The IDTAS4624 low on-resistance (RON), low voltage, single-pole/double-throw (SPDT) analog switch operates from a single +1.8 V to +5.5 V supply. The IDTAS4624 features a 0.5Ω (max) RON for its NC switch and a 0.8Ω (max) RON for its NO switch at a +2.7 V supply. It also features break-before-make switching action (2 ns) with tON = 50 ns and tOFF = 40 ns at +3 V. The digital logic input is 1.8 V logic-compatible with a +2.7 V to +3.3 V supply.

*+1.8 V to +5.5 V single-supply operation
*Rail-to-rail signal handling
*1.8 V logic compatibility
*RON match between channels: 0.06Ω (max)
*RON flatness over signal range: 0.15Ω (max)
*NC Switch RON: 0.5Ω max (+2.7 V Supply)
*NO Switch RON: 0.8Ω max (+2.7 V Supply)
*Low crosstalk: -68dB (100 kHz)
*High Off-isolation: -64dB (100 kHz)
*THD: 0.03%
*50 nA (max) supply current
*Low leakage currents: 1 nA (max) at TA = +25°C
*6-pin SOT-23 package

*Speaker headset switching
*MP3 players
*Battery-operated equipment
*Audio and video signal routing
*PCMCIA cards
*Cellular phones


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