*Intel Pentium III/Celeron and VIA C3 processor 566MHz~1.26GHz
*Supports 100/133MHz FSB
*Two DIMM sockets with a max. capacity of 1GB
*VIA VT8606/VT82C686B system chipset
*VIA VT82C686B, SMC SP37E760 super I/O chipset
*VIA VT8606 graphics controller
*Four RealTek RTL8100B or Intel 82559 fast Ethernet controller
*AC97 3D audio controller
*Fast PCI ATA/33/66/100 IDE controller
*Four COM, four USB ports
*Hardware Monitor function
*TV-Out function (optional)

HS-4650(8100B), HS-4650LLV(8100B), HS-4650(82559), HS-4650LLV(82559)

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*Input Voltage: 85~264VAC
*Input Frequency: 47~63Hz
*Input Current: 3A at 115VAC or 1.5A at 230VAC
*Inrush Current: < 30A at 115VAC input or < 60A at 230VAC input, under 24oC cold start
*Load Range: With all output at 60% rated load, +5V is between 4.95V and 5.05V.
 All other outputs are within the accuracy range.
 Effective so long as the max. load does not exceed 90W continuous convection cooling
*Ripple and Noise: Peak to peak ripple and noise for each output is < 1% of each  output's voltage at rated load
*Line Regulation: < +/-1% for rated load with +/-10% change in input voltage
*Load Regulation: < +/-1% for +5V and < +/-5% for all other outputs
*Hold Up Time: > 16ms at 115VAC input and rated load
*Efficiency: > 70% measured at nominal line and rated load
*Altitude: > 10,000 feet
*Protection: Built-in crowbar circuit. Trip point is between 5.7~7V.
 AC line off and on cycle for over voltage recovery and restart hiccup mode protection against   short circuit or over load condition
*Temperature: 0~50oC forced air 30CFM needed when output > 80W (operating); -40~+85oC (storage)
AC Input: Molex 5273-05A withdraw 2-pin or equivalent device
DC Output: Molex 5273-12A or equivalent device
*Dimensions: 7.0 x 20.0 x 3.8 cm at tolerance +/-0.4mm
Safety Standards
*Safety: UL 1950 / CSA 22.2 No.234 / VDE EN60950
*EMI: FCC class B / EN55022 B
*EMS: Level 3 of IEC-802, 803, 804, 805

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General Description
 The HS-6253 is a 133MHz FSB VIA VT8606 chipset-based board designed for PCI-ISA Bus VIA C3 800MHz Embedded CPU. These features combine and make the HS-6253 an ideal all-in-one industrial single board computer. Additional features include an enhanced I/O with CRT/Panel, Dual LAN, Audio, and 4 COM ports interfaces.

 Its onboard ATA/33/66/100 to IDE drive interface architecture allows the HS-6253 to support data transfers of 33, 66 or 100MB/sec. to one IDE drive connection. Designed with the VIA VT8606 core logic chipset, the board supports VIA C3 800MHz Embedded CPU. The 8606 integrated S3 3D supporting AGP Bus For suitable installation into any size system with 8/16/32-bit ISA and/or PCI slots operation, the board’s advanced PCI-ISA bus add-on feature
allows user to easily obtain both ISA's 16-bit and PCI's 32-bit full set signals from a half size PCI-ISA slot. System memory is also sufficient with the two DIMM sockets that can support up to 1GB.

 Additional onboard connectors include an advanced USB and IrDA ports providing faster data transmission, a DOS-compatible DiskOnChip socket with a maximum capacity of 288MB, and two external RJ-45 connectors for 10/100 Based Ethernet use. To ensure the reliability in an unmanned or standalone system, the Watchdog Timer (WDT) onboard HS-6253 is designed with pure hardware that does not need the arithmetical functions of a real-time clock chip. If any program causes unexpected halts to the system, the onboard Watchdog Timer (WDT) will automatically reset the CPU or generate an interrupt to resolve such condition.

1.1 Major Features
The HS-6253 comes with the following features:
* VIA C3 800MHz Embedded CPU
* VIA VT8606/VT82C686B system chipset
* Supports 66/100/133MHz FSB
* Two DIMM sockets with a max. capacity of 1GB
* SMC 37C669, VIA VT82C686B super I/O chipset
* Fast PCI ATA/33/66/100 IDE controller
* Three RS-232 and one RS-232/422/485 serial ports
* PC/104 Bus connector
* VIA VT8606 CRT/Panel display controller
* Dual RealTek RTL8100 10/100 Based LAN
* AC97 3D audio controller
* DiskOnChip socket supporting memory size of up to 288MB
* Four USB connectors
* Supports Hardware Monitor function
* Supports Single +5V power in

1.2 Specifications
* CPU: VIA C3 800MHz embedded CPU
* Bus Interface: PCI-ISA Bus
* Memory: Two DIMM sockets supporting up to 1GB
* Chipset: VIA VT8606/VT82C686B
* I/O Chipset: SMC 37C669, VIA VT82C686B
* VGA: VIA VT8606 integrated S3 3D supporting AGP Bus
* IDE: Two IDE disk drives supporting ATA/33/66/100 and with transfer rates of up to 33/66/100MB/sec.
* FDD: Supports up to two floppy disk drives
* Parallel: One enhanced bi-directional parallel port supporting SPP/ECP/EPP
* LAN: Dual RealTek RTL8100 10/100 Based LAN
* Audio: AC97 3D audio controller supporting speaker out
* Serial Port: 16C550 UART-compatible RS-232/422/485 x 1 and RS-232 x 3 serial ports with 16-byte FIFO
* PC/104: PC/104 connector for 16-bit ISA Bus
* IrDA: One IrDA TX/RX header
* USB: Four USB connectors
* Keyboard: PS/2 6-pin Mini DIN or 5-pin connector
* Mouse: PS/2 6-pin Mini DIN or 4-pin connector
* DiskOnChip: DiskOnChip socket supporting memory sizes of up to 288MB
* Watchdog Timer: Sets 1, 2, 10, 20, 110, 220 seconds, activity trigger with Reset or NMI
* CMOS: Battery backup
* DMA Channels: 7
* Interrupt Levels: 15
* Operating Temperature: 0~60°C
* Hardware Monitor: VIA VT82C686B
* Board Size: 18.5 x 12.2 cm

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