General Description
The AME8819 is a CMOS linear regulator. It operated from 2.5V to 5.5V input voltage and delivers up to 600mA output current. The AME8819 provide low quiescent current (70uA typ) low dropout voltage (Vout=3.3V, 540mV @ 600mA typ), and excellent PSRR, thus marking them ideal for Data-Communications and battery applications.
The AME8819 provide over temperature and over current protected functions. It is stable with an output capacitance of 2.2uF or larger.

*Input voltage range is from 2.8V to 5.5V
*Output voltage range is from 1.8V to 4.5V
*Low Dropout: 540mV @ 600mA, VOUT = 3.3V
*Guaranteed 600mA Drive Current
*Factory Pre-set output voltage
*Only 2.2mF Output Capacitor Required for Stability (Low ESR MLCC is allowable)
*Provided OTP, current limit
*All AME’s Green Products Meet RoHS Standards

*Laptop, Palmtops, Notebook computers
*Battery Power Equipment
*Handheld Device

AME8819AEFT180Z, AME8819AEFT250Z, AME8819AEFT300Z

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The AIC1529 is a quad high-side power switch for self-powered and bus-powered Universal Serial Bus (USB) applications. Both high-side switches are MOSFET with 110mW RDS(ON), which meets USB voltage drop requirements for maximum transmission wire length.
Multi-purpose open-drain fault flag output indicates over-current limiting, thermal shutdown, or undervoltage lockout for each channel. Output current is typically limited to 1.3A, and the thermal shutdown functions of the power switches independently control their channel under overcurrent condition.
Guaranteed minimum output rise time limits inrush current during hot plug-in as well as minimizing EMI and prevents the voltage at upstream port from dropping excessively.

*110mW (5V Input) High-Side MOSFET Switch.
*500mA Continuous Load Current per Channel.
*220μA Typical On-State Supply Current.
*1μA Typical Off-State Supply Current.
*Current-Limit / Short Circuit Protection.
*Thermal Shutdown Protection under Overcurrent Condition.
*Undervoltage Lockout Ensures that Switch is off at Start Up.
*Output can be Forced Higher than Input (Off-State).
*Open-Drain Fault Flag.
*Slow Turn ON and Fast Turn OFF.
*Enable Active-High or Active-Low.

*USB Power Management.
*Hot Plug-In Power Supplies.
*Battery-Charger Circuit.

AIC1529-0CNTR, AIC1529-1CNTR, AIC1529-0PNTR, AIC1529-1PNTR
TAG Power, Switch, USB

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The ADXL327 is a small, low power, complete 3-axis accelerometer with signal conditioned voltage outputs. The product measures acceleration with a minimum full-scale range of ±2 g. It can measure the static acceleration of gravity in tilt-sensing applications, as well as dynamic acceleration, resulting from motion, shock, or vibration.
The user selects the bandwidth of the accelerometer using the CX, CY, and CZ capacitors at the XOUT, YOUT, and ZOUT pins. Bandwidths can be selected to suit the application with a range of 0.5 Hz to 1600 Hz for X and Y axes and a range of 0.5 Hz to 550 Hz for the Z axis.
The ADXL327 is available in a small, low profile, 4 mm × 4 mm × 1.45 mm, 16-lead, plastic lead frame chip scale package (LFCSP_LQ).

*3-axis sensing
*Small, low profile package
-4 mm × 4 mm × 1.45 mm LFCSP
*Low power: 350 μA typical
*Single-supply operation: 1.8 V to 3.6 V
*10,000 g shock survival
*Excellent temperature stability
*Bandwidth adjustment with a single capacitor per axis
*RoHS/WEEE lead-free compliant

*Cost-sensitive, low power, motion- and tilt-sensing applications
-Mobile devices
-Gaming systems
-Disk drive protection
-Image stabilization
-Sports and health devices


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