Product Description
The AG403-86 is a general-purpose buffer amplifier that offers high dynamic range in a low-cost surface-mount package. At 900 MHz, the AG403-86 typically provides 20.5 dB gain, +31.5 dBm OIP3, and +18 dBm P1dB. The device combines dependable performance with consistent quality to maintain MTTF values exceeding 100 years at mounting temperatures of +85 qC & is housed in a SOT-86 industry-standard SMT lead-free/green/RoHS-compliant package.
The AG403-86 consists of Darlington pair amplifiers using the high reliability InGaP/GaAs HBT process technology and only requires DC-blocking capacitors, a bias resistor, and an inductive RF choke for operation.
The broadband MMIC amplifier can be directly applied to various current and next generation wireless technologies such as GPRS, GSM, CDMA, and W-CDMA. In addition, the AG403-86 will work for other various applications within the DC to 6 GHz frequency range such as CATV and fixed wireless.

Product Features
*DC – 6000 MHz
*+18 dBm P1dB at 900 MHz
*+31.5 dBm OIP3 at 900 MHz
*20.5 dB Gain at 900 MHz
*Single Voltage Supply
*Green SOT-86 SMT Package
*Internally matched to 50 :

*Mobile Infrastructure
*Defense / Homeland Security
*Fixed Wireless

AG403-86G, AG403-86PCB
TAG Block, Gain, HBT, InGaP

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The W25X10 (1M-bit), W25X20 (2M-bit), W25X40 (4M-bit) and W25X80 (8M-bit) Serial Flash memories provide a storage solution for systems with limited space, pins and power. The 25X series offers flexibility and performance well beyond ordinary Serial Flash devices. They are ideal for code download applications as well as storing voice, text and data. The devices operate on a single 2.7V to 3.6V power supply with current consumption as low as 5mA active and 1μA for power-down. All devices are offered in space-saving packages.
The W25X10/20/40/80 array is organized into 512/1024/2048/4096 programmable pages of 256-bytes each. Up to 256 bytes can be programmed at a time using the Page Program instruction. Pages can be erased in groups of 16 (sector erase), groups of 256 (block erase) or the entire chip (chip erase). The W25X10/20/40/80 has 32/64/128/256 erasable sectors and 2/4/8/16 erasable blocks respectively. The small 4KB sectors allow for greater flexibility in applications that require data and parameter storage. (See figure 2.)
The W25X10/20/40/80 supports the standard Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI), and a high performance dual output SPI using four pins: Serial Clock, Chip Select, Serial Data I/O and Serial Data Out. SPI clock frequencies of up to 75MHz are supported allowing equivalent clock rates of 150MHz when using the Fast Read Dual Output instruction. These transfer rates are comparable to those of 8 and 16-bit Parallel Flash memories.
A Hold pin, Write Protect pin and programmable write protect, with top or bottom array control features, provide further control flexibility. Additionally, the device supports JEDEC standard manufacturer and device identification.

*Family of Serial Flash Memories
- W25X10: 1M-bit / 128K-byte (131,072)
- W25X20: 2M-bit / 256K-byte (262,144)
- W25X40: 4M-bit / 512K-byte (524,288)
- W25X80: 8M-bit / 1M-byte (1,048,576)
- 256-bytes per programmable page
- Uniform 4K-byte Sectors / 64K-byte Blocks
*SPI with Single or Dual Outputs
- Clock, Chip Select, Data I/O, Data Out
- Optional Hold function for SPI flexibility
*Data Transfer up to 150M-bits / second
- Clock operation to 75MHz
- Fast Read Dual Output instruction
- Auto-increment Read capability
*Flexible Architecture with 4KB sectors
- Sector Erase (4K-bytes)
- Block Erase (64K-byte)
- Page program up to 256 bytes <2ms
- Up to 100,000 erase/write cycles
- 20-year retention
*Low Power Consumption, Wide Temperature Range
– Single 2.7 to 3.6V supply
- 5mA active current, 1μA Power-down (typ)
- -40° to +85°C operating range
* Software and Hardware Write Protection
- Write-Protect all or portion of memory
- Enable/Disable protection with /WP pin
- Top or bottom array protection
*Space Efficient Packaging
- 8-pin SOIC 150-mil (W25X10/20/40)
- 8-pin SOIC 208-mil (W25X40/80)
- 8-pin PDIP 300-mil (W25X10/20/40/80)
- 8-pin WSON 6x5-mm (W25X10/20/40/80)

W25X20, W25X40, W25X80, W25X10VSNI, W25X20VSNI, W25X40VSNI, W25X80VSNI

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The DG300A_MIL/DG301A_MIL/DG302A_MIL monolithic CMOS switches feature three switch configuration options (SPST, SPDT, and DPST) for precision applications in communications, instrumentation and process control, where low leakage switching combined with low power consumption are required.
Designed on the Vishay Siliconix PLUS-40 CMOS process, these switches are latch-up proof, and are designed to block up to 30 V peak-to-peak when off. An epitaxial layer prevents latchup.
In the on condition the switches conduct equally well in both directions (with no offset voltage) and minimize error conditions with their low on-resistance.
Featuring low power consumption (3.5 mW typ) these switches are ideal for battery powered applications, without sacrificing switching speed. Designed for break-before-make switching action, these devices are CMOS and quasi TTL compatible. Single supply operation is allowed by connecting the V- rail to 0 V.

*Analog Signal Range: ±15 V
*Fast Switching—tON: 150 ns
*Low On-Resistance—rDS(on): 30Ω
*Single Supply Operation
*Latch-up Proof
*CMOS Compatible

*Low Level Switching Circuits
*Programmable Gain Amplifiers
*Portable and Battery Powered Systems


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The MIL-COTS V•I Chip Bus Converter Module is a high efficiency (>95%) Sine Amplitude Converter (SAC) operating from a 240 to 330 Vdc primary bus to deliver an isolated 30 – 41.2 V nominal, unregulated secondary.
The VMB0004MFJ and VMB0004MFT are provided in a V•I Chip package compatible with standard pick-and-place and surface mount assembly processes.

*270 Vdc – 33.75 Vdc 235 W Bus Converter Module
*MIL-STD-704E/F Compliant
*High efficiency (>95%) reduces system power consumption
*High power density (796 W/in3) reduces power system footprint by >40%
*Contains built-in protection features: undervoltage, overvoltage lockout, over current protection, short circuit protection, overtemperature protection.
*Provides enable/disable control, internal temperature monitoring
*Can be paralleled to create multi-kW arrays

*High Voltage 270 V Aircraft Distributed Power
*28 Vdc MIL-COTS PRM Interface (MP028F036M12AL)
*High Density Power Supplies
*Communication Systems


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The TC74VHC9541 is an ultra-high-speed octal Schmitt buffer fabricated using silicon-gate CMOS technology. The TC74VHC9541 combines low power consumption of CMOS with Schottky TTL speeds.
The outputs can be put in the high-impedance state by placing a logic HIGH on the Enable (G) input. The CONT input determines the logical inversion of data. A logic LOW on the CONT input configures the TC74VHC9541 as an inverter; a logic HIGH on the CONT input configures the TC74VHC9541 as a buffer.
All the inputs have hysteresis between the positive-going and negative-going thresholds. Thus the TC74VHC9541 is capable of squaring up transitions of slowly changing input signals and provides an improved noise immunity.
Additionally, all the inputs have a newly developed protection circuit without a diode returned to VCC. This enables the inputs to be tolerant of up to 5 volts even when power supply is down. The input power-down protection capability makes the TC74VHC9541 ideal for a wide range of applications, such as interfacing between different voltages, voltage translation from 5 V to 3 V and battery back-up circuits.

*High speed: tpd = 5.0 ns (typ.) (VCC = 5 V)
*Low supply current: ICC = 4 μA (max) (Ta = 25°C)
*High noise immunity: VNIH = VNIL = 28% VCC (min)
*All inputs are provided with power-down protection.
*Symmetrical rise and fall delays: tpLH ≈ tpHL
*Wide operating voltage range: VCC (opr) = 2 to 5.5 V
*Pin-compatible with TC74VHC540 and TC74VHC541

TC74VHC9541FT, TC74VHC9541FK
TAG Buffer, Octal

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The XC6801 series is a constant-current/constant-voltage linear charger IC for single cell lithium-ion batteries. The XC6801 includes a reference voltage source, battery voltage monitor, driver transistor, constant-current/constant-voltage charge circuit, overheat protection circuit and phase compensation circuit. The battery charge termination voltage is internally set to 4.2V ±0.7% and the trickle charge voltage and accuracy is 2.9V ±3%. In trickle charge mode, a safe battery charge is possible because approximately only 1/10 of the full charge current is supplied to the battery. As it is possible to select a highly accurate charge current of either 100mA (MAX.) for L level input to the LIM pin or 500mA (MAX.) for H level, the series is ideal for applications where the charge is from USB. The series’ charge status output pin, /CHG pin, is capable of checking the IC’s charging state via connection to an external LED.

*Operating Voltage Range : 4.25V ~ 6.0V
*Charge Current(externally set) : 100mA (MAX.) @ LIM pin=L, 500mA (MAX.) @ LIM pin=H
*Charge Termination Voltage : 4.2V ±0.7%
*Trickle Charge Voltage : 2.9V ±3%
*Supply Current (Stand-by) : 12μA (TYP.)
*Packages : SOT-89-5, SOT-25, USP-6C
*Constant-current/constant-voltage operation
*with thermal shutdown
*Automatic recharge
*Charge status output pin
*Soft-start function (Inrush limit current)

*USB charge applications
*Charging docks, charging cradles
*MP3 players, portable audio players
*Cellular phones, PDAs
*Bluetooth headsets

XC6801A421PR-G, XC6801A421MR-G, XC6801A421ER-G
TAG charger, ic, linear

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The TPS65573 offers a complete solution for a charging photo flash capacitor and flashing xenon tube with insulated gate bipolar transfer (IGBT) driver. This device has an integrated voltage reference, power (SW), comparators for peak current detection/power SW turnon detection/charge complete detection, IGBT driver and control logics for charging applications/driving IGBT applications.
Compared with discrete solutions, this device reduces the component count, shrinks the total solution size, and erases the difficulty of design for xenon tube application.
Additional advantages are a fast charging time and high efficiency since this device has an optimized pulse width modulation (PWM) control algorithm for photo flash charging. Also this device has high accuracy for peak current detection and for charge completion detection. The distribution of charging time is smaller.
Other provisions of the device include sensing the output voltage at the primary side, programmable peak current at the primary side, protection features (thermal shutdown and overcurrent), an output pin for charge completion detection, input pins for charge enable, flash acceptable, and flash on.

*Wide Input Voltage
-VBAT = 1.4 V to 12 V
-VCC = 2.5 V to 5.5 V
*Integrated 50-V Power Switch With Lower R ON
*Programmable Peak Current at Primary Side From 0.5 A to 1.5 A
*Optimized Switch ON/OFF Control for Fast Charging
*Charge Complete Detection at Primary Side With High Accuracy
*Integrated IGBT Driver
*2-mm × 3-mm, 12-Pin WSON Package
-Overcurrent Protection (OCP)
-Thermal Shutdown (TSD)

*Digital Still Cameras
*Optical Film Cameras
*Digital Video Camcorders
*Cell Phones


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The DG540/541/542 are high performance monolithic wideband/video switches designed for switching RF, video and digital signals. By utilizing a “T” switch configuration on each channel, these devices achieve exceptionally low crosstalk and high off-isolation. The crosstalk and off-isolation of the DG540 are further improved by the introduction of extra GND pins between signal pins.
To achieve TTL compatibility, low channel capacitances and fast switching times, the DG540 family is built on the Siliconix proprietary D/CMOS process. Each switch conducts equally well in both directions when on.

*Wide Bandwidth: 500 MHz
*Low Crosstalk: –85 dB
*High Off-Isolation: –80 dB @ 5 MHz
*“T” Switch Configuration
*TTL Logic Compatible
*Fast Switching—tON: 45 ns
*Low rDS(on): 30

*RF and Video Switching
*RGB Switching
*Local and Wide Area Networks
*Video Routing
*Fast Data Acquisition
*Radar/FLR Systems
*Video Multiplexing

DG541, DG542, DG540DJ, DG541DJ, DG542DJ

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