General Description
The MX884 targets power management applications where high noise immunity and low cost are primary requirements. Its integrated 10-bit ADC provides high resolution, making it ideal for current monitoring systems. The MX884 enables digital power management, in which a microcontroller can readily monitor the current in a system and perform other control functions in power systems and motion control products.
The MX884 converts a small voltage developed across an external “current” sense resistor to a 10-bit digital output. It features a wide common mode input supply voltage range of 3V to 60V and easily interfaces to most microcontrollers. The design is simple yet cost-effective, requiring very few external components, making it especially suitable for high volume applications.

*3-60 V Operating Voltage Range
*Integrated 10-bit ADC
*3 wire serial interface
*Microcontroller Compatible
*Low Power
*Minimum External Components
*TSOT-23 RoHS Compliant Package

*Lighting Management
*Current Shunt Measurement
*Remote Sensing
*Battery Monitoring
*Microprocessor Controlled Power Management


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