The AFM04P3-212, 213 are high performance power GaAs MESFET chips having a gate length of 0.25 mm and a total gate periphery of 400 mm. These devices have excellent gain and power performance through 26 GHz, making them suitable for a wide range of commercial and military applications in oscillator and amplifier circuits.They also have excellent noise performance and can be used in the first and second stage of low noise amplifier design. The AFM04P3 employs Ti/Pd/Au gate metallization and surface passivation to ensure a rugged, reliable part.

*Low Noise Figure, 0.6 dB @ 4 GHz
*20 dBm Output Power @ 18 GHz
*High Associated Gain, 13 dB @ 4 GHz
*High Power Added Efficiency, 25%
*Broadband Operation, DC–26 GHz
*Available in Tape and Reel Packaging


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General Description
ASM8P18xx is a high performance, adjustable frequency, PWM controller with an integrated spread spectrum modulator for EMI reduction. It contains all the functions of a standard PWM controller along with a user configurable spread spectrum modulation with adjustable spread. ASM8P18xx allows significant system cost savings by reducing the number of PCB layers and shielding that are traditionally required to pass EMI regulation.
ASM8P18xx is the industry’s first general purpose EMI reduction IC, specifically designed for use in SMPS systems. ASM8P18xx is compatible to any other 3842 PWM controllers.
ASM8P18xx is capable of driving 1A maximum current output and it covers a wide supply voltage range from 7V DC to 30V DC. The PWM frequency is selectable from 40 KHz to 400 KHz.
ASM8P18xx provides under voltage lockout, thermal shutdown, overload, and undercurrent protection. It is available in 8-pin MicroSO, P-DIP and SOIC package.

*30V maximum operating voltage with CMOS technology
*Adjustable PWM frequencies (40 KHz to 400 KHz)
*Maximum Output drive current of 1A.
*Wide duty cycle range (0% minimum to 95% maximum)
*Spread spectrum modulation with adjustable spread.
*Under voltage lockout with hysteresis.
*Low startup current: 275?A maximum
*Pin compatible with industry standard 3842 PWM controller.
*Temperature range –40°C to +85°C.
*Thermal shutdown, overload and undercurrent protection.
*Frequency skip mode.
*Available in 8-pin plastic MicroSO, P-DIP and SOIC packages.

*Off-line converter
*DC-DC converter
*Monitor power supply
*Computer/DVD/STB power supply
*Wireless base station power supply
*Telecom power supply

ASM8P18S42ER, ASM8P1843, ASM8P18S43ER, ASM8P18S44ER, ASM8P18S45ER

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The A4447 is a 2 A, high efficiency general-purpose buck regulator designed for a wide variety of applications. The output voltage is adjustable from 0.8 to 24 V, based on a resistor divider and the 0.8 V ± 2 % reference. External components include an external clamping diode, inductor, and filter capacitor. The off-time is determined by an external resistor to ground. It operates in both continuous and discontinuous modes to maintain light load regulation. An internal blanking circuit is used to filter out transients due to the reverse recovery of the external clamp diode. Typical blanking time is 200 ns.
This new device is ideal for various end products including applications with 8 to 50 V input voltage range and require up to 2 A output current, such as uninterruptible power supplies, point of sale (POS) applications, and industrial applications with 24 or 36 V bus.

Features and Benefits
*Wide input voltage range: 8 to 50 V
*Integrated low RDS(on) DMOS switch
*2 A continuous output current
*Adjustable fixed off-time
*Highly efficient
*Adjustable output: 0.8 to 24 V
*Small package with exposed thermal pad

Applications include
*Printer power supplies
*Office automation equipment
*POS thermal, laser, photo, and inkjet printers
*Tape drives
*Industrial applications


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