The Agilent E1418A 8/16-Channel D/A Converter is a C–size, 1-slot, register-based VXI module. It
consists of 8 or 16 fully independent, isolated or non-isolated, 16-bit D/As. Each channel can be set to voltage or current mode with local or remote sensing on voltage outputs. All outputs can be updated with registerlevel programming to allow fast backplane access. Each channel can be updated individually, or by using the internal data buffer, synchronized so that all channels change simultaneously. The channel output mode is set with jumpers in the terminal block for each channel or by register programming. Each D/A converter can be calibrated without removal through software commands and use of the terminal block CALBUS in conjunction with a 5.5-digit multimeter. The on/off terminal block has standard screw terminals for fi eld wiring.
Refer to the Agilent Technologies Website for instrument driver availability and downloading instructions, as well as for recent product updates, if applicable.

*1-Slot, C-size, register based
*8/16 independent channels, fl exible and confi gurable
*Individual isolation per channel
*16-bit resolution D/A per channel
*Programmable selectable voltage/current modes
*Software controlled calibration

E1418A001, E1418A002, E1418A003, E1418AA3E, E1418AA3H
TAG Converter, D/A

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The Aeroflex Laboratories transceiver model ACT4444 is a monolithic transceiver which provides full compliance with Macair and MIL-STD-1553 data bus requirements. The model ACT4444 performs the front-end analog function of inputting and outputting data through a transformer to a MIL-STD-1553 or Macair data bus with a few external components.
The ACT4444 can be considered a "Universal" Transceiver in that it is compatible with MIL-STD-1553A, B, Macair A-3818, A-4905, A-5232 and A-5690.
Design of these transceivers reflects particular attention to active filter performance. This results in low bit and word error rate with superior waveform purity and minimal zero crossover distortion. The ACT4444 active filter design has additional high frequency roll-off to provide the required Macair low harmonic distortion waveform without increasing the pulse delay characteristics significantly.
Efficient transmitter electrical and thermal design provides low internal power dissipation and heat rise at high and well as low duty cycles.
An optional receiver input threshold adjustment can be accomplished by the use of the "External Threshold" terminals.

*Transceiver meets MIL-STD-1553A & B, Macair A3818, A4905, A5232 and A5690 specs
*Bipolar Supply ±15V to ±12V, Logic Supply +5V
*Replacement for function of CT3232 & ACT4404 in new designs
*Voltage source output
*Monolithic construction
*Aeroflex is a Class H & K MIL-PRF-38534 Manufacturer
*Miniature Chipscale Package Bumped Chip Carrier™ (BCC++)

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The AP1250CMP is a simple, cost-effective and high-speed linear regulator designed to generate termination voltage in double data rate (DDR) memory system to comply with the JEDEC SSTL_2 and SSTL_18 or other specific interfaces such as HSTL, SCSI-2 and SCSI-3 etc. devices requirements. The regulator is capable of actively sinking or sourcing up to 2A while regulating an output voltage to within 40mV. The output termination voltage cab be tightly regulated to track 1/2VDDQ by two external voltage divider resistors or the desired output voltage can be pro-grammed by externally forcing the REFEN pin voltage.
The AP1250CMP also incorporates a high-speed differential amplifier to provide ultra-fast response in line/load transient. Other features include extremely low initial offset voltage, excellent load regulation, current limiting in bi-directions and on-chip thermal shut-down protection.
The AP1250CMP are available in the ESOP-8 (Exposed Pad) surface mount packages.

*Ideal for DDR-I, DDR-II and DDR-III VTT Applications
*Sink and Source 2A Continuous Current
*Integrated Power MOSFETs
*Generates Termination Voltage for SSTL_2, SSTL_18, HSTL, SCSI-2 and SCSI-3 Interfaces.
*High Accuracy Output Voltage at Full-Load
*Output Adjustment by Two External Resistors
*Low External Component Count
*Shutdown for Suspend to RAM (STR) Functionality with High-Impedance Output
*Current Limiting Protection
*On-Chip Thermal Protection
*Available in ESOP-8 (Exposed Pad) Packages
*VIN and VCNTL No Power Sequence Issue
*RoHS Compliant and 100% Lead (Pb)-Free

*Desktop PCs, Notebooks, and Workstations
*Graphics Card Memory Termination
*Set Top Boxes, Digital TVs, Printers
*Embedded Systems
*Active Termination Buses
*DDR-I, DDR-II and DDR-III Memory Systems

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