, TSC87C51-25CKD, TSC87C51-33CKD, TSC87C51-L16CKD, TSC87C51-12IKD, TSC87C51-16IKD, TSC87C51-20IKD, TSC87C51-25IKD, TSC87C51-33IKD, TSC87C51-L16IKD, TSC87C51-12CAB, TSC87C51-16CAB, TSC87C51-20CAB, TSC87C51-25CAB, TSC87C51-33CAB, TSC87C51-L16CAB, TSC87C51-12IAB, TSC87C51-16IAB, TSC87C51-20IAB, TSC87C51-25IAB, TSC87C51-33IAB, TSC87C51-L16IAB, TSC87C51-12CBB, TSC87C51-16CBB, TSC87C51-20CBB, TSC87C51-25CBB, TSC87C51-33CBB, TSC87C51-L16CBB, TSC87C51-12IBB, TSC87C51-16IBB, TSC87C51-20IBB, TSC87C51-25IBB, TSC87C51-33IBB, TSC87C51-L16IBB, TSC87C51-12CCB, TSC87C51-16CCB, TSC87C51-20CCB, TSC87C51-25CCB, TSC87C51-33CCB, TSC87C51-L16CCB, TSC87C51-12ICB, TSC87C51-16ICB, TSC87C51-20ICB, TSC87C51-25ICB, TSC87C51-33ICB, TSC87C51-L16ICB, TSC87C51-12CDB, TSC87C51-16CDB, TSC87C51-20CDB, TSC87C51-25CDB, TSC87C51-33CDB, TSC87C51-L16CDB, TSC87C51-12IDB, TSC87C51-16IDB, TSC87C51-20IDB, TSC87C51-25IDB, TSC87C51-33IDB, TSC87C51-L16IDB, TSC87C51-12CEB, TSC87C51-16CEB, TSC87C51-20CEB, TSC87C51-25CEB, TSC87C51-33CEB, TSC87C51-L16CEB, TSC87C51-12IEB, TSC87C51-16IEB, TSC87C51-20IEB, TSC87C51-25IEB, TSC87C51-33IEB, TSC87C51-L16IEB, TSC87C51-12CFB, TSC87C51-16CFB, TSC87C51-20CFB, TSC87C51-25CFB, TSC87C51-33CFB, TSC87C51-L16CFB, TSC87C51-12IFB, TSC87C51-16IFB, TSC87C51-20IFB, TSC87C51-25IFB, TSC87C51-33IFB, TSC87C51-L16IFB, TSC87C51-12CGB, TSC87C51-16CGB, TSC87C51-20CGB, TSC87C51-25CGB, TSC87C51-33CGB, TSC87C51-L16CGB, TSC87C51-12IGB, TSC87C51-16IGB, TSC87C51-20IGB, TSC87C51-25IGB, TSC87C51-33IGB, TSC87C51-L16IGB, TSC87C51-12CHB, TSC87C51-16CHB, TSC87C51-20CHB, TSC87C51-25CHB, TSC87C51-33CHB, TSC87C51-L16CHB, TSC87C51-12IHB, TSC87C51-16IHB, TSC87C51-20IHB, TSC87C51-25IHB, TSC87C51-33IHB, TSC87C51-L16IHB, TSC87C51-12CIB, TSC87C51-16CIB, TSC87C51-20CIB, TSC87C51-25CIB, TSC87C51-33CIB, TSC87C51-L16CIB, TSC87C51-12IIB, TSC87C51-16IIB, TSC87C51-20IIB, TSC87C51-25IIB, TSC87C51-33IIB, TSC87C51-L16IIB, TSC87C51-12CJB, TSC87C51-16CJB, TSC87C51-20CJB, TSC87C51-25CJB, TSC87C51-33CJB, TSC87C51-L16CJB, TSC87C51-12IJB, TSC87C51-16IJB, TSC87C51-20IJB, TSC87C51-25IJB, TSC87C51-33IJB, TSC87C51-L16IJB, TSC87C51-12CKB, TSC87C51-16CKB, TSC87C51-20CKB, TSC87C51-25CKB, TSC87C51-33CKB, TSC87C51-L16CKB, TSC87C51-12IKB, TSC87C51-16IKB, TSC87C51-20IKB, TSC87C51-25IKB, TSC87C51-33IKB, TSC87C51-L16IKB

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The Si9243EY is a monolithic bus transceiver designed to provide bidirectional serial communication in automotive diagnostic applications.
The device incorporates protection against overvoltages and short circuits to GND or VB.
The transceiver pin is protected and can be driven beyond the VBAT voltage.
The Si9243EY contains temperature and short circuit fault detection circuits.
In the transmit mode, load shorts and opens are generally detected by the processor
monitoring RXK and TX.
When the two mirror each other there is no fault, but the Si9243EY will turn off the K output in the event of over temperature or short circuit to VBAT to protect the IC.
The fault will be reset when TX toggles “high.”
TX is set “high” for receive only.
The RX output is capable of driving CMOS or 1 X LSTTL load.
The Si9243EY is built on the Siliconix BiC/DMOS process.
This process supports bipolar transistors, CMOS, and DMOS. An epitaxial layer prevents latchup.
The Si9243EY is available in a 8-pin SO package and operates over the automotive temperature range (–40 to 125C).

* Single-Ended Transceiver
* Survives Shorts and Transients on Automotive Bus
* Wide Power Supply Voltage Range
* Fault Detection
* ISO 9141 Compatible

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 The TDS.51.. series are 13 mm character seven segment LED displays in a very compact package.
The displays are designed for a viewing distance up to 7 meters and available in four bright colors.
The grey package surface and the evenly lighted untinted segments provide an optimum on-off contrast.
All displays are categorized in luminous intensity groups.
That allows users to assemble displays with uniform appearence.
Typical applications include instruments, panel meters, point-of-sale terminals and household equipment.

* Evenly lighted segments
* Grey package surface
* Untinted segments
* Luminous intensity categorized
* Yellow and green categorized for color
* Wide viewing angle
* Suitable for DC and high peak current

* Panel meters
* Test- and measure- equipment
* Point-of-sale terminals
* Control units
* TV sets


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