General Description
The SX1213 is a low cost single-chip receiver operating in the frequency ranges from 300MHz to 510MHz. The SX1213 is optimized for very low power consumption (3mA). It incorporates a baseband demodulator with data rates up to 200 kb/s. Data handling features include a sixty-four byte FIFO, packet handling, CRC and data whitening processing. Its highly integrated architecture allows for minimum external component count whilst maintaining design flexibility. All major RF communication parameters are programmable and most of them may be dynamically set. It complies with European (ETSI EN 300-220 V2.1.1) and North American (FCC part 15.247 and 15.249) regulatory standards.

*Low Rx power consumption: 3mA
*Good reception sensitivity: down to -104 dBm at 25 kb/s in FSK, -110 dBm at 2kb/s in OOK
*Packet handling feature with data whitening and CRC processing
*RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator) range from Rx noise floor to 0 dBm
*Bit rates up to 200 kb/s, NRZ coding
*On-chip frequency synthesizer
*FSK and OOK modulation
*Incoming sync word recognition
*Built-in Bit-Synchronizer for incoming data and clock synchronization and recovery
*5 x 5 mm TQFN package
*Optimized Circuit Configuration for Low-cost applications
*Pin to pin compatible with SX1212 Transceiver

*Wireless alarm and security systems
*Wireless sensor networks
*Automated Meter Reading
*Home and building automation
*Industrial monitoring and control
*Remote Wireless Control


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The SC4505 is a high-frequency PWM current-mode stepup switching regulator with an integrated 2A power transistor. Its high switching frequency (1MHz) allows the use of tiny surface-mount external passive components. The internal switch is rated at 36V which makes the converter ideal for multiple LED series operation with optimal current matching. Two programmable independent current source structure allows dual panel LED backlight and flash operation.
The operating frequency of the SC4505 is set at 1MHz. The selected operating frequency gives the SC4505 design flexibility for size, cost and efficiency optimization. The SC4505 is available in thermally enhanced 16-pin MLPQ package (3x3x0.9mm) with embedded over temperature protection.

*Two independent current sources for dual LED strands with optimal current/light matching. Backlight up to 75mA, Flash up to 125mA
*Wide input range from 2.6V to 12V
*Adaptive output voltage up to 28V with OVP protection against open circuit conditions
*Low shutdown current (<1μA )
*Internal Flash/Torch mode with flash timeout to protect LEDs
*1MHz Fixed Frequency Current-Mode Control
*Internal 2A current limit for driving large numbers of LEDs
*Supports PWM Dimming from 50Hz to 50kHz
*Internal undervoltage lockout
*Small, low profile, thermally enhanced 16-MLPQ package is fully WEEE and RoHS compliant

*White LED power supplies
*Flat screen LCD bias supplies
*TFT bias supplies
*Dual panel Handset/Liquid Crystal Display Monitor
*Portable media players
*Digital video cameras
*Digital still cameras


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The SC4538 is designed to regulate current for a series string of white LEDs in LCD backlighting applications where small size and high effi ciency are priorities. This device integrates an 800kHz current-mode PWM boost converter and a 30mA programmable low dropout current sink regulator.
An external resistor sets the LED current up to 30mA. PWM dimming (100Hz to 50kHz) may be applied directly to the enable (EN) pin, or dimming can be controlled by applying an analog signal to the ISET circuit. The boost circuit can output up to 38V (guaranteed) to drive up to 10 LEDs in series. The current regulator protects against shorts between the BL and OUT pins and also eliminates backlight glow during shutdown when using LEDs with high leakage. Under-voltage lockout and thermal shutdown provide additional protection. A small external capacitor and series resistor control soft-start and loop compensation. Over-voltage detection protects the SC4538 if the BL pin is fl oating or shorted to ground.
The SC4538 is available in an MLPD-8 pin 2mm x 2mm x 0.6mm package, with a rated temperature range of -40°C to +85°C.

*Input voltage range — 2.8V to 5.5V
*Programmable LED current up to 30mA
*Current-mode PWM control — 800kHz
*Soft-start to reduce in-rush current
*PWM dimming — 100Hz to 50kHz
*PWM dimming at ISET — Analog and fi ltered
*Over-voltage protection — 38V (minimum)
*Under-voltage lockout (UVLO)
*Thermal shutdown
*Shutdown current — <0.1μA (typical)
*Ultra-thin package — 2mm x 2mm x 0.6mm
*Lead-free package, WEEE and RoHS compliant

*DSLR, DSC, and Video Cameras
*Cellular handsets
*Portable media players
*Personal navigation systems
*Satellite radio
*Handheld video games


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The SC4250 is a negative voltage hotswap controller that allows the insertion of line cards into a live backplane.
The inrush current is programmable, and the closed loop operation limits the maximum current even under short circuit conditions. A built-in timing circuit prevents false shutdown. The signal from the drain voltage is fed to the timer, providing safety for the MOSFET when in linear mode. The SC4250 latches off under abnormal conditions The power has to be recycled in order to resume operation.
The device comes in two options, PWRGD (SC4250H) and PWRGD (SC4250L). These high or low signals can be directly used to enable power modules.

*Programmable slew of the inrush current when used for hot insertion in the negative 24V and 48V backplane
*Closed loop operation limits the maximum current even in short circuit condition
*Built in timer prevents false shutdown when the closed loop operation limits the current
*Sensing the drain voltage allows for immediate shutdown in short circuit conditions where current spikes and noise are ignored
*Power good signal
*Input UVLO and OVLO sensing
*Circuit breaker and retry
*SO-8 package

*Central office switching
*-48V Distributed power systems
*Power supply hotswap & inrush control


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The SX1223 is a single chip transmitter operating in UHF frequency bands including the 434, 869 and 915 MHz license-free ISM (Industrial Scientific and Medical) bands. Its highly integrated architecture allows for minimum external components while maintaining design flexibility. All major RF communication parameters are programmable and most of them can be set dynamically. The SX1223 offers the advantage of high data rate communication at rates of up to 153.6 kbit/s. The SX1223 is optimized for low cost applications while offering high RF output power. The device is suitable for applications which have to satisfy either the European (ETSI-300-220) or the North American (FCC part 15) regulatory standards.

*RF output power: up to +10 dBm
*Low power consumption: TX = 25.8 mA @ 10 dBm (typical)
*Supply voltage down to 2.0 V
*Data rate from 1.2 to 153.6 kbit/s
*On-chip frequency synthesizer
*Continuous phase 2-level FSK modulation
*Very small RoHS green package (TQFN24, 4mm x 4mm)

*Automated Meter Reading (AMR)
*Home Automation and Access Control
*High-Quality Speech, Music and Data over RF


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The XE1205 is an integrated transceiver operating in the 433, 868 and 915 MHz license-free ISM (Industrial, Scientific and Medical) frequency bands; it can also address other frequency bands in the 180-1000 MHz range. Its highly integrated architecture allows for minimum external components while maintaining design flexibility. All major RF communication parameters are programmable and most of them can be dynamically set. The XE1205 offers the unique advantage of narrow-band and wide-band communication, this without the need to modify the number or parameters of the external components.
The XE1205 is optimized for low power consumption while offering high RF output power and channelized operation suited for both the European (ETSI EN 300-220-1) and the North merican (FCC part 15) regulatory standards. TrueRF™ technology enables a low-cost external component count (elimination of the SAW filter) whilst still satisfying ETSI and FCC regulations.

*Programmable RF output power: up to +15 dBm
*High Rx sensitivity: down to -121 dBm at 1.2 kbit/s, -116 dBm at 4.8 kbits.
*Low power: RX=14 mA; TX = 62 mA @ 15 dBm
*Can accommodate 300-1000 MHz frequency range
*Wide band operation: up to 304.7 kbit/s, NRZ coding
*Narrow band operation: 25 kHz channels for data rates up to 4.8 kbit/s, NRZ coding; optional transmitter pre-filtering to enable adjacent channel power below -37 dBm at 25 kHz
*On-chip frequency synthesizer with minimum frequency resolution of 500 Hz
*Continuous phase 2-level FSK modulation
*Incoming data pattern recognition
*Built-in Bit-Synchronizer for incoming data and clock synchronization and recovery
*FEI (Frequency Error Indicator) with built-in AFC
*RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator)
*16-byte FIFO for transmit / receive data buffering and transfer via SPI bus

*Narrow-band and wide-band security systems
*Voice and data over an RF link
*Process and building control
*Access control
*Home automation
*Home appliances interconnection


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The SC2620 is a constant frequency dual current-mode switching regulator with integrated 2.3A, 30V switches. Its switching frequency can be programmed up to 1.4MHz per channel. Due to the SC2620’s high frequency operation, small inductors and ceramic capacitors can be used, resulting in very compact power supplies. The two channels of the SC2620 operate at 180° out of phase for reduced input voltage ripples.
Separate soft start/enable pins allow independent control of each channel. Channel 1 power good indicator can be used for output start up sequencing to prevent latch-up.
Current-mode PWM control achieves fast transient response with simple loop compensation. Cycle-by-cycle current limiting and hiccup overload protection reduce power dissipation during overload.

*Wide Input Voltage Range 2.8V to 30V
*Up to 1.4MHz/Channel Programmable Switching Frequency
*Current-mode Control
*Out of Phase Switching Reduces Ripple
*Cycle-by-cycle Current-limiting
*Independent Shutdown/soft-start Pins
*Independent Hiccup Overload Protection
*Channel 1 Power Good Indicator
*Two 2.3A Integrated Switches
*Thermal Shutdown
*Thermally Enhanced SO-16 Lead Free Package
*Fully WEEE and RoHS Compliant

*XDSL and Cable Modems
*Set-top Boxes
*Point of Load Applications
*CPE Equipment
*DSP Power Supplies

TAG Regulator

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The EClampTM2357N is a low pass filter array with integrated TVS diodes. It is designed to suppress unwanted EMI/RFI signals and provide electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection in portable electronic equipment. They have been optimized for protection of touch screen displays, secure digital (SD) card interfaces, and color LCD panels in cellular phones and other portable electronics.
The device consists of six pi filter circuits comprised of TVS diodes for ESD protection, and a resistor capacitor network for EMI/RFI filtering. A series resistor value of 100Ω and a component capacitance value of 10pF are used to achieve 20dB minimum attenuation from
1.0GHz to 3GHz. The device also includes 4 discrete TVS diodes for dedicated ESD protection. All of the TVS diodes provide effective suppression of ESD voltages in excess of ±15kV (air discharge) and ±8kV (contact discharge) per IEC 61000-4-2, level 4.

*EMI/RFI filter with integrated ESD protection
*ESD protection to IEC 61000-4-2 (ESD) Level4, ±15kV (air), ±8kV (contact)
*Filter performance: >30dB attenuation at 1.8GHz
*TVS working voltage: 5V
*Resistor: 100Ω +/− 15%
*Component Capacitance: 10pF (VR = 0V)
*EMI & ESD protection for six lines
*Dedicated ESD protection for four lines
*Solid-state technology

*Touch Screen Display Interfaces
*Secure Digital (SD) Memory Card Interfaces
*Multimedia Card Interfaces (MCI)
*Color LCD Panel Protection
*Cell Phone Handsets and Accessories


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The ACS8520A is a highly integrated, single-chip solution for the Synchronous Equipment Timing Source (SETS) function in a SONET or SDH Network Element. The device generates SONET or SDH Equipment Clocks (SEC) and Frame Synchronization clocks. The ACS8520A is fully compliant with the required international specifications and standards.
The device supports Free-run, Locked and Holdover modes. It also supports all three types of reference clock source: recovered line clock, PDH network, and node synchronization. The ACS8520A generates independent SEC and BITS/SSU clocks, an 8 kHz Frame Synchronization clock and a 2 kHz Multi-Frame Synchronization clock.
Two ACS8520A devices can be used together in a Master/ Slave configuration mode allowing system protection against a single ACS8520A failure.
A microprocessor port is incorporated, providing access to the configuration and status registers for device setup and monitoring. The ACS8520A supports IEEE 1149.1[5] JTAG boundary scan.
The user can choose between OCXO or TCXO to define the Stratum and/or Holdover performance required.

* Suitable for Stratum 3, 4E, 4 and SONET Minimum Clock (SMC) or SONET/SDH Equipment Clock (SEC) applications
* Meets Telcordia 1244-CORE[19] Stratum 3 and GR-253[17], and ITU-T G.813[11] Options Ι and ΙΙ specifications
* Accepts 14 individual input reference clocks, all with robust input clock source quality monitoring.
* Simultaneously generates nine output clocks, plus two Sync pulse outputs
* Absolute Holdover accuracy better than 3 x 10-10 (manual), 7.5 x 10-14 (instantaneous); Holdover stability defined by choice of external XO
* Programmable PLL bandwidth, for wander and jitter tracking/attenuation, 0.1 Hz to 70 Hz in 10 steps
* Automatic hit-less source switchover on loss of input
* Microprocessor interface - Intel, Motorola, Serial, Multiplexed, or boot from EPROM
* Output phase adjustment in 6 ps steps up to ±200 ns
* IEEE 1149.1 JTAG Boundary Scan
* Single 3.3 V operation
* Available in LQFP 100 package
* Lead (Pb) - free version available (ACS8520AT), RoHS and WEEE compliant.


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The SC420 is a cost effective Dual MOSFET Driver, incorporating Semtech’s patented Combi-SenseTM technology, designed for switching High and Low side Power MOSFETs in Step-down Switching regulators. A 20ns max propagation delay from input transition to the gate of the power FET’s guarantees operation at high switching frequencies. Internal overlap protection circuit prevents shoot-through from Vin to GND in the main and synchronous MOSFETs.
High current drive capability (2A peak) allows fast switching, thus reducing switching losses at high (up to 1.5MHz) frequencies without causing thermal stress on the driver.
The high voltage CMOS process allows operation up to 27 Volts, making the SC420 suitable for adaptor powered applications. Under-voltage-lockout and over-temperature shutdown features are included for proper and safe operation. The SC420 is offered in a space saving MLP-12 package.

* High efficiency
* Shutdown mode for increased power saving
* Tri-state capability
* Fast rise and fall times (15ns typical with 3000pF load)
* 5V gate drive
* Ultra-low (<20ns) propagation delay (BG going low)
* Adaptive and programmable non-overlapping gate drives provide shoot-through protection
* Floating top drive switches up to 27V
* High frequency (to 1.5 MHz) operation allows use of small inductors and low cost ceramic capacitors
* Under-voltage lockout
* Low quiescent current
* MLP packaging provides superior thermal performance in a small footprint


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