The HA17008R series are 8-bit monolithic D/A converters which have built in, a reference current amplifier, an R-2R ladder resistor, and 8 high speed current switches.
By setting the reference voltage and resistance, the maximum output current can be freely varied in response to the application.
The reference current is distributed to the current value for each bit by the R-2R ladder resistor, and the maximum output current is 255/256 of the reference current. For example, if the input reference current is 2.0 mA, then the maximum available output current is 1.992 mA.
Applications for the HA17008R are wide ranging, and include CRT displays, stepping motor control, programmable power supplies, audio equipment, and attenuators.

*Linearity of ±0.19% (±1/2 LSB) guaranteed.
*The settling time is short, 85 ns (typ), enabling rapid conversions.
*Low power dissipation has been reduced: 135 mW typ.
*Compatible with TTL and CMOS logic.
*The standard supply voltage is VCC = +15.0 V, VEE = –15.0 V.
*A wide output voltage range can be provided. From –10 V to +18 V.


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The HA16341NT/FP and the HA16342NT/FP are switching regulator control ICs for the off-line converters of redundant power supplies.
The HA16342NT/FP is reverse current detection less version of the HA16341NT/FP.
The HA16341NT/FP have the functions of current sharing and hot swap control for redundancy. These functions enable high efficiency and high reliability for switching power supplies.
Combination the HA16341 with the HA16141 is suitable for the redundant AC to DC converters.

*Secondary-side synchronous rectification control
*Main switching controller
*Dead-time adjustment for synchronous rectification MOS
*Current share function with line resistance compensation
*Hot swap power MOS FET control
*Remote on/off function, FAIL output function
*Synchronized switching with primary side
*Soft start function
*Maximum duty adjustment
*Overcurrent limiting, overcurrent shutdown functions
*Reverse current detection (only the HA16341NT/FP)
*Light load detection
*OVP function
*VCC pin UVL function

HA16342NT, HA16341FP, HA16342FP

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The HD66520 is a column driver for liquid crystal dot-matrix graphic display systems. This LSI incorporates 160 liquid crystal drive circuits and a 160 ´ 240 ´ 2-bit bit-map RAM, which is suitable for LCDs in portable information devices. It also includes a general-purpose SRAM interface so that draw access can be easily implemented from a general-purpose CPU. The HD66520 also has a new arbitration method which prevents flicker when the CPU performs draw access asynchronously. The on-chip display RAM greatly decreases power consumption compared to previous liquid crystal display systems because there is no need for high-speed data transfer. The chip also incorporates a four-level grayscale controller for enhanced graphics capabilities, such as icons on a screen.

*Duty cycle: 1/64 to 1/240
*Liquid crystal drive circuits: 160
*Low-voltage logic circuit: 3.0 to 5.5-V operation power supply voltage
*High-voltage liquid crystal drive circuit: 8 to 28-V liquid crystal drive voltage
*Grayscale display: FRC four-level grayscale display
*Grayscale memory management: Packed pixel
*Internal bit-map display RAM: 76800 bits (160 ´ 240 lines ´ two planes)
*CPU interface
-SRAM interface
-Address bus: 16 bits, data bus: 8 bits

HD66520TA0, HD66520TB0

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The HM62W1400H is a 4-Mbit high speed static RAM organized 4-Mword ´ 1-bit. It has realized high speed access time by employing CMOS process (4-transistor + 2-poly resistor memory cell)and high speed circuit designing technology. It is most appropriate for the application which requires high speed and high density memory, such as cache and buffer memory in system. The HM62W1400H is packaged in 400-mil 32-pin SOJ and 400-mil 32-pin TSOP II for high density surface mounting.

*Single 3.3 V supply : 3.3 V ± 0.3 V
*Access time 12/15 ns (max)
*Completely static memory
-No clock or timing strobe required
*Equal access and cycle times
*Directly TTL compatible
-All inputs and outputs
*Operating current: 180/160 mA (max)
*TTL standby current: 60/50 mA (max)
*CMOS standby current: 5 mA (max) , 1 mA (max) (L-version)
*Data retension current: 0.6 mA (max) (L-version)
*Data retension voltage: 2 V (min) (L-version)
*Center VCC and VSS type pinout

HM62W1400HJP-12, HM62W1400HJP-15, HM62W1400HLJP-12, HM62W1400HLJP-15

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The HD66523 is a common driver for liquid crystal dot-matrix graphic display system. This device incorporates a 240 liquid crystal driver and an oscillator, and generates timing signals (line scanning signals and frame synchronizing signals) required for the liquid crystal display. It features a new LCD driving technique for better quality of display and low power dissipation. Combined with the HD66522, a 160-channel column driver with an internal RAM, the HD66523 is optimal for use in displays for portable information tools.

*LCD timing generator: 1/200, 1/240 duty cycle timing are generated internally.
*Number of LCD drivers: 240
*Power supply voltage: 2.4V to 3.6V
*High voltage LCD drive circuit: ±20V
*LCD driving technique: Multi-line addressing for low power consumption.
*Programmable vertical retrace period: zero to 192 lines
*Low power consumption
*Internal display off function
*On-chip oscillator combined with external resistor and capacitor.
*Package: TCP

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The Hitachi HM628512 is a 4-Mbit static RAM organized 512-kword ´ 8-bit. It realizes igher density, higher performance and low power consumption by employing 0.5 mm Hi-CMOS process technology. The device, packaged in a 525-mil SOP (foot print pitch width) or 400-mil TSOP TYPE II or 600-mil plastic DIP, is available for high density mounting. LP-version is suitable for battery backup system.

*High speed: Fast access time:
-55/65/70 ns (max)
*Low power
-Standby: 10 mW (typ) (L/L-SL version)
-Operation: 75 mW (typ) (f = 1 MHz)
*Single 5 V supply
*Completely static memory No clock or timing strobe required
*Equal access and cycle times
*Common data input and output: Three state output
*Directly TTL compatible: All inputs and outputs
*Capability of battery backup operation (L/L-SL version)

HM628512P-5, HM628512P-7, HM628512LP-5, HM628512LP-7A, HM628512LP-7

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The HD66113T is a common driver for large dot matrix liquid crystal graphics displays. It features 120 channels which can be divided into two groups of 60 channels by selecting data input/output pins. The driver is powered by about 3V, making it suitable for the design of portable equipment which fully utilizes the low power dissipation of liquid crystal elements. The HD66113T, packaged in a slim tape carrier package (slim-TCP), makes it possible to reduce the size of the user area (wiring area).

*Duty cycle: About 1/100 to 1/480
*120 LCD drive circuits
*High LCD driving voltage: 14V to 40V
*Output division function (2 ´ 60-channel outputs)
*Display off function
*Operating voltage: 2.5V to 5.5V
*Low output impedance: 0.7 kW (typ)

HD66113TA0, HD66113TA1

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*Low on-resistance RDS =0.026 owm typ.
*High speed switching
*4V gate drive device can be driven from 5V source


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 The HD61203U is a common signal driver for dot matrix liquid crystal graphic display systems.
It generates the timing signals (switch signal to convert LCD waveform to AC, frame synchronous signal) and supplies them to the column driver to control display.
It provides 64 driver output lines and the impedance is low enough to drive a large screen.
As the HD61203U is produced by a CMOS process, it is fit for use in portable battery-driven equipment utilizing the liquid crystal display’s low power consumption.
The user can easily construct a dot matrix liquid crystal graphic display system by combining the HD61203U and the column (segment) driver HD61202U.

* Dot matrix liquid crystal graphic display common driver with low impedance
* Low impedance: 1.5 kW max
* Internal liquid crystal display driver circuit: 64 circuits
* Internal dynamic display timing generator circuit
* Display duty cycle
* When used with the column driver HD61202U: 1/48, 1/64, 1/96, 1/128
* When used with the controller HD61830: Selectable out of 1/32 to 1/128
* Low power dissipation: During displays: 5 mW
* Power supplies: VCC: 2.7~5.5V
* Power supply voltage for liquid crystal display drive: 8V to 16V
* CMOS process
* 100-pin plastic QFP, 100-pin plastic TQFP, chip


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 The HD74LV1GT126A has a bus buffer gate with 3–state output in a 5 pin package.
Output is disabled when the associated output enable (OE) input is low.
To ensure the high impedance state during power up or power down, OE should be connected to VCC through a pull-down resistor; the minimum value of the resistor is determined by the current souring capability of the driver.
Low voltage and high speed operation is suitable for the battery powered products (e.g., notebook computers), and the low power consumption extends the battery life.

* The basic gate function is lined up as hitachi uni logic series.
* Supplied on emboss taping for high speed automatic mounting.
* TTL compatible input level.
- Supply voltage range : 4.5 to 5.5 V
- Operating temperature range : –40 to +85°C
* All inputs VIH (Max.) = 5.5 V (@VCC = 0 V to 5.5 V)
- All outputs VO (Max.) = 5.5 V (@VCC = 0 V)
* Output current ±12 mA (@VCC = 4.5 V to 5.5 V)
* All the logical input has hysteresis voltage for the slow transition.

TAG Buffer, Gate

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