The DN8797MS is a 3 V operation Hall IC which includes a Hall element, amplifier circuit, Schmidt circuit, stabilized power supply and temperature compensation circuit which are integrated on a single chip with a fine patterning technology. The magnetic input signal is outputted by being converted to high or low. We have improved the conventional circuit to realize a stable operation covering from low to high supply voltage and from low to high temperature.

*Wide operating supply voltage range (VCC = 2.7 V to 14.4 V)
*Wide operating ambient temperature (−40°C to +85°C)
*Package: Mini type (3-pin type) (1.1 mm thick: Same as a standard transistor)
*Eqipped with an output pull-up resistor (typical 56 kΩ)

*DC brushless motor, fan motor, rotation sensor, detection of cover open/close (example for a cellular phone), position sensor

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The AN12974A audio power amplifier features built-in AGC circuitry and Spatializer environ.
The Spatializer environ is Desper Products, Inc.'s exclusive signal processing technology that is able to generate surround sound for low-power mobile applications. The technology is based on the company’s commercial 3D audio production system, PROSpatializer Audio Production System. The AN12974A IC employs the same innovative technology of the PRO-Spatializer Audio Production System to enhance sound for products with close proximity speakers such as those on headphones and cellular phones to expand the soundfield for a much more spacious sound.

*Delivers spacious 3D sound for a stereo system with such as cellular phones' speakers in close proximity.
*The AGC circuitry can activate to minimize distortion, raising the average volume level and it can prevent speaker from breaking when an input level is too high.
*High output BTL power amplifier, when AGC is on, speaker output: 700mW (VCC-SP = 4.2 V, RL = 8 Ω, when AGC is on, the rate of the output wave pattern's distortion would be approximately 1%)
*Operating supply voltage: VCC = 2.55 V to 3.5 V, VCC-SP = 2.55 V to 4.5 V

*Cellular phones, PDAs and portable DVD players

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 AN34001A is a nine-output power supply IC, consisting of five linear regulator (one adjustable) and four voltage followers.
Seven ofthe outputs are controlled by three control switches.

* Thermal protection circuit.
* Short circuit protection circuit
* Over voltage protection circuit
* Operating supply voltage range: 6.6 V to 18.0 V (13.2 V typical)
* High maximum operating voltage: 26 V

* Voltage supply for car audio system

* 16 pin plastic zigzag inline package with heat sink (ZIP type)

* Silicon monolithic bipolar IC

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The AN7555Z is an audio power IC developed as the sound output of car audio (35 W ´ 4-channel). It has realized the voltage gain of 40 dB based on the AN7550NZ (voltage gain : 34 dB). A capacitor and resistor to stop oscillation are built in between the output pin and GND so
that a space saving of set is possible. Also, it incorporates a perfect muting circuit without shock noise, so that a shock noise design under the set transient condition can be made easily when used together with its standby function. In addition, it incorporates various protection circuits to protect the IC from destruction by GND-open short circuit to ground, and power supply surge which are the important subject of power IC protection. This IC will largely contribute to a high reliability design of the equipment.

· A pattern layout in which input and output pattern do not intersect each other on single-sided printed circuit board is possible.
· Incorporating various protection circuits (temperature protection, short circuit to VCC , VCC-open short circuit to VCC , short circuit to GND, GND-open short circuit to GND, overvoltage, power supply surge, and ASO, etc.)
· Built-in standby function (shock-noise free at STB-on/ off)
· Built-in muting function (shock-noise free at Mute-on/ off)
· External components reduction
· Provided with beep sound input pin
· Equipped with auxiliary sound input pin
· Voltage gain : 40 dB (AN7550NZ/AN7551Z : Voltage gain : 34 dB)
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For general amplification Complementary to 2SB1218A

- High foward current transfer ratio hFE.
- Low collector to emitter saturation voltage VCE(sat).
- S-Mini type package, allowing downsizing of the equipment and automatic insertion through the tape packing and the magazine packing.

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