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  1. 2008/03/19 MLX90316 - Rotary Position Sensor IC

Features and Benefits
* Absolute Rotary Position Sensor IC
* Simple & Robust Magnetic Design
* Triaⓧis™ Hall Technology
* Programmable Angular Range up to 360 Degrees
* Programmable Linear Transfer Characteristic
* Selectable Analog (Ratiometric), PWM, Serial Protocol
* 12 bit Angular Resolution
* 10 bit Angular Accuracy
* 40 bit ID Number
* Single Die - SO8 Package RoHS Compliant
* Dual Die (Full Redundant) - TSSOP16 Package RoHS Compliant

* Absolute Rotary Position Sensor
* Steering Wheel Position Sensor
* Pedal Position Sensor
* Motor-shaft Position Sensor
* Throttle Position Sensor
* Float-Level Sensor
* Ride Height Position Sensor
* Non-Contacting Potentiometer

The MLX90316 is a monolithic sensor IC featuring the Triaⓧis™ Hall technology.
Conventional planar Hall technology is only sensitive to the flux density applied orthogonally to the IC surface.
The Triaⓧis™ Hall sensor is also sensitive to the flux density applied parallel to the IC surface. This is obtained through an Integrated Magneto-Concentrator (IMC®) which is deposited on the CMOS die (as an additional back-end step).
The MLX90316 is only sensitive to the flux density coplanar with the IC surface.
This allows the MLX90316 with the correct magnetic circuit to decode the absolute rotary (angular) position from 0 to 360 Degrees.
It enables the design of novel generation of non-contacting rotary position sensors that are
frequently required for both automotive and industrial applications.
In combination with the appropriate signal processing, the magnetic flux density of a small magnet (diametral magnetization) rotating above the IC can be measured in a non-contacting way (Figure 2).
The angular information is computed from both vectorial components of the flux density (i.e. BX and BY) MLX90316 produces an output signal proportional to the decoded angle.
The output is selectable between Analog, PWM and Serial Protocol.


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