General Description
The RT9247 is a multi-phase buck DC/DC controller integrated with all control functions for GHz CPU VRM. The RT9247 controls 2 or 3 buck switching stages operating in interleaved phase set automatically. The multi-phase architecture provides high output current while maintaining low power dissipation on power devices and low stress on input and output capacitors. The high equivalent operating frequency also reduces the component dimension and the output voltage ripple in load transient.
RT9247 controls both voltage and current loops to achieve good regulation, response & power stage thermal balance. Precise current loop using RDS(ON) as sense component builds precise load line for strict VRM DC & transient specification and also ensures thermal balance of different power stages. The settings of current sense, droop tuning, VCORE initial offset and over current protection are independent to compensation circuit of voltage loop. The feature greatly facilitates the flexibility of CPU power supply design and tuning.
The DAC output of RT9247 supports VRD10 by 6-bit VID input, precise initial value & smooth VCORE transient at VID jump. The IC monitors the VCORE voltage for PGOOD and over-voltage protection. Soft-start, over-current protection and programmable under-voltage lockout are also provided to assure the safety of microprocessor and power system.

*Multi-Phase Power Conversion with Automatic Phase Selection
*VRD10 DAC Output with Active Droop Compensation for Fast Load Transient
*Smooth VCORE Transition at VID Jump
*Power Stage Thermal Balance by RDS(ON) Current Sense
*Hiccup Mode Over-Current Protection
*Programmable Switching Frequency (50kHz to 400kHz per Phase), Under-Voltage Lockout and Soft-Start
*High Ripple Frequency Times Channel Number
*RoHS Compliant and 100% Lead (Pb)-Free

*Intel® Processors Voltage Regulator: VRD10
*Low Output Voltage, High Current DC-DC Converters
*Voltage Regulator Modules

RT9247PC, RT9247GC

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The ZHT431 is a three terminal adjustable shunt regulator offering excellent temperature stability and output current handling capability up to 100mA. The device offers extended operating temperature range working from -55 to +125°C. The output voltage may be set to any chosen voltage between 2.5 and 20 volts by selection of two external divider resistors.
The devices can be used as a replacement for zener diodes in many applications requiring an improvement in zener performance.

*Surface mount SOT223 and SOT23 packages
*2% and 1% tolerance
*Maximum temperature coefficient 67 ppm/°C
*Temperature compensated for operation over the full temperature range
*Programmable output voltage
*50A to 100mA current sink capability
*Low output noise
*Wide temperature range -55 to +125°C

*Series and shunt regulator
*Voltage monitor
*Over voltage / under voltage protection
*Switch mode power supplies


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The PDSP16350 provides an integrated solution to the need for very accurate, digitised, sine and cosine waveforms. Both these waveforms are produced simultaneously, with 16 bit amplitude accuracy, and are synthesised using a 34 bit phase accumulator. The more significant bits of this provide 16 bits of phase accuracy for the sine and cosine look up tables.
With a 20 MHz system clock, waveforms up to 10 MHz can be produced, with 0.001 Hz resolution. If frequency modulation is required with no discontinuities, the phase increment value can be changed linearly on every clock cycle. Alternatively absolute phase jumps can be made to any phase value.
The provision of two output multipliers allows the sine and cosine waveforms to be amplitude modulated with a 16 bit value present on the input port. This option can also be used to generate the in-phase and quadrature components from an incoming signal. This I/Q split function is required by systems which employ complex signal processing.

*Direct Digital Synthesiser producing simultaneous sine and cosine values
*16 bit phase and amplitude accuracy, giving spur levels down to - 90 dB
*Synthesised outputs from DC to 10 MHz with accuracies better than 0.001 Hz
*Amplitude and Phase modulation modes
*84 pin PGA or 132 pin QFP

*Numerically controlled oscillator (NCO)
*Quadrature signal generator
*FM, PM, or AM signal modulator
*Sweep Oscillator
*High density signal constellation applications with simultaneous amplitude and phase modulation
*VHF reference for UHF generators
*Signal demodulator

PDSP16350/B0/AC, PDSP16350/B0/GC, PDSP16350/A0/AC, PDSP16350/A0/GC

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