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  1. 2008/05/03 CAT28C512 - 512K-Bit CMOS PARALLEL EEPROM

 The CAT28C512/513 is a fast,low power, 5V-only CMOS parallel EEPROM organized as 64K x 8-bits.
It requires a simple interface for in-system programming.
On-chip address and data latches, self-timed write cycle with auto-clear and VCC power up/down write protection eliminate additional timing and protection hardware.
DATA Polling and Toggle status bits signal the start and end of the self-timed write cycle.
Additionally, the CAT28C512/513 features hardware and software write protection.
The CAT28C512/513 is manufactured using Catalyst’s advanced CMOS floating gate technology.
It is designed to endure 100,000 program/erase cycles and has a data retention of 100 years.
The device is available in JEDEC approved 32-pin DIP, PLCC and TSOP packages.

* Fast Read Access Times: 120/150 ns
* Low Power CMOS Dissipation:
– Active: 50 mA Max.
– Standby: 200 μA Max.
* Simple Write Operation:
– On-Chip Address and Data Latches
– Self-Timed Write Cycle with Auto-Clear
* Fast Write Cycle Time:
– 5ms Max
* CMOS and TTL Compatible I/O
* Automatic Page Write Operation:
– 1 to 128 Bytes in 5ms
– Page Load Timer
* End of Write Detection:
– Toggle Bit
– DATA Polling
* Hardware and Software Write Protection
* 100,000 Program/Erase Cycles
* 100 Year Data Retention
* Commercial, Industrial and Automotive Temperature Ranges


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