This IC is a system reset IC developed using the CMOS process. Super low consumption current of 0.25μA typ. has been achieved through use of the CMOS process. Also, detection voltage is high precision detection of ±2%.

*Super low consumption current 0.25μA typ. (when VDD = Vs + 1V)
*High precision detection voltage ±2%
*Hysteresis characteristic 5% typ.
*Operating range 0.95 ~ 10V
*Wide operating temperature range -30 ~ +85°C
*Detection voltage 2 ~ 6V (0.1V step)

*Microcomputer, CPU, MPU reset circuits
*Logic circuit reset circuits
*Battery voltage check circuits
*Back-up circuit switching circuits
*Level detection circuits

PST3120, PST3220, PST3320, PST3420
TAG CMOS, ic, Reset

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This open drain output system reset IC, developed using the CMOS process. Super low consumption current of 1.0μA typ. (PST3810 ~ PST3819) has been achieved through use of the CMOS process. Also, detection voltage is high precision detection of ±2%.

*Super low consumption current 1.0μA typ. (when VDD = (-VDET) + 2.0V) PST3810 ~ PST3819
*High precision detection voltage ±2%
*Operating range 0.7 ~ 10V
*Wide operating temperature range -30 ~ +85°C
*Detection voltage 0.9 ~ 6.0V (0.1V step)

*Microcomputer, CPU, MPU reset circuits
*Logic circuit reset circuits
*Battery voltage check circuits
*Back-up circuit switching circuits
*Level detection circuits

PST3809, PST3810, PST3811, PST3812, PST3813, PST3814, PST3815, PST3816

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This is an analog IC virtual surround processor that faithfully reproduces the sound algorithm developed by Q SOUND Labs, Inc.
In particular, when a stereo signal (L/Rch) encoded by Dolby Pro Logic is input to this IC, a virtual rear speaker is created spatially, and this allows reproduction of realistic, 3-dimensional sound from two speakers, without the addition of another speaker.
Q Xpander technology allows deep, spatially wide sound for input of normal stereo signals, as well.
* Virtual Dolby sound is a system developed by Dolby Labs, Inc. that reproduces realistic Pro Logic sound with just two front left and right speakers, so there is no need for the additional two rear speakers and center speaker normally required for Pro Logic sound.
* Dolby and Dolby Surround are registered trademarks of Dolby Laboratory Licensing Corporation.
* The Q Surround virtual processor (MM1454) was developed by Mitsumi Electric, and has not received the certification or authorization of Dolby Laboratory.
* Mitsumi Electric has no business ties or other relationship with Dolby Laboratory.

*Virtual rear speakers allow reproduction of 3-dimensional sound through only two speakers when a Pro Logic encoded source is input.
*Also reproduces wide sound for a normal stereo source.
*2ch input - 2ch output.
*Few external parts due to use of the active filter created using Mitsumi's bipolar technology.
*Low noise design Q Surround ON: 15μVrms, OFF: 10μVrms
*Simple structure results in small size and low cost.

*Audio equipment
*Computer monitors
*Active speaker systems

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These ICs were developed for STATIC-RAM (S-RAM) battery back-up, and have built-in switching circuit for main power supply and battery, back-up timing circuit and battery checker.
Power ON/OFF and momentary power interruptions can damage S-RAM data on equipment that contains an S-RAM. These ICs switch the S-RAM to back-up mode (CS signal makes S-RAM CE pin low and CE pin high)
when power supply voltage goes below a set voltage (detection voltage 4.2V typ., variable), preventing damage to data. Further, when power supply voltage drops, these ICs switch from main power supply to battery back-up (switching voltage 3.3V typ.). Then, when power supply voltage rises, they first switch the SRAM from battery back-up state to main power supply (switching voltage 3.3V typ.), and from back-up mode to normal mode (CS signal makes S-RAM CE pin high and CE pin low). These signal processes provide reliable protection against data damage. The CS signal also can absorb power supply chattering and roughness through the external capacitor.
There is a built-in battery checker to monitor the back-up battery voltage, and this circuit is turned ON/OFF by the control pin.

*Battery back-up
-Low IC current consumption (loss current) 0.3μA typ.
-Drop voltage inside IC (input/output voltage difference) IO=10μA 0.2V typ.
-Reverse current (reverse leak current) 0.1μA max.
*Normal operation
-Drop voltage inside IC (input/output voltage difference) IO=70mA 0.2V typ.
-Output voltage VCC=5V IO=10mA 4.8V typ.
-Current consumption D.CONT OPEN 3.0mA max.
-External transistor drive current 25mA typ.
-Drop voltage inside IC (input/output voltage difference) IO=120mA 0.25V typ.
-Output voltage VCC=5V IO=120mA 4.75V typ.
-Current consumption 350μA max.
-External transistor drive current (for output current increase) 25mA typ.
-TC source current 3.0μA typ.
*Battery-Vcc switching voltage 3.3V typ.
*Detection voltage (CS, CS) variable 4.2V typ.
*Battery checker 1
-X type 2.70V typ.
-N type 2.50V typ.
*Battery checker 2
-X type 2.55V typ.
-N type 2.35V typ.

*IC memory cards (RAM cards)
*PCs, word processors
*Fax machines, photocopiers, other office equipment
*Other equipment with S-RAMs (equipment requiring back-up)

MM1081, MM1027XV, MM1027NV, MM1081XV, MM1027XF, MM1027NF, MM1027XD

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This IC is a PWM controlled switching regulator developed using the CMOS process. Low ripple and high efficiency of 83% typ. (MM3005E) are achieved through PWM control. Further, output voltage is high precision output ±2.4%.

*Ultra low consumption current 17.2μA typ. (during operation) (MM3005E)
*High efficiency 83% typ. (MM3005E)
*High precision output voltage ±2.4%
*Wide operating temperature range -30°C~+85°C
*Output voltage 2~5.5V (0.1V can be set in 0.1V steps)

*Mobile phones, PHS
*Portable MD
*Other battery-operated portable equipment

MM3006, MM3007, MM3008, MM3009, MM3010

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This IC functions in a variety of CPU systems and other logic systems to generate a reset signal and reset the system accurately during momentary interruption or lowering of power supply voltage.
It also has a built-in watchdog timer for operation diagnosis.
This prevents the system from running wild by generating an intermittent reset pulse during system mis-operation.

*Built-in watchdog timer
*Low minimum operating voltage VCC=0.8V typ.
*Both positive and negative logic reset output can be extracted
*Accurate detection of drop in power supply voltage
*Detection voltage has hysteresis
*Few external parts 1 capacitor
*Timer monitoring time can be varied by using an external resistor


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 This IC is a video signal driver IC that supports 3-ch interlace video developed for DVD players.
It includes a low-pass filter that attenuates the noise element during DA conversion, and a 3-channel 6dB amp with 75Ω driver.
In addition, external ESD protection diodes can be reduced by a sag correction pin for reducing output coupling capacitance, and enhancement ot the ESD protection elements for the output pins.

* Includes a SAG correction pin.
* Enabled to drive a 3-channel 6dB amp with 75Ω driver
* Includes a 4th-order low-pass filter Frequency response: 6.75MHz ± 1dB / 27MHz – 27dB min.
* Includes a 6dB amp
* Includes a power save function
* S/N=80dB typ. (Y/C mix:74dB typ.)
* ESD strengh (aerial discharge) of ±15kV (IEC standard)
* Includes mode select pins which correspond to various video signals

* DVD players
* Digital STB
* Other digital video equipment

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This audio IC was developed for notebook PCs and allows major reduction of amp circuit board area. (To conform to PC98, includes built-in speaker drive amp, headphone amp, line amp. stereo/monaural switching, DC voltage control electronic volume, watchdog, logic control function.)

* Speaker amp: Stereo BTL output 0.7W (when VCC = 5.0V, RL = 8½)
* Electronic volume control (-60 ~ +20dB). THD = 0.5% (when POUT = 300mW, RL = 8½)
- THD1 = 0.5% (when VOUT = 100mVrms, RL = 16½)
- THD2 = 0.1% (when VOUT = 1VmVrms, RL = 10k½)
* Line amp: Mixes 4 inputs ( 2ch signals and outputs on 3 outputs ( 2ch. Stereo/monaural switching possible on one line. THD = 0.1% (when VOUT = 1Vrms, RL = 10k½)
* Microphone amp: Switch pin selects 1 of 4 inputs
* Logic control: Speaker, headphone and line amp (including microphone amp and mix amp) logic controllable. Current consumption 300μA during power save mode.


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1. Push-in Push-out eject machanism. Card eject distance 3.8mm
2. Small and tin design
- Normal mount type [CIM-H32N] : H 1.85mm W 13.7mm Length 16.0mm
- Reverse mount type [CIM-H52R] : H 1.85mm W 14.0mm Length 16.0mm
3. Prevent card jump out of a connector with brake mechanism.
4. Switch With card detection [Normally open type]
5. Prevent card drop from connector with half lock mechanism.

*Rated Voltage: AC 50V (rms)
*Rated Current: 0.5A
*Withstanding Voltage: 500V AC (rms) 1minute
*nsulation Resistance: 1000MΩ min. (Initial value)
*Contact Resistance: 100mΩ max. (Initial value)

*Life (Matching Cycle): 10,000times
*Card Insertion Force: 2.0N~6.0N
*Eject Force: 2.0N~6.0N
*Using Temperature Range: -25~+85°C

CIM-H32N CIM-H52N CIM-H52R H32N-008-210-AGGE H52N-008-210-AGGE
TAG card, SD, v

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