• ZigBee™ systems
• 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.15.4 systems
• Home/building automation
• Industrial Control and Monitoring
• Low power wireless sensor networks
• Access Control
• PC peripherals
• Set-top boxes and remote controls
• Consumer Electronics
• Container/Vehicle Tracking
• Active RFID
• Inventory Control

Product Description
 The CC2431 is a true System-On-Chip (SOC) for wireless sensor networking ZigBee™ / 802.15.4 solutions with location detection engine hardware onboard allowing location accuracy of around 3 meters or less. It enables ZigBee™ nodes to be built with very low total bill-of-material costs. The CC2431 combines the excellent performance of the leading CC2420 RF transceiver with an industry-standard enhanced 8051 MCU, 128 KB flash memory, 8 KB RAM and many other powerful features. Combined with the industry leading ZigBee™ protocol stack (Z-Stack™) from Figure 8 Wireless / Chipcon, the CC2431 provides the market’s most competitive ZigBee™ solution.

 The CC2431 is highly suited for systems where ultra low power consumption is required. This
is achieved by various operating modes. Short transition times between these modes further
ensure low power consumption.

Key Features
• Location Engine accurately calculates the location of a node in a network
• High performance and low power 8051 microcontroller core.
• 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.15.4 compliant RF transceiver (industry leading CC2420 radio core).
• Excellent receiver sensitivity and robustness to interferers
• 128 KB in-system programmable flash
• 8 KB RAM, 4 KB with data retention in all power modes
• Powerful DMA functionality
• Very few external components
• Only a single crystal needed for mesh network systems
• Low current consumption (RX: 27mA, TX: 25mA, microcontroller running at 32 MHz)
• Only 0.9µA current consumption in power-down mode, where external interrupts or the RTC can wake up the system
• Less than 0.6µA current consumption in power-down mode, where external interrupts can wake up the system
• Very fast transition times from lowpower modes to active mode enables ultra low average power consumption in low duty-cycle systems
• CSMA/CA hardware support
• Wide supply voltage range (2.0V – 3.6V)
• Digital RSSI/ LQI support
• Battery monitor and temperature sensor
• 8-14 bits ADC with up to eight inputs
• 128-bit AES security coprocessor
• Two powerful USARTs with support for several serial protocols.
• Hardware debug support
• Watchdog timer
• One IEEE 802.15.4 MAC Timer, one general 16-bit timer and two 8-bit timers
• RoHS compliant 7x7mm QLP48 package
• 21 general I/O pins, two with 20mA sink/source capability
• Powerful and flexible development tools available

CC2431-RTB1 CC2431-RTR1 CC2431DK CC2431ZDK Pro

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• Narrowband low power UHF wireless data transmitters
• 402 / 424 / 426 / 429 / 433 / 447 / 449 / 469 / 868 and 915 MHz ISM/SRD band systems
• TPMS – Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems
• AMR – Automatic Meter Reading
• Wireless alarm and security systems
• Home automation
• Low power telemetry

Product Description

 CC1070 is a true single-chip UHF transmitter designed for very low power and very low voltage wireless applications. The circuit is mainly intended for the ISM (Industrial, Scientific and Medical) and SRD (Short Range Device) frequency bands at 402, 424, 426, 429, 433, 447, 449, 469, 868 and 915 MHz, but can easily be programmed for multi-channel operation at other frequencies in the 402 - 470 and 804 - 940 MHz range.

 The CC1070 is especially suited for narrowband systems with channel spacings of 12.5 or 25 kHz complying with ARIB STD T-67 and EN 300 220. The CC1070 main operating parameters
can be programmed via a serial bus, thus making CC1070 a very flexible and easy to
use transmitter. In a typical application CC1070 will be used together with a microcontroller and a few external passive components. CC1070 is based on Chipcon’s SmartRF - 02 technology in 0.35 µm CMOS.

• True single chip UHF RF transmitter
• Frequency range 402 - 470 MHz and 804 - 940 MHz
• Programmable output power
• Low supply voltage (2.3 to 3.6 V)
• Very few external components required
• Small size (QFN 20 package)
• Pb-free package
• Data rate up to 153.6 kBaud
• OOK, FSK and GFSK data modulation
• Fully on-chip VCO
• Programmable frequency makes crystal temperature drift compensation possible without TCXO
• Suitable for frequency hopping systems
• Suited for systems targeting compliance with EN 300 220, FCC CFR47 part 15 and
• Development kit available
• Easy-to-use software for generating the CC1070 configuration data

CC1070-RTY1 CC1070-RTR1 CC1020_1070DK-433 CC1020_1070DK-868/915 CC1070SK RoHS

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