The DS1315 Phantom Time Chip is a combination of a CMOS timekeeper and a nonvolatile memory controller. In the absence of power, an external battery maintain the timekeeping operation and provides power for a CMOS static RAM. The watch keeps track of hundredths of seconds, seconds, minutes, hours, day, date, month, and year information. The last day of the month is automatically adjusted for months with less than 31 days, including leap year correction. The watch operates in one of two formats: a 12-hour mode with an AM/PM indicator or a 24-hour mode. The nonvolatile controller supplies all the necessary support circuitry to convert a CMOS RAM to a nonvolatile memory. The DS1315 can be interfaced with either RAM or ROM without leaving gaps in memory.

*Real-Time Clock Keeps Track of Hundredths of Seconds, Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Days, Date of the Month, Months, and Years
*Adjusts for Months with Fewer than 31 Days
*Automatic Leap Year Correction Valid Up to 2100
*No Address Space Required to Communicate with RTC
*Provides Nonvolatile Controller Functions for Battery Backup of SRAM
*Supports Redundant Battery Attachment for High-Reliability Applications
*Full ±10% VCC Operating Range
*+3.3V or +5V Operation
*Industrial (–45°C to +85°C) Operating Temperature Ranges Available
*Drop-In Replacement for DS1215

DS1315-33, DS1315N-33, DS1315-5, DS1315N-5
TAG Chip, Phantom, Time

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Functional Description
The Cypress STK15C88 is a 256Kb fast static RAM with a nonvolatile element in each memory cell. The embedded nonvolatile elements incorporate QuantumTrap™ technology producing the world’s most reliable nonvolatile memory. The SRAM provides unlimited read and write cycles, while independent, nonvolatile data resides in the highly reliable QuantumTrap cell. Data transfers from the SRAM to the nonvolatile elements (the STORE operation) takes place automatically at power down. On power up, data is restored to the SRAM (the RECALL operation) from the nonvolatile memory. Both the STORE and RECALL operations are also available under software control.
PowerStore nvSRAM products depend on the intrinsic system capacitance to maintain system power long enough for an automatic store on power loss. If the power ramp from 5 volts to 3.6 volts is faster than 10 ms, consider our 14C88 or 16C88 for more reliable operation.

*25 ns and 45 ns access times
*Pin compatible with industry standard SRAMs
*Automatic nonvolatile STORE on power loss
*Nonvolatile STORE under Software control
*Automatic RECALL to SRAM on power up
*Unlimited Read/Write endurance
*Unlimited RECALL cycles
*1,000,000 STORE cycles
*100 year data retention
*Single 5V+10% power supply
*Commercial and Industrial Temperatures
*28-pin (300 mil and 330 mil) SOIC packages
*RoHS compliance

STK15C88-NF25TR, STK15C88-NF25, STK15C88-NF45TR, STK15C88-NF45

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CPC1008N is a miniature low voltage, low on resistance 1-Form-A solid state relay in a 4 pin SOP package. The relay uses optically coupled MOSFET technology to provide 1500V of input to output isolation. The efficient MOSFET switches and photovoltaic die use Clare’s patented OptoMOS® architecture. The optically-coupled input is controlled by a highly efficient GaAIAs infrared LED. The CPC1008N uses Clare’s state of the art double molded vertical construction packaging to produce the world’s smallest relay. The CPC1008N is ideal for replacing larger less reliable reed and electromechanical relays.

*Small 4 Pin SOP Package
*Low Drive Power Requirements (TTL/CMOS Compatible)
*No Moving Parts
*High Reliability
*Arc-Free With No Snubbing Circuits
*1500VRMS Input/Output Isolation
*FCC Compatible
*No EMI/RFI Generation
*Machine Insertable, Wave Solderable
*Tape & Reel Version Available

-Data Acquisition
-Electronic Switching
-I/O Subsystems
-Meters (Watt-Hour, Water, Gas)
*Medical Equipment—Patient/Equipment Isolation
*Security Systems
*Industrial Controls
*Reed Relay Replacement


TAG OptoMOS, Relay

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