The LP2950 and LP2951 are micropower voltage regulators ideally suited for use in battery-powered systems. These devices feature very low quiescent current (typ.75μA), and very low dropout voltage (typ.45mV at light loads and 380mV at 100mA) thus prolonging battery life. The quiescent current increases only slightly in dropout. The LP2950/LP2951 has positive transient protection up to 60V and can survive unregulated input transient up to 20V below ground.
The LP2950 and LP2951 were designed to include a tight initial tolerance (typ. 0.5%), excellent load and line regulation (typ. 0.05%), and a very low output voltage temperature coefficient, making these devices useful as a low-power voltage reference. The LP2950 is offered in the 3-pin TO-92 package. LP2951 is available in 8-pin plastic SOIC and DIP packages and offers three major additional system features. An error flag output warns of a low output voltage, often due to failing batteries on input. The LP2951 also features the logic-compatible shutdown input which enables the regulator to be switched on and off.
The LP2951 device may be pin-strapped for a 5V, 3.3V, or 3V output, or programmed from 1.24V to 29V with an external pair of resistors.

*5V, 3.3V, and 3V Versions at 100mA Output Current
*High Accuracy Output Voltage
*Extremely Low Quiescent Current
*Low Dropout Voltage
*Extremely Tight Load and Line Regulation
*Very Low Temperature Coefficient
*Current and Thermal Limiting
*Needs Minimum Capacitance (1μF) for Stability
*Unregulated DC Positive Transients 60V
*1.24V to 29V Programmable Output
*Error Flag Warning of Voltage Output Dropout
*Logic Controlled Electronic Shutdown

*Battery Powered Systems
*Portable Consumer Equipment
*Cordless Telephones
*Portable (Notebook) Computers
*Portable Instrumentation
*Radio Control Systems
*Automotive Electronics
*Low-Power Voltage Reference

LP2951, LP2950ACN-X, LP2950CN-X, LP2951ACP-X, LP2951CP-X

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The ALD1702/ALD1703 is a monolithic operational amplifier intended primarily for a wide range of analog applications in +5V single power supply and ±5V dual power supply systems as well as +4V to +12V battery operated systems. All device characteristics are specified for +5V single supply or ±2.5V dual supply systems. It is manufactured with Advanced Linear Devices' enhanced ACMOS silicon gate CMOS process.
The device is designed to offer a balanced trade-off of performance parameters providing a wide range of desired specifications. It offers the industry pin configuration of mA741 and ICL7611 types.
The ALD1702/ALD1703 has been developed specifically with the 5V single supply or ±2.5 dual supply user in mind. Several important characteristics of the device make many applications easy to implement for these supply voltages. First, the operational amplifier can operate with rail to rail input and output voltages. This feature allows numerous analog serial stages to be implemented without losing operating voltage margin. Secondly, the device was designed to accommodate mixed applications where digital and analog circuits may work off the same 5V power supply. Thirdly, the output stage can drive up to 400pF capacitive and 5KW resistive loads in non-inverting unity gain connection and double the capacitance in the inverting unity gain mode.
These features, coupled with extremely low input currents, high voltage gain, useful bandwidth of 1.5MHz, slew rate of 2.1V/ms, low power dissipation, low offset voltage and temperature drift, make the ALD1702/ALD1703 a truly versatile, user friendly, operational amplifier.
The ALD1702/ALD1703 is designed and fabricated with silicon gate CMOS technology, and offers 1pA typical input bias current. On-chip offset voltage trimming allows the device to be used without nulling in most applications. The device offers typical offset drift of less than 7mV/°C which eliminates many trim or temperature compensation circuits. For precision applications, the ALD1702 is designed to settle to 0.01% in 8ms.

*Rail-to-rail input and output voltage ranges
*All parameters specified for +5V single supply or ±2.5V dual supply systems.
*High load capacitance capability -- 4000pF typical
*No frequency compensation required -- unity gain stable
*Extremely low input bias currents -- 1.0pA typical (30pA max.)
*Ideal for high source impedance applications
*Dual power supply ±2.5V to ±5.0V operation
*Single power supply +5V to +12V operation
*High voltage gain -- typically 85V/mV @ ±2.5V and 250V/mV @ ±5.0V
*Drive as low as 2KW load with 5mA drive current
*Output short circuit protected
*Unity gain bandwidth of 1.5MHz (1.0MHz min.)
*Slew rate of 2.1V/ms (1.4V/ms min.)
*Low power dissipation

*Voltage amplifier
*Voltage follower/buffer
*Charge integrator
*Photodiode amplifier
*Data acquisition systems
*High performance portable instruments
*Signal conditioning circuits
*Sensor and transducer amplifiers
*Low leakage amplifiers
*Active filters
*Sample/Hold amplifier
*Current to voltage converter
*Coaxial cable driver


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General Description
The AAT2848 is a tri-mode charge pump optimized for systems operating with lithium-ion/polymer batteries. The charge pump provides power for both white LED backlight and flash, with an integrated four channel backlight LED current sink plus two channel flash LED current sinks.
Each backlight channel can drive up to 30mA, while each flash current sink/channel can drive up to 300mA (600mA total). Two independent S2Cwire™ (AnalogicTech’s Simple Serial Control™) serial digital interface inputs enable, disable, and set LED current to one of 32 levels for the backlight and to one of 16 levels for the flash, with fullscale current independently set for backlight and flash using external resistors.
The AAT2848 offers a built-in fade-in/out function for linear control of the backlight current during ON/OFF transitions. The fade time is programmable by an external capacitor.
The AAT2848 also offers a built-in flash timeout function as a safety feature associated with the high power flash driver. The safety timer is also programmable via an external capacitor.
The AAT2848 is equipped with built-in short-circuit and over-temperature protection. The soft-start circuitry prevents excessive inrush current at start-up and mode transitions. The AAT2848 is available in a Pb-free, space saving TQFN33-20 package and operates over the -40°C to +85°C ambient temperature range.

*Tri-Mode (1x/1.5x/2x) Charge Pump
*Four 30mA Backlight LED Channels
*Independent S2Cwire Control for Backlight
*32-Level Programmable Backlight Current Control—Linear, Inverting
*Two 300mA Flash LED Channels
*Independent S2Cwire Control for Flash
*16-Level Programmable Flash Current Control—Linear, Inverting
*User-Programmable Full Scale Current for Backlight and Flash
*User-Programmable Fade-In/Fade-Out Function for Backlight
*User-Programmable Safety Timer for Flash LED Protection
*Built-In Thermal Protection
*Automatic Soft-Start
*-40°C to +85°C Temperature Range
*Available in TQFN33-20 Package

*Camera Enabled Mobile Devices
*Digital Still Cameras
*Multimedia Mobile Phones

TAG Display, Flash

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