The PA84 is a high voltage operational amplifier designed for output voltage swings up to ±145V with a dual supply or 290V with a single supply. Two versions are available. The new PA84S, fast settling amplifier can absorb differential input overvoltages up to ±50V while the established PA84 and PA84A can handle differential input overvoltages of up to ±300V. Both versions are protected against common mode transients and overvoltages up to the supply rails. High accuracy is achieved with a cascode input circuit configuration. All internal biasing is referenced to a zener diode fed by a FET constant current source. As a result, the PA84 features an unprecedented supply range and excellent supply rejection. The output stage is biased-on for linear operation. External phase compensation allows for user flexibility in obtaining the maximum slew rate. Fixed current limits protect these amplifiers against shorts to common at supply voltages up to 150V. For operation into inductive loads, two external flyback pulse protection diodes are recommended. However, a heatsink may be necessary to maintain the proper case temperature under normal operating conditions.
This hybrid integrated circuit utilizes a beryllia (BeO) substrate, thick film resistors, ceramic capacitors and semiconductor chips to maximize reliability, minimize size and give top performance. Ultrasonically bonded aluminum wires provide reliable interconnections at all operating temperatures. The 8-pin TO-3 package is hermetically sealed and electrically isolated. The use of compressible thermal isolation washers and/or improper mounting torque will void the product warranty. Please see “General Operating Considerations”.

*FAST SETTLING TIME — .1% in 1μs (PA84S)
*WIDE SUPPLY RANGE — ±15V to ±150V


PA84A, PA84S

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The PS9552, PS9552L1, PS9552L2 and PS9552L3 are optically coupled isolators containing a GaAlAs LED on the input side and a photo diode, a signal processing circuit and a power output transistor on the output side on one chip.
The PS9552 Series is designed specifically for high common mode transient immunity (CMR), high output current and high switching speed.
The PS9552 Series is suitable for driving IGBTs and MOS FETs.
The PS9552 Series is in a plastic DIP (Dual In-line Package).
The PS9552L1 is lead bending type for long creepage distance.
The PS9552L2 is lead bending type for long creepage distance (Gull-wing) for surface mount.
The PS9552L3 is lead bending type (Gull-wing) for surface mounting.

*Long creepage distance (8 mm MIN.: PS9552L1, PS9552L2)
*Large peak output current (2.5 A MAX., 2.0 A MIN.)
*High speed switching (tPLH/tPHL = 0.5 μs MAX.)
*UVLO (Under Voltage Lock Out) protection with hysteresis
*High common mode transient immunity (CMH, CML = ±15 kV/μs MIN.)
*Ordering number of tape product: PS9552L2-E3: 1 000 pcs/reel, PS9552L3-E3: 1 000 pcs/reel
*Safety standards
-UL approved: File No. E72422
-CSA approved: No. CA 101391
-BSI approved: No. 8937, 8938
-SEMKO approved: No. 615433
-NEMKO approved: No. P06207243
-DEMKO approved: No. 314091
-FIMKO approved: No. FI 22827
-DIN EN60747-5-2 (VDE0884 Part2) approved (Option)

*IGBT, Power MOS FET Gate Driver
*Industrial inverter
*IH (Induction Heating)

PS9552L1, PS9552L2, PS9552L3, PS9552L2-E3, PS9552L3-E3

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The 6-PAK™ is a modular system of control and boost SIPs. Each 6A control SIP can also drive up to 8 additional 6A boost SIPs in parallel, for a total of 54A. Each SIP accepts a regulated 5V input (+10%) and provides 2.5V to 3.6Vdc output. The circuit is optimized for high efficiency and fast load transient response needed by telecom, DSP and microprocessor applications.
Advanced thermal design, monolithic power circuitry and synchronous rectification result in outstanding performance and value. With integrated input filter and output capacitors, the 6-PAK system makes a complete power supply which requires no external components over the specified operating range. Pins are staked for wave solderability.

*Small SIP Design
*Parallelable Boost SIP
-One stocking part meets a variety of loads
*Programmable Control SIP
-Control/Boost Pair extremely configurable
*Fast Transient Response
-No need for large external capacitors
-Extremely small footprint
*Low Component Count
-Low cost, high reliability
*Staked Pins
-Wave solderable
*Integrated Input Filter
-Low input ripple

6P25-CA, 6P25-P

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