The DS1315 Phantom Time Chip is a combination of a CMOS timekeeper and a nonvolatile memory controller. In the absence of power, an external battery maintain the timekeeping operation and provides power for a CMOS static RAM. The watch keeps track of hundredths of seconds, seconds, minutes, hours, day, date, month, and year information. The last day of the month is automatically adjusted for months with less than 31 days, including leap year correction. The watch operates in one of two formats: a 12-hour mode with an AM/PM indicator or a 24-hour mode. The nonvolatile controller supplies all the necessary support circuitry to convert a CMOS RAM to a nonvolatile memory. The DS1315 can be interfaced with either RAM or ROM without leaving gaps in memory.

*Real-Time Clock Keeps Track of Hundredths of Seconds, Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Days, Date of the Month, Months, and Years
*Adjusts for Months with Fewer than 31 Days
*Automatic Leap Year Correction Valid Up to 2100
*No Address Space Required to Communicate with RTC
*Provides Nonvolatile Controller Functions for Battery Backup of SRAM
*Supports Redundant Battery Attachment for High-Reliability Applications
*Full ±10% VCC Operating Range
*+3.3V or +5V Operation
*Industrial (–45°C to +85°C) Operating Temperature Ranges Available
*Drop-In Replacement for DS1215

DS1315-33, DS1315N-33, DS1315-5, DS1315N-5
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Functional Description
The Cypress STK15C88 is a 256Kb fast static RAM with a nonvolatile element in each memory cell. The embedded nonvolatile elements incorporate QuantumTrap™ technology producing the world’s most reliable nonvolatile memory. The SRAM provides unlimited read and write cycles, while independent, nonvolatile data resides in the highly reliable QuantumTrap cell. Data transfers from the SRAM to the nonvolatile elements (the STORE operation) takes place automatically at power down. On power up, data is restored to the SRAM (the RECALL operation) from the nonvolatile memory. Both the STORE and RECALL operations are also available under software control.
PowerStore nvSRAM products depend on the intrinsic system capacitance to maintain system power long enough for an automatic store on power loss. If the power ramp from 5 volts to 3.6 volts is faster than 10 ms, consider our 14C88 or 16C88 for more reliable operation.

*25 ns and 45 ns access times
*Pin compatible with industry standard SRAMs
*Automatic nonvolatile STORE on power loss
*Nonvolatile STORE under Software control
*Automatic RECALL to SRAM on power up
*Unlimited Read/Write endurance
*Unlimited RECALL cycles
*1,000,000 STORE cycles
*100 year data retention
*Single 5V+10% power supply
*Commercial and Industrial Temperatures
*28-pin (300 mil and 330 mil) SOIC packages
*RoHS compliance

STK15C88-NF25TR, STK15C88-NF25, STK15C88-NF45TR, STK15C88-NF45

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CPC1008N is a miniature low voltage, low on resistance 1-Form-A solid state relay in a 4 pin SOP package. The relay uses optically coupled MOSFET technology to provide 1500V of input to output isolation. The efficient MOSFET switches and photovoltaic die use Clare’s patented OptoMOS® architecture. The optically-coupled input is controlled by a highly efficient GaAIAs infrared LED. The CPC1008N uses Clare’s state of the art double molded vertical construction packaging to produce the world’s smallest relay. The CPC1008N is ideal for replacing larger less reliable reed and electromechanical relays.

*Small 4 Pin SOP Package
*Low Drive Power Requirements (TTL/CMOS Compatible)
*No Moving Parts
*High Reliability
*Arc-Free With No Snubbing Circuits
*1500VRMS Input/Output Isolation
*FCC Compatible
*No EMI/RFI Generation
*Machine Insertable, Wave Solderable
*Tape & Reel Version Available

-Data Acquisition
-Electronic Switching
-I/O Subsystems
-Meters (Watt-Hour, Water, Gas)
*Medical Equipment—Patient/Equipment Isolation
*Security Systems
*Industrial Controls
*Reed Relay Replacement


TAG OptoMOS, Relay

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The PA84 is a high voltage operational amplifier designed for output voltage swings up to ±145V with a dual supply or 290V with a single supply. Two versions are available. The new PA84S, fast settling amplifier can absorb differential input overvoltages up to ±50V while the established PA84 and PA84A can handle differential input overvoltages of up to ±300V. Both versions are protected against common mode transients and overvoltages up to the supply rails. High accuracy is achieved with a cascode input circuit configuration. All internal biasing is referenced to a zener diode fed by a FET constant current source. As a result, the PA84 features an unprecedented supply range and excellent supply rejection. The output stage is biased-on for linear operation. External phase compensation allows for user flexibility in obtaining the maximum slew rate. Fixed current limits protect these amplifiers against shorts to common at supply voltages up to 150V. For operation into inductive loads, two external flyback pulse protection diodes are recommended. However, a heatsink may be necessary to maintain the proper case temperature under normal operating conditions.
This hybrid integrated circuit utilizes a beryllia (BeO) substrate, thick film resistors, ceramic capacitors and semiconductor chips to maximize reliability, minimize size and give top performance. Ultrasonically bonded aluminum wires provide reliable interconnections at all operating temperatures. The 8-pin TO-3 package is hermetically sealed and electrically isolated. The use of compressible thermal isolation washers and/or improper mounting torque will void the product warranty. Please see “General Operating Considerations”.

*FAST SETTLING TIME — .1% in 1μs (PA84S)
*WIDE SUPPLY RANGE — ±15V to ±150V


PA84A, PA84S

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The PS9552, PS9552L1, PS9552L2 and PS9552L3 are optically coupled isolators containing a GaAlAs LED on the input side and a photo diode, a signal processing circuit and a power output transistor on the output side on one chip.
The PS9552 Series is designed specifically for high common mode transient immunity (CMR), high output current and high switching speed.
The PS9552 Series is suitable for driving IGBTs and MOS FETs.
The PS9552 Series is in a plastic DIP (Dual In-line Package).
The PS9552L1 is lead bending type for long creepage distance.
The PS9552L2 is lead bending type for long creepage distance (Gull-wing) for surface mount.
The PS9552L3 is lead bending type (Gull-wing) for surface mounting.

*Long creepage distance (8 mm MIN.: PS9552L1, PS9552L2)
*Large peak output current (2.5 A MAX., 2.0 A MIN.)
*High speed switching (tPLH/tPHL = 0.5 μs MAX.)
*UVLO (Under Voltage Lock Out) protection with hysteresis
*High common mode transient immunity (CMH, CML = ±15 kV/μs MIN.)
*Ordering number of tape product: PS9552L2-E3: 1 000 pcs/reel, PS9552L3-E3: 1 000 pcs/reel
*Safety standards
-UL approved: File No. E72422
-CSA approved: No. CA 101391
-BSI approved: No. 8937, 8938
-SEMKO approved: No. 615433
-NEMKO approved: No. P06207243
-DEMKO approved: No. 314091
-FIMKO approved: No. FI 22827
-DIN EN60747-5-2 (VDE0884 Part2) approved (Option)

*IGBT, Power MOS FET Gate Driver
*Industrial inverter
*IH (Induction Heating)

PS9552L1, PS9552L2, PS9552L3, PS9552L2-E3, PS9552L3-E3

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The 6-PAK™ is a modular system of control and boost SIPs. Each 6A control SIP can also drive up to 8 additional 6A boost SIPs in parallel, for a total of 54A. Each SIP accepts a regulated 5V input (+10%) and provides 2.5V to 3.6Vdc output. The circuit is optimized for high efficiency and fast load transient response needed by telecom, DSP and microprocessor applications.
Advanced thermal design, monolithic power circuitry and synchronous rectification result in outstanding performance and value. With integrated input filter and output capacitors, the 6-PAK system makes a complete power supply which requires no external components over the specified operating range. Pins are staked for wave solderability.

*Small SIP Design
*Parallelable Boost SIP
-One stocking part meets a variety of loads
*Programmable Control SIP
-Control/Boost Pair extremely configurable
*Fast Transient Response
-No need for large external capacitors
-Extremely small footprint
*Low Component Count
-Low cost, high reliability
*Staked Pins
-Wave solderable
*Integrated Input Filter
-Low input ripple

6P25-CA, 6P25-P

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The OPA2335 CMOS operational amplifier uses auto-zeroing techniques to simultaneously provide very low offset voltage (5 mV max), and near-zero drift over time and temperature. This high-precision, low quiescent current amplifier offers high input impedance and rail-to-rail output swing. Single or dual supplies as low as 2.7 V (±1.35 V) and up to 5.5 V (±2.75 V) may be used. This op amp is optimized for low-voltage, single-supply operation.
The OPA2335 is available in a CDIP-8 package and is specified for operation from –55°C to 125°C.

*Low Offset Voltage: 5 mV (max)
*Zero Drift: 0.02 mV/°C (typ)
*Quiescent Current: 570 mA
*Single-Supply Operation
*Ceramic DIP Package

*Transducer Applications
*Temperature Measurement
*Electronic Scales
*Medical Instrumentation
*Battery-Powered Instruments
*Handheld Test Equipment

OPA2335AMJG, OPA2335

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The Bel SRDC-16D180 module is one in a series of non-isolated, DC/DC power converters that operate from a wide input range of 3V minimum to 15V maximum. This converter is available with 1.8V output. It uses a low profile, surface mount DIP package for ease of layout and space savings. 16A maximum output is also provided. Standard features include remote on/off, over current and short circuit protection, programmable UVLO and output voltage adjust. Optional features include two-wire remote sense or single-ended remote sense with a good power signal. This module also makes use of adaptive positioning to improve transient response performance. It may be used almost anywhere low voltage silicon is employed and a 3 to 15V source is available. Typical applications include file servers, routers, line cards and other computing and communications equipment.

*Industry standard pinout
*Fixed frequency
*High efficiency means less power dissipation
*High power density
*Optimized for cost
*Remote on/off
*Programmable undervoltage lockout (UVLO)
*Over current and short circuit protection
*Two phase operation
*Non-latching over temperature shutdown protection

*Computers and peripherals

SRDC-16D18S, SRDC-16D18D

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The ATR0603 is a single-IF GPS front-end IC, designed to meet the requirements of mobile and automotive applications. Excellent RF performance combined with high bandwidth and a low noise figure enables high-quality GPS solutions, and its very low power consumption is a perfect match for portable devices. Featuring a fully integrated balanced frequency synthesizer, only a few external components are required. The gain of the IF amplifier can be set to three different levels in order to meet the requirements for various applications. Several types of external oscillators can be connected to the robust TCXO interface. The startup logic allows significant power saving due to very low power-down current and the ability to disable the external TCXO or even other external components. CMOS output drivers deliver a 1-bit data signal and a 16.367667-MHz clock signal to the baseband interface.

*Very Low Power Design
*Single IF Architecture
*Excellent Noise Performance
*1-bit ADC on Chip
*Small QFN Package (4 mm × 4 mm, 24 Pins)
*Highly Integrated, Few External Components
*Advanced BiCMOS Technology (UHF6s)
*Supply Switch for External Circuitry (e.g., TCXO)
*Non-ESD-sensitive Device

TAG Front-end, GPS, ic

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General Description
The AME8819 is a CMOS linear regulator. It operated from 2.5V to 5.5V input voltage and delivers up to 600mA output current. The AME8819 provide low quiescent current (70uA typ) low dropout voltage (Vout=3.3V, 540mV @ 600mA typ), and excellent PSRR, thus marking them ideal for Data-Communications and battery applications.
The AME8819 provide over temperature and over current protected functions. It is stable with an output capacitance of 2.2uF or larger.

*Input voltage range is from 2.8V to 5.5V
*Output voltage range is from 1.8V to 4.5V
*Low Dropout: 540mV @ 600mA, VOUT = 3.3V
*Guaranteed 600mA Drive Current
*Factory Pre-set output voltage
*Only 2.2mF Output Capacitor Required for Stability (Low ESR MLCC is allowable)
*Provided OTP, current limit
*All AME’s Green Products Meet RoHS Standards

*Laptop, Palmtops, Notebook computers
*Battery Power Equipment
*Handheld Device

AME8819AEFT180Z, AME8819AEFT250Z, AME8819AEFT300Z

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