The APU3146 IC combines a Dual synchronous Buck controller, providing a cost-effective, high performance and flexible solution.
The APU3146 can configured as 2-independent or as 2-phase controller.
The 2-phase configuration is ideal for high current applications.
The APU3146 features 180 out of phase operation which reduces the required input/output capacitance and results to few number of capacitor quantity.
Other key features offered by this device include two independent programmable soft starts, programmable switching frequency up to 500KHz per phase, under voltage lockout function.
The current limit is provided by sensing the lower MOSFET's on-resistance for optimum cost and performance.

* Dual Synchronous Controller with 180 out-of-phase
* Configurable to 2-Independent Outputs or 2-Phase Single Output
* Current Sharing Using Inductor's DCR
* Current Limit using MOSFET's RDS(ON)
* Hiccup/Latched Current Limit
* Latched Over-Voltage Protection
* Vcc from 4.5V to 16V Input
* Programmable Switching Frequency up to 500KHz
* Two Independent Soft-Starts/Shutdowns
* 0.8V Precision Reference Voltage Available
* Power Good Output
* External Frequency Synchronization

* Embedded Computer Systems
* Telecom Systems
* Point of Load Power Architectures

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 The APU3037 controller IC is designed to provide a low cost synchronous Buck regulator for on-board DC to DC converter applications.
With the migration of today’s ASIC products requiring low supply voltages such as 1.8V and lower, together with currents in excess of 3A, traditional linear regulators are simply too lossy to be used when input supply is 5V or even in some cases with 3.3V input supply.
The APU3037 together with dual N-channel MOSFETs such as AP60T03, provide a low cost solution for such applications.
This device features an internal 200KHz oscillator (400KHz for "A" version), under-voltage lockout for both Vcc and Vc supplies, an external programmable soft-start function as well as output under- voltage detection that latches off the device when an output short is detected.

* Synchronous Controller in 8-Pin Package
* Operating with single 5V or 12V supply voltage
* Internal 200KHz Oscillator (400KHz for APU3037A)
* Soft-Start Function
* Fixed Frequency Voltage Mode
* 500mA Peak Output Drive Capability
* Protects the output when control FET is shorted
* RoHS Compliant

* DDR memory source sink Vtt application
* Low cost on-board DC to DC such as 5V to 3.3V, 2.5V or 1.8V
* Graphic Card
* Hard Disk Drive


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• 1.4V maximum dropout at full load current
• Built-in thermal shutdown
• Output current limiting
• Adjustable output voltage or fixed 1.5V, 1.8V, 2.5V, 3.3V, 5.0V
• Fast transient response
• Good noise rejection
• Package : TO252, TO263, TO220
• RoHS Compliant

General Description
APE1085 is a low dropout positive adjustable or fixed-mode regulator with minimum of 3.0A output current capability. The product is specifically designed to provide well-regulated supply for low voltage IC applications such as high-speed bus termination and low current 3.3V logic supply.
APE1085 is also well suited for other applications such as VGA cards. APE1085 is guaranteed to have lower than 1.4V dropout at full load current making it ideal to provide well-regulated outputs of 1.25 to 3.3V with 4.7 to 12V input supply.

Functional Description
The APE1085 adjustable Low Dropout (LDO) regulator is a 3 terminal device that can easily be programmed with the addition of two external resistors to any voltages within the range of 1.25V to Vin-1.4V. The APE1085 only needs 1.4V differential between Vin and Vout to maintain output regulation. In addition, the output voltage tolerances are also extremely tight and they include the transient response as part of the specification. For example, Intel VRE specification calls for a total of +/- 100mV including initial tolerance, load regulation and 0 to 3.0A load step.


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The APE8805A is a low dropout, positive linear regulator with very low quiescent current. The APE8805A can supply 600mA output current with low dropout voltage at about 600mV. The BP pin with a 10nF bypass capacitor can help reduce the output noise level. The shutdown function can provide remote control for the external signal to decide the on/off state of APE8805A. With a logic high level at SHDN pin, the device is in the on state, and vice versa.
The APE8805A regulator is able to operate with output capacitors as small as 1μF for stability. Other than the current limit protection, APE8805A also offers the on chip thermal shutdown feature providing protection against overload or any condition when the ambient temperature exceeds the maximum junction temperature.
The APE8805A offers high precision output voltage of ± 2%. It is available in fixed output voltages including 1.5V, 1.8V, 2.5V, 2.8V, 3.0V, and 3.3V.
The APE8805A is housed in low-profile, space-saving 5-lead SOT-23-5 package.

* Low Dropout Voltage of 600mV at 600mA
* Guaranteed 600mA Output Current
* Very Low Quiescent Current at 30μA
* Max. ± 2% Output Voltage Accuracy
* Needs Only 1μF Capacitor for Stability
* Thermal Shutdown Protection
* Current Limit Protection
* Active Low Shutdown Control
* Low-ESR Ceramic Capacitor for Output Stability.
* Tiny package: SOT-23-5
* RoHS Compliant

* Wireless Devices
* LCD Modules
* Battery Power Systems
* Card Readers


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- SOT-23 Package
- Stable with 2.2mF Ceramic Capacitor
- 1% Voltage Reference Accuracy
- Only 270mV Dropout at 300mA
- and 170mV Dropout at 150mA
- 5mA Quiescent Current in Shutdown
- Current Limit and Thermal Shutdown
- Logic Input Enable Pin
- RoHS Compliant

- Laptop, Notebook & Palmtop computers
- Battery Powered Equipments
- PCMCIA Vcc & Vpp Regulator
- Consumer Electronics
- High Efficiency Linear Power Supplies

The APU1205 device is an efficient linear voltage regulator with better than 1% initial voltage accuracy, very low dropout voltage and very low ground current designed especially for hand held, battery powered applications. Other features of the device are: TTL compatible enable/
shutdown control input, current limiting and thermal shutdown. The APU1205 is available in fixed and adjustable output voltage versions in a small SOT-23 5-Pin package.

APU1205-18 / APU1205-25 / APU1205-28
APU1205-30 / APU1205-33 / APU1205-36

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