The SP691A/693A/800L/800M is a microprocessor (µP) supervisory circuit that integrates a myriad of components involved in discrete solutions to monitor power-supply and battery-control functions in µP and digital systems. The SP691A/693A/800L/800M offers complete µP monitoring and watchdog functions. The SP691A/693A/800L/800M is ideal for a low-cost battery management solution and is well suited for portable, battery-powered applications with its supply current of 35µA. The 6ns chip-enable propagation delay, the 25mA current output in battery-backup mode, and the 250mA current output in standard operation also makes the SP691A/693A/800L/800M suitable for larger scale, high-performance equipment.

*Precision 4.65V/4.40V Voltage Monitoring
*200ms Or Adjustable Reset Time
*100ms, 1.6s Or Adjustable Watchdog Time
*60µA Maximum Operating Supply Current
*2.0µA Maximum Battery Backup Current
*0.1µA Maximum Battery Standby Current
*Power Switching
-250mA Output in Vcc Mode (0.6Ω)
-25mA Output in Battery Mode (5Ω)
*On-Board Gating of Chip-Enable Signals Memory Write-Cycle Completion 6ns CE Gate Propagation Delay
*Voltage Monitor for Power-Fail or Low Battery
*Backup-Battery Monitor
*RESET Valid to Vcc=1V
*1% Accuracy Guaranteed (SP800L/800M)
*Pin Compatible Upgrade to MAX691A/693A/800L/800M

SP693A, SP800L, SP800M, SP691ACP, SP693ACP, SP800LCP, SP800MCP

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RegulatorThe SPX2941 is a 1A, accurate voltage regulator with a low drop out voltage of 280mV(typ.) at1A. These regulators are specifically designed for low voltage applications that require a lowdropout voltage and a fast transient response. They are fully fault protected against over-current,reverse battery, and positive and negative voltage transients. The SPX2941 is offered in 5-pinTO-220 & TO-263 packages. For a 3A version, refer to the SPX29300 data sheet.

*Adjustable Output Down To 1.25V
*Low Quiescent Current
*Guaranteed 1.5A Peak Output Current
*Low Dropout Voltage of 280mV @ 1A
*Extremely Tight Load and LineRegulation
*Extremely Fast Transient Response
*Reverse-battery Protection
*Internal Thermal and Current LimitProtection
*Zero Current Shutdown
*Standard TO-220 and TO-263packagesFigure

*Powering VGA & Sound Card
*LCD Monitors
*USB Power Supply
*Power PC Supplies
*SMPS Post-Regulator
*High Efficiency Linear Power Supplies
*Battery Charger
*Portable Instrumentation
*Constant Current Regulators
*Adjustable Power Supplies

SPX2941T5, SPX2941T5/TR, SPX2941U5

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The SP6122 is a PWM/PFM minimum on-time controller designed to work from a single 3V-5.5V input supply. It is engineered specifically for size and minimum component count, simplifying the transition from a linear regulator to a switcher solution. However, unlike other “micro” parts, the SP6122 has an array of value added features such as optional hiccup mode, over current protection, TTL enable, “jitter and frequency stabilization” and a fault flag pull-down pin. Combined with reference and driver specifications usually found on more expensive integrated circuits, the SP6122 delivers great performance and value in an 8 pin MSOP package.

*Optimized for Single Supply, 3V-5.5V Applications
*High Efficiency, Greater than 90% Possible
*20ns/1nF PFET Output Driver
*Fast Transient Response
*Open Drain Fault Output Pin
*Internal Soft Start Circuit
*Accurate 1.5% Reference
*Programmable Output Voltage or Fixed 1.5V Output
*Loss-less Adjustable Current Limit with High side RDS(ON) Sensing
*Hiccup or Lock-up Fault Modes
*Low 5μA Sleep Mode Quiescent Current
*Low 300μA Protected Mode Quiescent Current
*Ultra Low, 150μA Unprotected Mode Quiescent Current
*High Light Load Efficiency
*Offered in Tiny 8 pin MSOP Package

*Video Cards
*High Power Portable
*I/O & Logic
*Industrial Control
*Distributed Power
*Low Voltage Power

SP6122ACU, SP6122ACU/TR, SP6122ACU-1.5, SP6122ACU-1.5/TR

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The SPX29300/01/02/03 are 3A, highly accurate voltage regulators with a low drop out voltage of 450mV dropout (typical) @ 3A. These regulators are specifically designed for low voltage applications that require a low dropout voltage and a fast transient response. They are fully fault protected against over-current, reverse battery, and positive and negative voltage transients. On-Chip trimming adjusts the reference voltage to 1% initial accuracy. Other features in the 5 pin versions include Enable, and Error Flag.
The SPX29300/01/02/03 are offered in 3 & 5-pin TO-220 & TO-263 packages. For a 1.5A version, refer to the SPX29150 data sheet.

*Adjustable Output Down To 1.25V
*1% Output Accuracy
*Output Current of 3A
*Low Dropout Voltage of 450mV @ 3A
*Extremely Tight Load and Line Regulation
*Extremely Fast Transient Response
*Reverse-Battery Protection
*Zero Current Shutdown (5 pin version)
*Error Flag Signal Output for Out of Regulation State (5 pin version)
*Standard TO-220 and TO-263 Packages

*Powering VGA & Sound Card
*Power PC™ Supplies
*SMPS Post Regulator
*High Efficiency “Green” Computer Systems
*High Efficiency Linear Power Supplies
*Constant Current Regulators
*Adjustable Power Supplies
*Battery Charger

SPX29300U-1-8, SPX29300U-2-5, SPX29300U-3-3, SPX29300U-5-0

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The SP481E and the SP485E are a family of half-duplex transceivers that meet the specifications of RS-485 and RS-422 serial protocols with enhanced ESD performance. The ESD tolerance has been improved on these devices to over +15KV for both Human Body Model and IEC1000-4-2 Air Discharge Method. These devices are pin-to-pin compatible with Sipex's SP481 and SP485 devices as well as popular industry standards. As with the original versions, the SP481E and the SP485E feature Sipex's BiCMOS design allowing low power operation without sacrificing performance. The SP481E and SP485E meet the requirements of the RS-485 and RS-422 protocols up to 10Mbps under load. The SP481E is equipped with a low power Shutdown mode.

*+5V Only
*Low Power BiCMOS
*Driver/Receiver Enable for Multi-Drop configurations
*Low Power Shutdown Mode (SP481E)
*Enhanced ESD Specifications:
-+15KV Human Body Model
-+15KV IEC1000-4-2 Air Discharge
-+8KV IEC1000-4-2 Contact Discharge
*Available in RoHS Compliant, Lead Free Packaging: NSOIC and PDIP


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The SP619 is a low Rds(on) high current switch designed with precision current limiting to protect connected devices from damage due to a short circuit condition or against current surges that may cause the supply voltages to fall out of regulation.
This switch operates from an input voltage range of 2.5V to 7V, making it ideal for 3V and 5V applications. The SP619 is also protected from thermal overload which limits power dissipation. In shutdown mode, the supply current drops to 2μA.

*Max Rds(on) .377 Ohms
*Overcurrent deactivation 800mA
*Max leakage current less than 2μA while deactivated
*Small 6 pin SOT-23 package
*Built-in Over-temperature Protection
*Wide Input voltage range 2.5V to 7V

*Ultra low cost handsets
*PDA, DSC, MP3 players
*Cell phones
*Power Distribution Switch
*Battery-Charger Circuit

TAG Power, Switch

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The SP1490E is a low power differential line driver/receiver meeting RS-485 and RS-422 standards up to 20Mbps. The SP1491E is identical to the SP1490E with the addition of driver and receiver tri-state enable lines. Both products feature ±200mV receiver input sensitivity, over wide common mode range. The SP1490E is available in 8-pin plastic DIP and 8-pin NSOIC packages for operation over the commercial and industrial temperature ranges. The SP1491E is available in 14-pin DIP and 14-pin NSOIC packages for operation over the commercial and industrial temperature ranges.

*+5V Only
*Low Power BiCMOS
*Driver/Receiver Enable (SP1491E)
*RS-485 and RS-422 Drivers/Receivers
*Pin Compatible with SN75179 (SP1490E)
*Pin Compatible with SN75180 (SP1491E)
*Improved ESD Specifications
-±15kV Human Body Model
-±15kV IEC1000-4-2 Air Discharge
-±8kV IEC1000-4-2 Contact Discharge

*Industial Networks
*Motor Control
*HVAC/ Building Control

SP1490ECN, SP1490ECN/TR, SP1490EEN, SP1490EEN/TR, SP1490ECP, SP1490EEP, SP1491ECN, SP1491ECN/TR, SP1491EEN, SP1491EEN/TR, SP1491ECP, SP1491EEP

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The SP3070-3078E differential line transceivers are suitable for bidirectional communication
on balanced multipoint bus transmission lines and comply with both RS485 and RS422 EIA
Standards. Each device consists of a differential driver and differential receiver. All devices
operate from a 3.3V power supply.
High receiver input impedance allows a large number of transceivers to share a common data
bus while maintaining signal margin and without excessive loading or use of expensive
repeaters. The high impedance driver output is maintained over the entire common-mode
voltage range from -7 to +12V. Receivers will failsafe to logic 1 output when inputs are open,
shorted or terminated. Drivers include built-in short-circuit protection and a thermal-overload
shutdown to protect against excessive power dissipation from bus contention or cable faults.
All RS485 inputs are ESD protected up to ±15kV (Air-Gap and Human Body Model) and up
to ±8kV Contact discharge (IEC 1000-4-2).


*±15kV ESD protection for RS485 pins
*3.3V low-power operation
*Advanced receiver-failsafe protection for open, shorted or terminated lines
*Up to 256 Transceivers may share bus
*Very low load for 8x greater fanout
*Hot Swap glitch protection RE and DE
*Thermal shutdown protects against driver contention
*Available in three industry standard footprints
*SP3070E, SP3073E and SP3076E in Full-Duplex (14 pin)
*SP3071E, SP3074E and SP3077E in Full-Duplex (8 pin)
*SP3072E, SP3075E and SP3078E in Half-Duplex (8 pin)
*Three applications-optimized speed grades
*SP3070-72E: 250kbps fully slew-limited
*SP3073-75E: 500kbps slew-limited
*SP3076-78E: 16Mbps high speed
*Small form factor SO-narrow packages
*Industrial (-40 to +85ºC) and Extended (-40 to +125ºC) temperature grades

*Industrial Control, Utility Meters Building Automation, Instrumentation, Point of Sale

SP3070EEN, SP3070EEN/TR, SP3070EMN

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• Adjustable Output Down To 1.2V
• Fixed Output Voltages 1.5V, 2.5V, 3.0V, 3.3V, 5.0V
• Output Current Of 1A
• Low Dropout Voltage 1.2V Typ.
• Extremely Tight Load And Line Regulation
• Current & Thermal Limiting
• Standard 3-Terminal Low Cost TO-220, TO-263, TO-252 & SOT-223

• SCSI-II Active Terminator
• Portable Palmtap/Notebook Computer
• SMPS Post-Regulator
• Disk Drives
• Portable Consumer Equipment
• Portable Instrumentation
• Battery charger

The AS2810 is a low power positive voltage regulator designed to meet 1A output current and comply with SCSI-II specifications with fix output voltage of 2.85V. This device is an excellent choice for use in battery-powered applications and portable computers. The AS2810 features very low quiescent current and very low dropout voltage of 1.2V at a full load and lower as output current decreases.
This product is available as adjustable or fixed 1.5V, 2.5V, 3.0V, 3.3V, and 5V output voltages.
The AS2810 is offered in a 3-pin surface mount packages SOT-223, TO-220, TO-252 & DD package. The output capacitor of 10μF or larger is needed for the output stability of AS2810 as required by most other regulator circuits


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• Low Dropout Voltage 500mV at 3A Full Load Current
• Fixed Output Voltages of 3.3V, 2.8V & 2.5V
• Adjustable Output Down to 1.2V from ATX Power Supply
• Extremely Tight Voltage and Line Regulation
• Standard 5-Terminal Low Cost TO-220 & TO-263

• 3.3V to 2.8V ATX Power Supplies
• 3.3V to 2.9V for Portable PENTIUM Processor
• 5V to 3.5V VRE Supply
• High Efficiency “Green” Computer Systems

The AS1582 is a 3A Low Dropout Regulator with extremely low dropout voltage. The adjustable version requires only two external resistors to set the output voltage. The fixed version has a preset output of 3.3V, 2.8V or 2.5V and does not require any external resistors. The AS1582 features a low dropout of less than 400mV(typ.) and offers fast transient response. This device is suitable for Pentium applications requiring 2.8V or 2.5V from 3.3V ATX power supplies, where a low current input voltage 1V greater than the output voltage is needed. With an external sense pin the load regulation is less than 1mV. This device is an excellent choice for the use in powering low voltage microprocessors that require a lower dropout, fast transient response to regulate from 3.3V and 5V supplies. The AS1582 is also an excellent choice as a post regulator for switching supplies applications.
The AS1582 offers full protection against over-current faults, reversed input polarity, over temperature operation and positive and negative transient voltage.
The AS1582 is offered in a 5 pin TO-220 and TO-263 compatible with industry standard 5 terminal regulators. For 7A, 5A and 1.5A ultra low dropout versions refer to AS1580, AS1581 and AS1583 data sheets respectively.


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