BD95710MUV is a dual-phase switching regulator controller with high output current which can achieve low output voltage (0.4V ~ 3.3V) from AC/DC 5V or 12V. High efficiency for the switching regulator can be realized by utilizing an external N-MOSFET power transistor. A new technology called H3RegTM is a Rohm proprietary control method to realize ultra high transient response against load change without phase compensation capacitance and resistance. For various applications, it is available to select the 3 types of N-MOSFET gate drive voltage (12V: for drive ability, 8V: for intermediate drive ability, 5V: for small real estate).

*H3Reg™ switching Regulator Controller without phase compensation capacitance and resistance
*Ultra High Tolerance Internal Reference Voltage (+/- 1%)
*Thermal Shut Down (TSD), Under Voltage LockOut (UVLO), Adjustable Over Current Protection (OCP), Over Voltage Protection (OVP), Short Circuit protection(SCP) built-in
*Soft start function to minimize rush current during startup
*switching Frequency Variable (f=200kHz~1000kHz)
*Internal Bootstrap Diode
*High Tolerance Current Balance Function
*VQFN024V4040 Package (4.0mm x 4.0mm x 1.0mm)
*Integrated 1-/2-phase switching Function

Graphic Cards, Desktop PC, Gaming Equipments, Digital Components


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BH7862FS is a 6-channel video driver IC developed for progressive DVD player/recorder. Special filters adjusted to each band of  various  video signals are  incorporated into a  single chip. Extended  definition, size reduction,  and high  cost performance can be achieved in DVD players.

*Each high-performance filter, 6dB amplifier, and 75Ω driver for DVD are incorporated into a single chip.
*Driver 6ch (Y, C, MIX, and PY, Pb, Pr for progressive)
*Group delay difference between chroma signal and luminance signal is a small number of nsec.
*Drive 2 lines of each signal
*Operating by 5V single power supply
*Built-in mute circuit

*DVD players, DVD recorders

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RPM972-H14 is an infrared communication module for IrDA Ver. 1.4 (Low Power). The infrared LED, PIN photo diode, and waveform shaping LSI are all integrated into one single package. This module is designed for low power consumption. The very small package makes it a perfect fit for mobile devices.
Also it provides the capability of IR remote control transmission for universal remote control applications.

*Infrared LED, PIN photo diode, LED driver and receiver frequency formation circuit built in. Improvement of EMI noise protection by Shield Case.
*Applied to SIR (9.6k to 115.2kbps), MIR (0.576M, 1.152Mbps) and FIR(4Mbps).
*Surface mount type.
*Power down function built in.
*Adjustable communication distance by LED load resistance value.
*Infrared remote control transmission driver built-in.

*Cellular phone, PDA, DVC, Digital still camera, Printer, Handy terminal etc.

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BA225 - CR timer

Rohm 2009/03/23 09:35
The BA225, BA225F, BA235, BA226, BA226F, and BA236 are monolithic ICs having independent monostable multivibrator circuits which consume very low current (0.75mA typ.). Using external resistors and capacitors, the timing control time can be set within a range from 0.01ms to 100ms.
As the BA225, BA225F, and BA235 are triggered at the rising edge of the signal, they have no trigger input differentiating circuit and can be used in measuring instruments, control devices, digital data systems and other equipment as sub-compact attachments. The BA226, BA226F, and BA236 are available as falling edge trigger types.

*As these are edge trigger types (BA225 / BA235: rising edge trigger types, BA226 / BA236: falling edge trigger types), there is no need for an input differentiating circuit.
*The dual type design enables delay timer configuration.
*Fewer attachments are required.
*Current dissipation is as low as 0.75mA for each circuit.
*Uniformity in the supply current between high and low output states simplifies the design of the power supply section.
*Wide operating power supply voltage range of 4.0V to 16V.
*The BA235 and BA236 pin assignments are symmetrical, allowing reverse insertion.
*Hysteresis in the input results in a high level of noise withstand resistance.

*Delay timers
*Monostable multivibrator (ideal for VCR system controllers)
*Pulse generators

BA225F, BA235, BA226, BA226F, BA236
TAG CR, Timer

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The RPR-359F is a  reflective photosensor. The emitter is a GaAs infrared light emitting diode and the detector  is a high-sensitivity, silicon planar phototransistor. A plastic lens is used for high sensitivity. In addition, since it is molded in plastic with a visible light filter, there is almost no effect from stay light.
*A plastic lens is used for high sensitivity.
*A built-in  visible light  filter minimizes the influence of stray light.
*Low collector-emitter saturation voltage.
*Lightweight and compact.

*Copiers, Compact disc players

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ROHM’s IA2002-CE10A contact image sensor head utilizes a special ceramic substrate featuring superior dimensional precision and thermal dissipation characteristics, resulting in stable reading, even under fluctuating ambient temperature conditions.
A unique prism, developed using the latest in optical technology, ensures simultaneous uniform light output and low light radiation to the media.
In addition, bidirectional reading capability enables greater flexibility regarding carrier orientation.

* 25in/s (635mm/s) read speed (monochrome)
* Bidirectional reading capability
* 54mm read width (70mm total width)
* Color light source (switchable)

* Image scanners (i.e. business card), detection sets (e.g. surface, paper edge, paper type)
TAG Heads, Sensor

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Using its expertise in LSI technology, ROHM has developed new high density driver chips for use in the KD3002-DF10A .
Capable of being employed for both thermal and thermal transfer printing, with a print speed of 200mm/s, the resulting print heads are the fastest in their class. The high-speed and high-density printing answers the needs of ATM, kiosk and ticket printing devices, which are increasingly being called upon to produce graphical output.

* Applications
Label printers
Ticket printers
Terminal printers

* Features
1) The use of a special partial glaze and the latest heating element structure, along with new high-density driver chips that can accept big current, has allowed ROHM to achieve print speeds of 200mm/s with using thermal history control, the fastest in its class.
2) One rank resistance value of 1000Ω ± 3% eliminates the inconvenience of rank selection.
3) The required driving voltage of 3.15 to 5.25V allows wide range of power supply voltage setting. This also allows multiple choice of electronic components for printers.
4) 2-inch, 3-inch, 4-inch and 8-inch series are available.

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* Miniture, light weight
* Suitable for mobile devices
* Lead-free plating terminal
* No polarity

■ Quick Reference
The design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Before ordering or using, please check the latest technical specifications. For more detail information regarding temperature characteristic code and packaging style code, please check product destination.

MCH155A0R5C MCH155AR75C MCH155A010C MCH155A1R1C MCH155A1R2C MCH155A1R3C
MCH155A1R5C MCH155A1R6C MCH155A1R8C MCH155A020C MCH155A110J MCH155A120J
MCH155A130J MCH155A150J MCH155A160J MCH155A180J MCH155A200J MCH155A220J
MCH155A240J MCH155A270J

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The BR93LC46-W series are CMOS serial input / output-type memory circuits (EEPROMs) that can be programmed electrically. Each is configured of 64 words × 16 bits (1,024 bits), and each word can be accessed individually and data read from it and written to it. Operation control is performed using five types of commands. The commands, addresses, and data are input through the DI pin under the control of the CS and SK pins. In a write operation, the internal status signal (READY or BUSY) can be output from the DO pin.


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The BH1417F is a FM stereo transmitter IC that transmits simple configuration. The IC consists of a stereo modulator for generating stereo composite signals and a FM transmitter for broadcasting a FM signal on the air. The stereo modulator generates a composite signal which consists of the MAIN, SUB, and pilot signal from a 38kHz oscillator. The FM transmitter radiates FM wave on the air by modulating the carrier signal with a composite signal. Frequency is set for North America.

1) It is possible to improve the timbre because it has the pre-emphasis circuit, limiter circuit, and the low-pass filter circuit.
2) Built-in pilot-tone system FM stereo modulator circuit.
3) The transmission frequency is stable because it has a PLL system FM transmitter circuit.
4) PLL controls data input in parallel (4bits, 14ch for North America).
TAG Audio, ic

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