The SP433 is high-voltage four-terminal adjustable voltage references, with over current protection feature. The SP433 is a one chip solution to a 2.5V precision voltage reference and constant current output in the application of secondary feedback control of power supply, DC/DC converter, adaptor and charger. SP433 is idea for low cost switching power supply application.

*Voltage Reference Accuracy of 0.5% & 1.0%
*Sink Current Capability from 1mA to 100mA
*Adjustable Output Voltage from VREF to 18V
*Low Output Noise
*Typical Output Dynamic Impedance Less Than 200mΩ
*Available in SOT-23-5L and TO-94 package
*Over Current Protection

*Battery Charger
*Battery Power Equipment
*Linear Regulators
*Switch Power Supply
*Cellular Phone
*Digital Cameras
*Computer Disk Drivers


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The TSV621 is a single operational amplifier offering low voltage, low power operation and railto-rail input and output.
With a very low input bias current and low offset voltage (800 μV maximum for the A version), the TSV621 is ideal for applications that require precision. The device can operate at a power supply ranging from 1.5 to 5.5 V, and therefore suits battery-powered devices and extends battery life.
This product features an excellent speed/power consumption ratio, offering a 420 kHz gain bandwidth while consuming only 29 μA at a 5-V supply voltage.
This operational amplifier is unity gain stable for capacitive loads up to 100 pF.
The device is internally adjusted to provide very narrow dispersion of AC and DC parameters, especially power consumption, product gain bandwidth and slew rate.
The TSV621 presents a high tolerance to ESD, sustaining 4 kV for the human body model.
Additionally, the TSV621 is offered in SC70-5 and SOT23-5 micropackages, with extended temperature ranges from -40° C to +125° C.
All these features make the TSV621 ideal for sensor interfaces, battery-supplied and portable applications, as well as active filtering.

*Low supply voltage: 1.5 V–5.5 V
*Rail-to-rail input and output
*Low input offset voltage: 800 μV max (A version)
*Low power consumption: 29 μA typ
*Gain bandwidth product: 420 kHz typ
*Unity gain stability
*Micropackages: SC70-5, SOT23-5
*Low input bias current: 1 pA typ
*Extended temperature range: -40 to +125° C
*4 kV HBM

*Battery-powered applications
*Portable devices
*Signal conditioning
*Active filtering
*Medical instrumentation


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The SSTX4915 is a low power ASK transmitter IC intended for applications in the North American and European VHF/UHF bands. The integrated voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO), phase/frequency detector, prescaler, and reference oscillator require only the addition of an external crystal to provide a complete phase-locked loop (PLL). In addition to the standard power-down mode, the chip also includes an automatic lock-detect feature that disables the transmitter output when the PLL is out-of-lock.

*Output frequency range: 100 – 960 MHz
*Supply voltage range: 2.2 – 3.6 V
*Low current consumption with power down capability
*On-chip VCO with integrated PLL (÷ 64/128) dual modulus prescaler
*Out-of-lock inhibit circuit
*SSOP-16 package (0.64 mm pitch)

*Wireless mouse
*Car alarm and home security systems
*Remote control systems

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General Description
The EMC1033 is an SMBus temperature sensor that monitors up to three temperature zones and can generate two system interrupts. With ±1°C measurement accuracy, the EMC1033 provides a low-cost solution for critical temperature monitoring applications. Features include automatic resistance error correction and programmable ideality factor configuration eliminating both major sources of temperature measurement error.
The EMC1033 generates two separate interrupts with programmable thermal trip points. The THERM output operates as a thermostat with programmable threshold and hysteresis. The ALERT output can be configured as a maskable SMBus alert with programmable window comparator limits, or as a second THERM output. Both interrupts are maintained in an 8-pin package while a third temperature zone is added with the anti-parallel diode technique. This allows the EMC1033 to be pin compatible with the ADT7461, ADM1032, LM99, and the MAX6649 with the advantage of a third temperature zone.

*Resistance Error Correction
*Ideality Factor Configuration
*Select 1 of 4 SMBus addresses with external resistor
*Remote Thermal Zones
-±1.0°C Accuracy (40°C to 80°C)
-0.125°C resolution
*Internal Thermal Zone
-±3.0°C Accuracy (0°C to 85°C)
*Maskable Interrupt using ALERT
*One-shot Command during standby
*Programmable temperature conversion rate
*Extended temperature (-64°C to 191°C) available
*Over-limit filtering with consecutive counter
*Small 8-lead SOIC or TSSOP package

*Desktop and Notebook Computers
*Smart batteries


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Product Description
Sirenza Microdevices’ STA-5063Z is a general purpose class A linear amplifier which utilizes InGaP GaAs Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor (HBT) amplifier housed in a low-cost surface-mountable plastic package. This product is specifically designed as a driver amplifier for WLAN 802.11a and 5.8GHz ISM band and 3.3-3.8GHz fixed wireless applications. It can run from a fixed 3.0-3.6V supply with its on chip active bias network which includes a power up and down control. On-chip impedance matching circuitry provides a 50Ω nominal RF input and output impedance. Its high linearity makes it an ideal choice for multicarrier and digital applications. Housed in an industry standard SOT-363 package, it has no blind solder joints and designed for low cost. This product is offered in a RoHS Compliant and Green package with matte tin finish, designated by the “Z” package suffix.

Product Features
*Linear Class A Performance
*P1dB = 17.5dBm @ 3.5GHz
*P1dB = 15dBm @ 5.9GHz
*IP3 = 30dBm @ 3.5GHz
*IP3 = 27dBm @ 5.9GHz
*Power up/down control < 1μs
*Active Bias controlled
*Robust Class 1C ESD rating

*Driver stage for 802.11a Access Points
*Wimax 802.16 Driver stage
*Low Power 5.8GHz ISM Output stage
*Fixed Wireless, UNII driver stage

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The SP691A/693A/800L/800M is a microprocessor (µP) supervisory circuit that integrates a myriad of components involved in discrete solutions to monitor power-supply and battery-control functions in µP and digital systems. The SP691A/693A/800L/800M offers complete µP monitoring and watchdog functions. The SP691A/693A/800L/800M is ideal for a low-cost battery management solution and is well suited for portable, battery-powered applications with its supply current of 35µA. The 6ns chip-enable propagation delay, the 25mA current output in battery-backup mode, and the 250mA current output in standard operation also makes the SP691A/693A/800L/800M suitable for larger scale, high-performance equipment.

*Precision 4.65V/4.40V Voltage Monitoring
*200ms Or Adjustable Reset Time
*100ms, 1.6s Or Adjustable Watchdog Time
*60µA Maximum Operating Supply Current
*2.0µA Maximum Battery Backup Current
*0.1µA Maximum Battery Standby Current
*Power Switching
-250mA Output in Vcc Mode (0.6Ω)
-25mA Output in Battery Mode (5Ω)
*On-Board Gating of Chip-Enable Signals Memory Write-Cycle Completion 6ns CE Gate Propagation Delay
*Voltage Monitor for Power-Fail or Low Battery
*Backup-Battery Monitor
*RESET Valid to Vcc=1V
*1% Accuracy Guaranteed (SP800L/800M)
*Pin Compatible Upgrade to MAX691A/693A/800L/800M

SP693A, SP800L, SP800M, SP691ACP, SP693ACP, SP800LCP, SP800MCP

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The Simtek STK10C48 is a fast static RAM with a nonvolatile element incorporated in each static memory cell. The SRAM can be read and written an unlimited number of times, while independent nonvolatile data resides in the Nonvolatile Elements. Data may easily be transferred from the SRAM to the Nonvolatile Elements (the STORE operation), or from the Nonvolatile Elements to the SRAM (the RECALL operation), using the NE pin. Transfers from the Nonvolatile Elements to the SRAM (the RECALL operation) also take place automatically on restoration of power. The STK10C48combines the high performance and ease of use of a fast SRAM with nonvolatile data integrity.
The STK10C48 features industry-standard pinout for nonvolatile RAMs.

*25ns, 35ns and 45ns Access Times
*STORE to Nonvolatile Elements Initiated by Hardware
*RECALL to SRAM Initiated by Hardware or Power Restore
*Automatic STORE Timing
*10mA Typical ICC at 200ns Cycle Time
*Unlimited READ, WRITE and RECALL Cycles
*1,000,000 STORE Cycles to Nonvolatile Elements
*100-Year Data Retention over Full Industrial Temperature Range
*Commercial and Industrial Temperatures
*28-Pin 300 mil PDIP, 300 mil SOIC and 350 mil SOIC Packages

STK10C48-PF25I, STK10C48-NF25I, STK10C48-SF25I, STK10C48-P25I

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The Si5010 is a fully-integrated low-power clock and data recovery (CDR) IC designed for high-speed serial communication systems. It extracts timing information and data from a serial input at OC-12/3 or STM-4/1 data rates. DSPLL® technology eliminates sensitive noise entry points thus making the PLL less susceptible to board-level interaction and helping to ensure optimal jitter performance in the application.
The Si5010 represents an industry-leading combination of low-jitter, low-power, and small size for high-speed CDRs. It operates from a single 2.5 V supply over the industrial temperature range (–40 to 85 °C).

Complete CDR solution includes the following:
*Supports OC-12/3, STM-4/1
*Low power, 293 mW (TYP OC-12)
*Small footprint: 4x4 mm
*DSPLL™ eliminates external loop filter components
*3.3 V tolerant control inputs
*Exceeds All SONET/SDH jitter specifications
*Jitter generation 1.6 mUIrms (typ)
*Device powerdown
*Loss-of-lock indicator
*Single 2.5 V supply

*SONET/SDH/ATM routers
*Add/drop multiplexers
*Digital cross connects
*Board level serial links
*SONET/SDH test equipment
*Optical transceiver modules
*SONET/SDH regenerators

Si5010-BM, Si5010-GM

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General Description
N channel vertical power FET with charge pump, current controlled input and diagnostic feedback with load current sense, integrated in Smart SIPMOSâ chip on chip technology. Fully protected by embedded protection functions.

*Overload protection
*Current limitation
*Short circuit protection
*Overtemperature protection
*Overvoltage protection (including load dump)
*Clamp of negative voltage at output
*Fast deenergizing of inductive loads
*Low ohmic inverse current operation
*Reverse battery protection
*Diagnostic feedback with load current sense
*Open load detection via current sense
*Loss of Vbb protection
*Electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection

*Power switch with current sense diagnostic feedback for up to 48V DC grounded loads
*Most suitable for loads with high inrush current  like lamps and motors; all types of resistive and inductive loads
*Replaces electromechanical relays, fuses and discrete circuits

TAG Power, Switch

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GP1S74PJ000F is a standard, phototransistor output, transmissive photointerrupter with opposing emitter and detector in a case, providing non-contact sensing. For this family of devices, the emitter and detector are inserted in a case, and a 3-pin connector is included to allow remote-mount or off-board designs.

*Transmissive with phototransistor output
-Special position hooks compatible with 3 different plate thicknesses (1.0, 1.2, 1.6mm)
-Snap insertion
*Key Parameters
-Gap Width : 5mm
-Slit Width (detector side): 0.5mm
-Package : 17×12.8×8mm (without connector and hooks)
-Connector : Tyco Electronics AMP K.K. (PN : 292133-3)
*Lead free and RoHS directive compliant

*General purpose detection of object presence or motion.
*Example : PPC, FAX, Printer

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