General Description
The EVB90109 is an assembled module that allows evaluating the advantages of the MLX90109 transceiver IC. It will facilitate the starts of RFID applications and can be implemented in a compact way, with minimum development time, and minimum final system cost. All pins of the MLX90109 reader are available on a DIL socket for easy control with an external microcontroller. Two extra pins have been added for extended control options on the voltage on the MODU pin.
The EVB90109 can be used as a 125 kHz reader, to read out the load modulation from a transponder. It can also be used to send information to a transponder using On/Off keying modulation. For fast protocol which required fast fall time on the reader’s antenna, the EVB90109 includes a “Fast decay” circuit composed of an external transistor and diode in parallel on the antenna. This circuit is accessible through a digital pin on the DIL-10 connector.

Features and Benefits
*Minimum PCB size (30 * 30 mm) including a MLX90109 transceiver IC and an optimized antenna
*Tuned resonance frequency to 125kHz
*Modulation network on board for a maximum flexibility
*Setup for fast On/Off keying modulation mode
*DIL-10 footprint for easy mounting on prototype set up and development kit

Applications Examples
*Car Immobilizers
*Portable readers
*Battery powered door locks
*Access control
*House held appliances

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General Description
The TH72001 FSK transmitter IC is designed for applications in the 315 MHz industrial-scientific-medical (ISM) band. It can also be used for any other system with carrier frequencies ranging from
290 MHz to 350 MHz.
The transmitter's carrier frequency fc is determined by the frequency of the reference crystal fref. The integrated PLL synthesizer ensures that carrier frequencies, ranging from 290 MHz to 350 MHz, can be achieved. This is done by using a crystal with a reference frequency according to: fref = fc/N, where N = 32 is the PLL feedback divider ratio.

*Fully integrated PLL-stabilized VCO
*Frequency range from 290 MHz to 350 MHz
*Single-ended RF output
*FSK through crystal pulling allows modulation from DC to 40 kbit/s
*High FSK deviation possible for wideband data transmission
*Wide power supply range from 1.95 V to 5.5 V
*Very low standby current
*On-chip low voltage detector
*High over-all frequency accuracy
*FSK deviation and center frequency independently adjustable
*Adjustable output power range from -12 dBm to +11 dBm
*Adjustable current consumption from 3.2 mA to 10.3 mA
*Conforms to FCC part 15 and similar standards
*8-pin Small Outline Integrated Circuit (SOIC)

Application Examples
*General digital data transmission
*Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS)
*Remote Keyless Entry (RKE)
*Wireless access control
*Alarm and security systems
*Garage door openers
*Remote Controls
*Home and building automation
*Low-power telemetry systems


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General Description
The MLX71122 is a multi-channel RF receiver IC based on a double-conversion super-heterodyne architecture. It is designed to receive FSK and ASK modulated RF signals either in 8 predefined frequency channels or frequency programmable via a 3-wire serial programming interface (SPI).
The IC is designed for a variety of applications, for example in the European bands at 433MHz and 868MHz or for the use in North America or Asia, e.g. at 315MHz, 447MHz or 915MHz.

*Programmable PLL synthesizer
*8-channel preconfigured or fully programmable SPI mode
*Double super-heterodyne receiver architecture with 2nd mixer as image rejection mixer
*Reception of FSK, FM and ASK modulated signals
*Low shut-down and operating currents
*AFC - automatic frequency correction
*AGC - automatic gain control
*On-chip IF filter
*Fully integrated FSK/FM demodulator
*RSSI for level indication and ASK detection
*2nd order low-pass data filter
*Positive and negative peak detectors
*Data slicer (with averaging or peak-detector adaptive threshold)
*32-pin Quad Flat No-Lead Package (QFN)

Application Examples
*General digital and analog RF receivers at 300 to 930MHz
*Tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS)
*Remote keyless entry (RKE)
*Low power telemetry systems
*Alarm and security systems
*Active RFID tags
*Remote controls
*Garage door openers
*Home and building automation

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The MLX90215 is a Programmable Linear Hall Effect sensor IC fabricated utilizing silicon-CMOS technology. It possesses active error correction circuitry which virtually eliminates the offset errors normally associated with analog Hall Effect devices. All magnetic response functions of the MLX90215 are fully programmable for even greater versatility. The VOQ (VOUT@ B=0), sensitivity, direction of slope and the magnitude of sensitivity drift over temperature, are all programmable.
The ratiometric output voltage is proportional to the supply voltage. When using the supply voltage as a reference for an A/D converter, fluctuations of ±10% in supply voltage will not affect accuracy. When programmed for a conventional sensitivity (with a positive gain), the voltage at the output will increase as a South magnetic field is applied to the branded face of the MLX90215. Conversely, the voltage output will decrease in the presence of a North  agnetic field. The MLX90215 has a sensitivity drift of less than +1% error, and VOQ stability drift of less than +0.4% error, over a broad temperature range.

Features and Benefits
*Programmable Linear Hall IC
*Quad Switched / Chopper Stabilized
*Ratiometric Output for A/D Interface
*Adjustable Quiescent Voltage (VOQ )
*Very Low Quiescent Voltage Temperature Drift
*Adjustable Sensitivity
*Adjustable Temperature Compensation of Sensitivity

*Linear Position Sensing
*Rotary Position Sensing
*Current Sensing

MLX90215LVA, MLX90215EVA

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General Description
The MLX90251 is a CMOS Programmable, Ratiometric Linear Hall Effect sensor IC. The linear output voltage is proportional to the magnetic flux density. The ratiometric output voltage is proportional to the supply voltage. The MLX90251 possesses active error correction circuitry, which virtually eliminates the offset errors normally associated with analog Hall Effect devices. All the parameters of the MLX90251 transfer characteristic are fully programmable. The VOQ (VOUT @ B = 0 Gauss), the Sensitivity, the slope polarity, the Output Clamping levels, the thermal Sensitivity drift, the internal bias point and low-pass filter are all programmable in end-user applications. The MLX90251 has a very stable thermal compensation for both the Sensitivity and the VOQ over a broad temperature range. For traceability purpose the MLX90251 will carry a unique ID number programmed by Melexis and 24 bits of EEPROM memory are allocated for a user programmed serial number.

Features and Benefits
*Analog Signal Processing
*Quad Switched Hall Plate
*Chopper Stabilized Amplifier
*Linear Analog Ratiometric Output Voltage
*Programmable Output Quiescent Voltage (VOQ) -100%VDD…200%VDD Range
*Programmable Magnetic Sensitivity
*Programmable Low Pass Filter
*Programmable Clamping Voltage
*Programmable Temperature Compensation
*Melexis ID Number
*Programmable Customer ID Number
*Lead-free package

Application Examples
*Linear Position Sensing
*Rotary Position Sensing
*Current Sensing
*Magnetic Field Measurement

MLX90251LVA-2, MLX90251EGO-2

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The MLX90131 is a 13.56MHz RFID/NFC transceiver IC. It has been designed to handle
sub-carrier frequencies from 106 to 848 kHz and baud rates up to 848kbit/s.
The robust and flexible receiver part of the MLX90131 enables designers of NFC/RFID reader device to fit their system requirements and to address the main communication standards
with the same device.
The class-E amplifier allows the transmitter part to provide up to 250 miliwatts to a suitable antenna load. This delivered power is suitable for most short to mid range applications.
The MLX90131 embed tag emulation function for NFC capability. The tag and field detector will limit the power consumption in pure RFID reader configuration and in NFC mode.
The serial data interface of the MLX90131 is a compromise between flexibility for high speed data transfer and the pin-count required for the connection.
Several internal digital registers are used to configure the MLX90131 according to the
standard of communication used. The digital section of the device contains ASK/FSK and PSK
decoders based on sub-carrier detection, a programmable symbol encoder as well as a 15-
bits FIFO.

Features and Benefits
*Conforms with ISO/IEC 14443A and 14443B
*Conforms with ISO/IEC 15693
*Conforms with ISO/IEC 18000-3 mode 1
*Conforms with ISO/IEC 18092 (NFC)
*Conforms with EPC HF Class 1
*Integrated programmable encoders / decoders
*High speed communication (848kbit/s)
*Embedded RF field and TAG detectors
*SSOP24 package for compact reader design
*Power supply from 3 to 5.5 Volts

Application Examples
*Wireless interaction for mobile devices
*Passport reader for biometric download
*Portable data terminals
*Access control readers
*Contact-less payment terminals
*Smart label printers

MLX90131CFR, MLX90131EFR

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General Description
The MLX90255xx linear sensor array consists of a 128 x 1 array of photodiodes, associated
charge amplifier circuitry and a pixel data-hold function that provides simultaneous integration
start and stop times for all pixels. The pixels measure 200μm (H) by 66 μm (W) and there is 8
μm spacing between pixels. Operation is simplified by internal control logic that requires
only a Serial Input (SI) pulse and a clock signal. The sensor consists of 128 photodiodes
arranged in a linear array. Light energy falling on a photodiode generates photocurrent, which is integrated by the active integration circuitry associated with that pixel. During the integration
period, a sampling capacitor connects to the output of the integrator through an analog
switch. The amount of charge accumulated at each pixel is directly proportional to the light
intensity and the integration time. The output and reset of the integrators is controlled by a
132-bit shift register and reset logic. An output cycle is initiated by clocking in a logic 1 on SI.
This causes all 132 sampling capacitors to be disconnected from their respective integrators
and starts an integrator-reset period.

Features and Benefits
*128 x 1 Sensor-Element Organization (1 Not Connected, 1 dummy, 128 real, 1 dummy, 1
Dark Pixel)
*385 DPI sensor pitch
*High Linearity and Uniformity for 256 Gray-Scale
*High Sensitivity: 1.7V @ 10μW/cm 2 @ 0.7ms integration time
*Special Gain Compensation for use with single LED light source
*Output Referenced to Ground
*Single 5V Supply
*Operation to 1MHz

*position Sensing
*electrical Power Assist Steering (EPAS)
*spectrometer Applications

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At the heart of the MLX90247 thermopile sensors is a silicon die with a central micromachined membrane surrounded by a bulk silicon edge. The hot junctions of the thermopile are positioned near the center of the membrane and the cold junctions are located above the bulk silicon edge. Infrared irradiation of the low thermal conductivity membrane creates a temperature difference between the membrane and the surrounding bulk silicon. The resulting thermopile voltage is a function of the temperature difference between the object and the sensor.
Measurement of the absolute temperature of the object is possible by relating the thermopile signal to the temperature of the sensor. The exact temperature of the sensor is measured by a PTC thermistor integrated in the bulk silicon edge. No supply voltage is needed for the
thermopile. The sensor and thermistor can be used independently of each other if desired, as the thermopile potential is floating.

Features and Benefits
*Solid state thermopile sensor
*On-chip thermistor for ambient temperature compensation
*High reliability and long-term stability
*Low cost, small size

*Automotive contactless temperature sensing.
*IR thermometers
*Gas analysis equipment
*Occupancy detection

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General Description
The TH7122 is a single chip FSK/FM/ASK transceiver IC.
It is designed to operate in low-power multichannel programmable or single-channel stand-alone, half-duplex data transmission systems.
It can be used for applications in automotive, industrial-scientific-medical (ISM), short range devices (SRD) or similar applications operating in the frequency range of 300 MHz to 930 MHz. In programmable user mode, the transceiver can operate down to 27 MHz by employing an external VCO varactor diode.

* Single chip solution with only a few external components
* Stand-alone fixed-frequency user mode
* Programmable multi-channel user mode
* Low current consumption in active mode and very low standby current
* PLL-stabilized RF VCO (LO) with internal varactor diode
* Lock detect output in programmable user mode
* On-chip AFC for extended input frequency acceptance range
* FSK for digital data or FM for analog signal reception
* FSK/ASK mode selection
* RSSI output for signal strength indication and ASK reception
* ASK detection normal or with peak detector
* Switchable LNA gain for improved dynamic range
* Automatic PA turn-on after PLL lock
* ASK modulation achieved by PA on/off keying
* 3wire bus serial control interface
* EVB comes with a cable to connect to a PC’s LPT port
* EVB programming software is available on Melexis web site

Application Examples
* General bi-directional half duplex digital data RF signaling or analog signal communication
* Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS)
* Remote Keyless Entry (RKE)
* Low-power telemetry systems
* Alarm and security systems
* Wireless access control
* Garage door openers
* Networking solutions
* Active RFID tags
* Remote controls
* Home and building automation


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 The MLX90210 is a discrete micromachined Pressure sensor IC suitable for pressure ranges between 0 to 1.0 Bar.
The pressure medium must be dry and non-corrosive, such as air.
The circuit is a piezoresistive bridge which is realized in silicon through a special micromachining process.
As pressure is applied to the bridge, a differential voltage change is seen across the Vout pins, while a bias voltage is applied to the Vexc pins.
The MLX90210 is a versatile pressure sensor solution which can be directly interfaced with other Melexis ICs such as the MLX90308, which provides amplification, signal conditioning as well as the bias current to supply the sensor itself.

Features and Benefits
* 0 - 1.0 Bar Range
* Differential pressure sensor
* Compact Design
* High Long Term Stability

* Medical Instrumentation (Blood Pressure)
* Consumer Appliances
* Sports Equipment
* Pressure Difference and Flow Monitoring

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