The EL5411T is a high voltage rail-to-rail input-output amplifier with low power consumption. The EL5411T contains four amplifiers. Each amplifier exhibits beyond the rail input capability, rail-to-rail output capability and is unity gain stable.
The maximum operating voltage range is from 4.5V to 19V. It can be configured for single or dual supply operation, and typically consumes only 3mA per amplifier. The EL5411T has an output short circuit capability of ±300mA and a continuous output current capability of ±70mA.
The EL5411T features a high slew rate of 100V/μs, and fast settling time. Also, the device provides common mode input capability beyond the supply rails, rail-to-rail output capability, and a bandwidth of 60MHz (-3dB). This enables the amplifiers to offer maximum dynamic range at any supply voltage. These features make the EL5411T an ideal amplifier solution for use in TFT-LCD panels as a VCOM driver or static gamma buffer, and in high speed filtering and signal conditioning applications. Other applications include battery power and portable devices, especially where low power consumption is important.
The EL5411T is available in a 14 Ld HTSSOP and a space saving thermally enhanced 16 Ld 4mmx4mm TQFN package. The device operates over an ambient temperature range of -40°C to +85°C.

*60MHz (-3dB) Bandwidth
*4.5V to 19V Maximum Supply Voltage Range
*100V/μs Slew Rate
*3mA Supply Current (per Amplifier)
*±70mA Continuous Output Current
*±300mA Output Short Circuit Current
*Unity-gain Stable
*Beyond the Rails Input Capability
*Rail-to-rail Output Swing
*Built-in Thermal Protection
*-40°C to +85°C Ambient Temperature Range
*Pb-Free (RoHS Compliant)

*TFT-LCD Panels
*VCOM Amplifiers
*Static Gamma Buffers
*Drivers for A/D Converters
*Data Acquisition
*Video Processing
*Audio Processing
*Active Filters
*Test Equipment
*Battery-powered Applications
*Portable Equipment


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The ZL2106 is an innovative power conversion and management IC that combines an integrated synchronous step-down DC-DC converter with key power management functions in a small package, resulting in a flexible and integrated solution. Zilker Labs Digital-DC™ technology enables unparalleled power management integration while delivering industry-leading performance in a tiny footprint.
The ZL2106 can provide an output voltage from 0.54 V to 5.5 V (with margin) from an input voltage between 4.5 V and 14 V. Internal low RDS(ON) synchronous power MOSFETs enable the ZL2106 to deliver continuous loads up to 6 A with high efficiency. An internal Schottky bootstrap diode reduces discrete component count. The ZL2106 also supports phase spreading to reduce system input capacitance.
Power management features such as digital softstart delay and ramp, sequencing, tracking, and margining can be configured by simple pinstrapping or through an on-chip serial port. The ZL2106 uses the PMBus™ protocol for communication with a host controller and the Digital-DC bus for interoperability between other Zilker Labs devices.

Power Conversion
*Efficient synchronous buck controller
*Integrated MOSFET switches
*6 A continuous output current
*4.5 V to 14 V input range
*0.54 V to 5.5 V output range (with margin)
*±1% output voltage accuracy
*200 kHz to 1 MHz switching frequency
*Phase spreading and Fault spreading
*Snapshot™ parametric capture
*Small footprint QFN package (6 x 6 mm)
Power Management
*Digital soft start/stop
*Precision delay and ramp-up
*Power good/enable
*Voltage tracking, sequencing, and margining
*Voltage / current / temperature monitoring
*Output voltage and current protection
*I2C/SMBus interface, PMBus compatible
*Internal non-volatile memory (NVM)

*Telecom, Networking, Storage equipment
*High-density servers
*Test & Measurement equipment
*Industrial control equipment
*5V & 12V distributed power systems


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The ISL6745A is a low-cost double-ended voltage-mode PWM controller designed for half-bridge and full-bridge power supplies and line-regulated bus converters. It provides precise control of switching frequency, adjustable soft-start, and overcurrent shutdown. In addition, the ISL6745A allows for accurate adjustment of MOSFET non-overlap time (“deadtime”) with deadtimes as low as 35ns, allowing power engineers to optimize the efficiency of open-loop bus converters. The ISL6745A also includes a control voltage input for closed-loop PWM and line voltage feed-forward functions. The ISL6745A is identical to the ISL6745, but is optimized for higher noise environments.
Low start-up and operating currents allow for easy biasing in both AC/DC and DC/DC applications. This advanced BiCMOS design also features adjustable switching frequency up to 1MHz, 1A FET drivers, and very low propagation delays for a fast response to overcurrent faults. The ISL6745A is available in a space-saving MSOP-10 package and is guaranteed to meet rated specifications over a wide -40°C to +105°C temperature range.

*Precision Duty Cycle and Deadtime Control
*100μA Start-up Current
*Adjustable Delayed Overcurrent Shutdown and Re-Start
*Adjustable Oscillator Frequency Up to 2MHz
*1A MOSFET Gate Drivers
*Adjustable Soft-Start
*Internal Over-Temperature Protection
*35ns Control to Output Propagation Delay
*Small Size and Minimal External Component Count
*Input Undervoltage Protection
*Pb-Free (RoHS Compliant)

*Half-bridge Converters
*Full-bridge Converters
*Line-regulated Bus Converters
*AC/DC Power Supplies
*Telecom, Datacom, and File Server Power


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The ISL54105 is a high-performance TMDS timing regenerator containing a programmable equalizer and a clock data recovery (CDR) function for each of the 3 TMDS pairs in an HDMI or DVI signal. The TMDS data outputs of the ISL54105 are regenerated and perfectly aligned to the regenerated TMDS clock signal, creating an extremely clean, low-jitter DVI/HDMI signal that can be easily decoded by any TMDS receiver.
The ISL54105 can be used as a cable extender, to clean up a noisy/jittery TMDS source, or to provide a very stable TMDS signal to a finicky DVI or HDMI receiver.

*Clock Data Recovery and Retiming
*Programmable pre-emphasis on output driver
*Programmable internal 50Ω, 100Ω, or high-Z termination
*Stand-alone or I2C software-controlled operation
*72 lead, 10mm x 10mm QFN package
*Pb-free (RoHS compliant)

*DVI/HDMI extenders
*Televisions/PC monitors/projectors


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The ISL62386 controller generates supply voltages for battery-powered systems. The ISL62386 includes two pulse-width modulation (PWM) controllers, adjustable from 0.6V to 5.5V, and two linear regulators, LDO5 and LDO3, that generate a fixed 5V output and a fixed 3.3V output respectively. Each can deliver up to 100mA. The Channel 2 switching regulator will automatically take over the LDO5 load when programmed to 5V output. This provides a large power saving and boosts efficiency. The ISL62386 includes on-board power-up sequencing, one power-good (PGOOD) output, digital soft-start, and an internal soft-stop output discharge that prevents negative voltages on shutdown.
The patented R3 PWM control scheme provides a low jitter system with fast response to load transients. Light-load efficiency is improved with period-stretching discontinuous conduction mode (DCM) operation. To eliminate noise in audio frequency applications, an ultrasonic DCM mode is included, which limits the minimum switching frequency to approximately 28kHz.
The ISL62386 is available in a 32 Ld 5x5 TQFN package, and can operate over the extended temperature range (-10°C to +100°C).

*High Performance R3 Technology
*Fast Transient Response
*±1% Output Voltage Accuracy: -10°C to +100°C
*Two Fully Programmable Switch-Mode Power Supplies with Independent Operation
*Programmable Switching Frequency
*Integrated MOSFET Drivers and Bootstrap Diode
*Fixed +3.3V LDO Output with Enable Control
*Fixed +5V LDO with Automatic Switchover to SMPS2
*Internal Soft-Start and Soft-Stop Output Discharge
*Wide Input Voltage Range: +5.5V to +25V
*Full and Ultrasonic Pulse-Skipping Mode
*Power-Good Indicator
*Overvoltage, Undervoltage and Overcurrent Protection
*Thermal Monitor and Protection
*Pb-Free (RoHS Compliant)

*Notebook and Sub-Notebook Computers
*PDAs and Mobile Communication Devices
*3-Cell and 4-Cell Li+ Battery-Powered Devices
*General Purpose Switching Buck Regulators


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The ISL12026 and the ISL12026A devices are micro power real time clocks with timing and crystal compensation, clock/calender, power-fail indicator, two periodic or polled alarms, intelligent battery backup switching, and integrated 512x8-bit EEPROM configured in 16 Bytes per page.
The oscillator uses an external, low-cost 32.768kHz crystal. The real time clock tracks time with separate registers for hours, minutes, and seconds. The device has calendar registers for date, month, year and day of the week. The calendar is accurate through 2099, with automatic leap year correction.
The ISL12026 and ISL12026A have different types of Power Control Settings. The ISL12026 uses the Legacy Mode Setting, which follows conditions set in X1226 products. The ISL12026A uses the Standard Mode Setting. Please refer to “Power Control Operation” on page 13 for more details. Also, please refer to “I2C Communications During Battery Backup” on page 22 for important details.

*Real Time Clock/Calendar
-Tracks Time in Hours, Minutes and Seconds
-Day of the Week, Day, Month and Year
-3 Selectable Frequency Outputs
*Two Non-Volatile Alarms
-Settable on the Second, Minute, Hour, Day of the Week, Day or Month
-Repeat Mode (Periodic Interrupts)
*Automatic Backup to Battery or SuperCap
*On-Chip Oscillator Compensation
-Internal Feedback Resistor and Compensation Capacitors
-64 Position Digitally Controlled Trim Capacitor
-6 Digital Frequency Adjustment Settings to ±30ppm
*512x8 Bits of EEPROM
-16-Byte Page Write Mode (32 total pages)
-8 Modes of BlockLock™ Protection
-Single Byte Write Capability
*High Reliability
-Data Retention: 50 years
-Endurance: >2,000,000 Cycles Per Byte
*I2C Interface
-400kHz Data Transfer Rate
*800nA Battery Supply Current
*Package Options
-8 Ld SOIC and 8 Ld TSSOP Packages
*Pb-Free (RoHS Compliant)

*Utility Meters
*HVAC Equipment
*Audio/Video Components
*Set-Top Box/Television
*Network Routers, Hubs, Switches, Bridges
*Cellular Infrastructure Equipment
*Fixed Broadband Wireless Equipment
*POS Equipment
*Test Meters/Fixtures
*Office Automation (Copiers, Fax)
*Home Appliances
*Computer Products
*Other Industrial/Medical/Automotive

ISL12026IBZ, ISL12026IVZ, ISL12026AIBZ, ISL12026AIVZ

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The Intersil ISL32x7xE are ±16.5kV IEC61000-4-2 ESD Protected, 3.0V to 5.5V powered, QUAD transmitters for balanced communication using the RS-422 standard. These drivers have very low output leakage currents (±10μA), so they present a low load to the RS-422 bus.
Driver (Tx) outputs are tri-statable, and incorporate a hot plug feature to keep them disabled during power-up and down. Versions are available with a common EN/EN (‘172 pinout), a two channel EN12/EN34 (‘174 pinout), or a versatile combination of individual and group channel
The ISL32372E, ISL32374E utilize slew rate limited drivers which reduce EMI, and minimize reflections from improperly terminated transmission lines, or from unterminated stubs in multidrop and multipoint applications. Drivers on the other versions are not limited, so they can achieve the 10Mbps or 32Mbps data rates. All versions are offered in Industrial and Extended Industrial (-40°C to +125°C) temperature ranges.
A 50% smaller footprint (compared to the TSSOP) is available with the ISL32179E’s QFN package. This device also features a logic supply pin (VL), that sets the switching points of the enable and DI inputs to be compatible with a lower supply voltage in mixed voltage systems. Two speed select pins allow the ISL32179E user to select from three slew rate options for 460kbps, 10Mbps, or 32Mbps data rates. Individual channel and group enable pins increase the ISL32179E’s flexibility.

*IEC61000 ESD Protection on RS-422 Outputs . . ±16.5kV
- Class 3 ESD Level on all Other Pins . . . . . . 12kV HBM
- High Machine Model ESD Level on all Pins . . . . . 700V
*Wide Supply Range . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3.0V to 5.5V
*Specified for +125°C Operation
*Available in Industry Standard Pinouts (‘172/’174) or in a Space Saving QFN (ISL32179E) with Added Features
*Logic Supply Pin (VL) Eases Operation in Mixed Supply Systems (ISL32179E Only)
*User Selectable Data Rate (ISL32179E Only)
*Hot Plug - Tx Outputs Remain Three-state During Power-up and Power-Down
*Low Tx Leakage Allows > 256 Devices on the Bus
*High Data Rates. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . up to 32Mbps
*Low Quiescent Supply Current . . . . . . . . . . 0.8mA (Max)
- Low Shutdown Supply Current . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60μA
*Current Limiting and Thermal Shutdown for Driver Overload Protection
*Tri-statable Tx Outputs
*5V Tolerant Logic Inputs When VCC ≤ 5V
*Pb-free (RoHS compliant)

*Telecom Equipment
*Motor Controllers / Encoders
*Programmable Logic controllers
*Industrial/Process Control Networks

ISL32272E, ISL32372E, ISL32174E, ISL32274E, ISL32374E, ISL32179E

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The HA-2556 is a monolithic, high speed, four quadrant, analog multiplier constructed in the Intersil Dielectrically Isolated High Frequency Process.
The voltage output simplifies many designs by eliminating the current-to-voltage conversion stage required for current output multipliers.
The HA-2556 provides a 450V/μs slew rate and maintains 52MHz and 57MHz bandwidths for the X and Y channels respectively, making it an ideal part for use in video systems.
The suitability for precision video applications is demonstrated further by the Y-Channel 0.1dB gain flatness to 5.0MHz, 1.5% multiplication error, -50dB feedthrough and differential inputs with 8μA bias current. The HA-2556 also has low differential gain (0.1%) and phase (0.1°) errors.
The HA-2556 is well suited for AGC circuits as well as mixer applications for sonar, radar, and medical imaging equipment.
The HA-2556 is not limited to multiplication applications only; frequency doubling, power detection, as well as many other configurations are possible.

*High Speed Voltage Output . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 450V/μs
*Low Multiplication Error . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.5%
*Input Bias Currents . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8μA
*5MHz Feedthrough . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . -50dB
*Wide Y-Channel Bandwidth . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 57MHz
*Wide X-Channel Bandwidth . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 52MHz
*VY 0.1dB Gain Flatness . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5.0MHz
*Pb-free available (RoHS compliant)

*Military Avionics
*Missile Guidance Systems
*Medical Imaging Displays
*Video Mixers
*Sonar AGC Processors
*Radar Signal Conditioning
*Voltage Controlled Amplifier
*Vector Generators

HA9P2556-9, HA9P2556-9Z, HA1-2556-9

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Genaral Descroption
The ISL6323 dual PWM controller delivers high efficiency and tight regulation from two synchronous buck DC/DC converters. The ISL6323 supports hybrid power control of AMD processors which operate from either a 6-bit parallel VID interface (PVI) or a serial VID interface (SVI). The dual output ISL6323 features a multi-phase controller to support uniplane VDD core voltage and a single phase controller to power the Northbridge (VDDNB) in SVI mode. Only the multi-phase controller is active in PVI mode to support uniplane VDD only processors.
A precision uniplane core voltage regulation system is provided by a two-to-four-phase PWM voltage regulator (VR) controller. The integration of two power MOSFET drivers, adding flexibility in layout, reduce the number of external components in the multi-phase section. A single phase PWM controller with integrated driver provides a second precision voltage regulation system for the North Bridge portion of the processor. This monolithic, dual controller with integrated driver solution provides a cost and space saving power management solution.
For applications which benefit from load line programming to reduce bulk output capacitors, the ISL6323 features output voltage droop. The multi-phase portion also includes advanced control loop features for optimal transient response to load application and removal. One of these features is highly accurate, fully differential, continuous DCR current sensing for load line programming and channel current balance. Dual edge modulation is another unique feature,
allowing for quicker initial response to high di/dt load transients.

*Processor Core Voltage Via Integrated Multi-Phase Power Conversion
*Configuration Flexibility
- 2-Phase Operation with Internal Drivers
- 3- or 4-Phase Operation with External PWM Drivers
*Serial VID Interface Inputs
- Two Wire, Clock and Data, Bus
- Conforms to AMD SVI Specifications
*Parallel VID Interface Inputs
- 6-bit VID input
- 0.775V to 1.55V in 25mV Steps
- 0.375V to 0.7625V in 12.5mV Steps
*Precision Core Voltage Regulation
- Differential Remote Voltage Sensing
- ±0.5% System Accuracy Over-Temperature
- Adjustable Reference-Voltage Offset
*Optimal Processor Core Voltage Transient Response
- Adaptive Phase Alignment (APA)
- Active Pulse Positioning Modulation
*Fully Differential, Continuous DCR Current Sensing
- Accurate Load Line Programming
- Precision Channel Current Balancing
*Variable Gate Drive Bias: 5V to 12V
*Overcurrent Protection
*Multi-tiered Overvoltage Protection
*Selectable Switching Frequency up to 1MHz
*Simultaneous Digital Soft-Start of Both Outputs
*Processor NorthBridge Voltage Via Single Phase Power Conversion
*Precision Voltage Regulation
- Differential Remote Voltage Sensing
- ±0.5% System Accuracy Over-Temperature
*Serial VID Interface Inputs
- Two Wire, Clock and Data, Bus
- Conforms to AMD SVI Specifications
*Overcurrent Protection
*Continuous DCR Current Sensing
*Variable Gate Drive Bias: 5V to 12V
*Simultaneous Digital Soft-Start of Both Outputs
*Selectable Switching Frequency up to 1MHz
*Pb-Free (RoHS Compliant)


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The Radiation Hardened ACS04MS is a Hex Inverter.
This device simply inverts the level present on each input.
All inputs are buffered and the outputs are designed for balanced propagation delay and transition times.
The ACS04MS is fabricated on a CMOS Silicon on Sapphire (SOS) process, which provides an immunity to Single Event Latch-up and the capability of highly reliable performance in any radiation environment.
These devices offer significant power reduction and faster performance when compared to ALSTTL types.
Specifications for Rad Hard QML devices are controlled by the Defense Supply Center in Columbus (DSCC).
The SMD numbers listed below must be used when ordering.
Detailed Electrical Specifications for the ACS04MS are contained in SMD 5962-98603.
A “hot-link” is provided on our homepage with instructions for downloading.

* QML Qualified Per MIL-PRF-38535 Requirements
* 1.25 Micron Radiation Hardened SOS CMOS
* Radiation Environment
- Latch-Up Free Under Any Conditions
- Total Dose 3 x 105 RAD(Si)
- SEU Immunity <1 x 10-10 Errors/Bit/Day
- SEU LET Threshold >100MeV/(mg/cm2)
* Input Logic Levels VIL = (0.3)(VCC), VIH = (0.7)(VCC)
* Output Current ±8mA (Min)
* Quiescent Supply Current 100μA (Max)
* Propagation Delay 15ns (Max)

* High Speed Control Circuits
* Sensor Monitoring
* Low Power Designs


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