VLA507 is a hybrid integrated circuit designed for driving IGBT modules. This device operates as an isolation amplifier for these modules and provides the required electrical isolation between the input and output with an opto- coupler.

* Output is ±3 Amperes Maximum
* Two Supply Drive (VCC: 15 Volts, VEE: -10 Volts)
* SIP Outline Allows More Space on Mounting Area
* Electrical Isolation Voltage Between Input and Output (2500 Vrms for 1 Minute)
* TTL Compatible Input

To drive IGBT modules for welding, induction heating, or inverters.

Recommended IGBT Modules
NFH Series IGBTs –
VCES = 1200V up to 150A class (f: up to 30kHz)
NF Series IGBTs –
VCES = 600V up to 200A class (f: up to 20kHz)
VCES = 1200V up to 150A class (f: up to 20kHz)

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